Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fuck Kmart.

They're the reason I haven't had time to blog... Or sleep. Or rap. Or do fuckin' ANYTHING.

I dead ass only got 8-10 hours of sleep since Monday. Fuck am I working 'til 12:30 this WHOLE WEEK?

Well, at least I copped an XBOX360...

Oh, and a-ha's "Take on Me" is my favorite song at the moment (with Tears for Fears' "Pale Shelter" coming in at a close second.


Monday, November 30, 2009

"Fuckin' posers"

I'm just thinking...
Fuck logo tees... Fuck baggy jeans...

I'm on my fedora, pea coat, button-up, skinny jean, fly sneaker, high-fashion shit [from now on]. Bitches.

I guarantee that, pretty soon, these niggaz will straight CHOMP at it. I'm not trippin', though.

All these fuckin' posers, DIE.

And I'm still that dude.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

True stuff...

"Money is the root of all evil.
Truth is the reason why men are no longer equal."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I BEEN doin' this, bitches.

"I'm smooth, but you already knew /
and dude's tryna do what I already do, like /

screw who I already screwed /
and niggaz tryna get fly when I already flew"

-Show TuFli - "Hot 97"

^Real shit, right there.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Before I head to work... (Random thoughts)

Yeah, niggaz, the owner of this blog is an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation... Or Sears Holdings Company... Whatever. It's my first days, so bear with me.

Ummm... Shouts to the readers of this blog...

Eli (what up!)
Cuban female from Sumner Academy (I think I have that information correct)
Shi Reeves (LOL)
J-Mean Emz

Sorry if I didn't put you... If I didn't put you then you didn't inform me enough about me blogging for me to remember you. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MY BLOG BECAUSE I AM A LOSER WHO CRAVES/DESPERATELY SEEKS ATTENTION.

This sucks. I was supposed to write a 2-page essay on Pax Romana before work, but... I ended up playing two games of NBA Live 2004 on PlayStation 2... Sad, huh?

I hope I can wear my Auto Flights with my work uniform... I mean, she just said "black shoes" and she didn't say anything when I wore my ZX750s... Hmmm, should I wear slacks or skinny trousers? HAHA.

Hey, cousin! I love you, nigga (pause). I just can't believe we're not cool because of that stupid ass situation. Well, it doesn't really matter to me, I just wanted to address this on the blog that pissed everyone off in the first place. Whatever. What happened today with the teacher was metaphoric to me... To me, what that said was, (as you): "Even though you're a cocky, arrogant, rude-ass loser, I still got your back, muthafucka." Literally, that's what I got out of it.

To the other cousin! Let's eat popcorn while watching episodes of Friends and Seinfeld, baybeh!

Aight, that's all I can think of... Time to take a shower (LMAO) before work! People who know the real me will know why the "LMAO" was inserted...

-The rapper formerly known as D.Linquent

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's 12:30am...

Well, let's see.

My haircut sucks ass.
My face hurts because my barber pressed the clipper to hard on it (AS USUAL).
I'm still sick and I'm out of ibuprofen.
I'm ULTRA behind on school work.
I don't get to go to VA next week.


The "Butterfly Effect" song is ILLIN'.
I get to go on a field trip tomorrow.

I bought some Auto Flights this weekend, and I was FRESH today.
I witnessed a rather entertaining fight today at school (sorry, I don't condone violence as a solution, but I find it quite hilarious when people get PWN3D after massive shit talking)

I think having a fucked haircut and temporary sub-par grades are surpassed by the good things.

Good night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"Your lover wants me, can't have me, so she chose you!
...She looks like Velma anyways, so I have no clue why you would go to the altar with her.
Don't you know [that] you know who holds true to how he steps in both shoes
I'm sorry, that was a smart way of sayin' that I'm real..."

- Charles Hamilton - "Dummy"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He was born in 1987 out in Cleveland...



Impatiently waiting for your return to the public eye...

Oh, and I looped that "Butterfly Effect" instrumental (HARD WORK) ... THIS SHIT I'M WORKING ON IS BANANAS, NIGGA. All inspired by Chuck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just because...

Many of my future blog posts will be lyrics that relate to my life.

"Maybe 'cause they pussy, no tampon
That's why I get the [nookie] when her man's gone...
And that just so happens to be you, so I'm laughin' in the booth, haha."

- SHow TuFli - Just Because

Don't be mad, nykkaz.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fantabulous. <---LOL.

It's fantastic to know that people OTHER than my "followers" actually read this blog!

...Hmmm. Yeah.

Enough about the irrelevant, now... Let's keep it moving, shall we?

I'm reading "Race Matters" by Dr. Cornel West. Apparently, that's a GREAT book. I don't usually get books, but, since our school is wack, I had to pick one to read for "M.I.R.P" (monitored independent reading practice). Isn't that like... for elementary students?

Oh, and... No more D.Linquent, folks. After this mini-mixtape that I'm putting together (basically just 10-20 songs for a select few people to hear), then D.Linquent will no longer rap, or even EXIST for that matter. Since I have no more manager, and little to no inspiration to rap as "D.Linquent" anymore, I feel that this is the best thing to do. It was a good run (for real, it was)... Sorry (to the people who actually care). It was a good run. Still, COP THE MIXTAPES FROM MY MYSPACE PAGE... "Weirdo" is ILL. "The Previews" is ILL, as well. Just no more D.Linquent...

Yup. I feel good though. I'm still THAT DUDE, in my own right (fuck you if you disagree). I've just been listening to a lot of local rappers lately...


Louie V*
Irv Da Phenom'
C. Mills
Fino Sir
Greg Enemy
Craig Smith
Stik Figa
Dutch Newman
Chief Wakil
(google them)

It's ill that I've communicated with a lot of those artists that I listed. A lot of talent and skill...

By the way, I'll blog until I DIE.

(Craig Smith laugh) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm white, now?

I remember... I was in a class a few week ago, and I said something to a friend. Cool, right?. A female (a hood chick who THINKS she's smart... that's annoying) comes up to me and asks me a question. I answered it. She then proceeds to say, "You are SOOO white!" ...And she was serious about it, too. Apparently, my usage of fairly correct English made her think of a middle class white kid. WTF. My response to that was, "I still get bitches." Apparently, she couldn't hear, because she thought that I said something like, "I don't talk to stupid bitches," or something. Double WTF. Whatever.

At any rate...

So, it was 70 degrees yesterday, and my mother decided to take [me and] my sister to the park. While there, I heard a white female say something along the lines of this (to her child):

"Gon', nah. Y'all ain't got no bitniz 'round hurr."

This individual was what some people would call a "redneck," "hick," or a "hillbilly." Did you READ what she said?

Isn't the vernacular of most blacks like that, too? That shit is wack. So, in essence, niggaz sound like hillbillies. Hmmm.

So, it's official. I most definitely prefer to sound "white" than sound like a fuckin' hillbilly. It's a sad day in society when using proper English makes a black person sound white. That's dumb. Think about what people are saying when they call black people "white" because they speak correctly... They're essentially saying that all blacks should sound ignorant (which in itself is fuckin' ignorant). Oh, and I hate the niggaz that say they're not niggaz because "nigga means ignorant." AND, I hate when bitches (and niggaz) +yp3 LYK3 +h15. It's FUCKING STUPID. For one, it takes longer to type. For two, it's harder to read. Cut it the fuck out, niggaz. And people wonder why I sometime classify myself as Filipino ONLY.

Face it. The only people who talk like that and have lots of money are rappers and entreprenuers (which most teenage niggaz think they can be also). I have aspirations to be a "professional rapper" one day... But I refuse to look like a jackass when I get interviewed because of the peer-pressure to talk like a nigga... I'd rather look like a jackass in other ways. I also refuse to be a label-head's bitch. Fuck that. That's a whole 'nother story, though.

So... I'd rather be rich, "white" and viewed as a "sell-out" than be a "real nigga," be broke in the 'hood and be uneducated. It's my life, bitches.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Oh, and Happy Halloween, by the way.

Let's see...

I commented someone's FaceBook status (I didn't put "LOL," but I was CLEARLY joking...)
Then this individual (<---CLEARLY a substitute) said "No one asked you anyways..."


Let's get one thing clear. FACEBOOK IS PUBLIC (AND SO IS YOUR STATUS). SO YOU ASKED ALL OF YOUR "FRIENDS," ACTUALLY. If you don't like what I do, suck dick. Delete me. As niggaz would say, "STR8 LYK DAT."

I mean, say what you will or may about me, but at least I'm not... (I JUST NOT NEED TO GO THERE...)

In fact, this goes out to everyone (INCLUDING people who I'm cool with).

I'm actually gonna stop saying things like, "I can put whatever I want on MY blog," because that goes without saying. That being said, I can do whatever I want on MY blog. Bitches. Don't like it, don't be my friend... STOP READING. Eliminate me from the face of the Earth. Can't? Okay, shut up. Hahahahaha.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

You CANNOT be my age and tell me you haven't watched this...

I can see if you didn't watch Mr. Rogers, but you HAD to have watched GUMBY!

I would watch Mr. Rogers, Gumby, and Reading Rainbow in the daytime just about EVERY DAY. My childhood wasn't THAT bad, I guess. Huh...

And, The Blockheads? Greatest. Villains. Ever.Fuck the modern day usage of "Blockhead..." These niggaz are what blockheads really are. Bitches.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ode to Mr. Rogers.

Gosh... I loved him.
Mr. Rogers is my wallpaper for my cellular phone and my laptop.
I learned SO MUCH from him... Growing up in San Antonio.
I remember... Amidst all of the bullshit that was going on in "that house," I would always look forward to hearing Mr. Rogers asking if I could be his neighbor. And him zipping up his cardigan all the way up, then halfway down. And putting on his Keds sneakers.
Mr. Rogers. He was probably my first friend.

I'm about 8 years late, but... Rest in peace, Fred Rogers.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top 3 Influential People in My Life.

(This list does not include parents, friends, etc.)


No one understands the connection I have with him. Pause. The music he makes relates to me so much, it's crazy. He was a loser in high school like I am now. Everyone doubts him. He has struggles in everything I did (virtually). Fuck Lil Wayne, fuck Drake, fuck Gucci Mane, fuck Messy Marv, and fuck all these other rappers that everyone likes because... well, everyone likes them. Charles is original, and I really admire that he doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of him. Have you seen his hair and clothes? Terrible. Who cares, though, because his music is ILL. I only like rappers that I think are better lyricists than me, and Charles is definitely at the top of the list (what up Lupe!). Fuck Interscope, too for dropping him.


Many people don't know this, but he got me started in this whole rap thing (did you think I came up with "D.Linquent?"). I don't know, I had to put him on this list... I used to straight COPY this nigga when I was in 9th grade. I don't know how he didn't get annoyed. LOL. This is no diss to him, but if you don't like the person I am, he's partially to thank for that... A lot of my demeanor is/was based off of what I seen him doing or saying during the "Highly Anticipated" days (Spring/Summer 2007). I copped my first LRG shirt MOSTLY because I saw that he only wore LRG. Then I saw him wear 511 Levi's. I talk all this nonsense about me having clones, but I guess back then I was a clone of him. Whatever, though, he was COOL. Fuck the bullshit that happened with me and him and whoever else, that's still my big brother, I guess (if I can find that "Big Brother" instrumental... Y'all know!)


3. Pharrell Williams

I tell everyone this... Mr. Williams single-handedly made me the fly-guy I am now. Plain and simple. After I saw the "Can I Have It Like That" video, I started observing his style a bit. During the summer of 8th grade, I copped a few Ralph Lauren Polos (eventually becoming obsessed with them), some straight leg jeans (Levi's 569), and some Ice Creams... The rest is history. Damn that was a good ass year.


1. Clones are at an all-time high.

2. Clones of MY clones exist. What the fuck?!

3. I'm on my Greg Enemy shit right now... plaid shirt, skinny jeans on the waist, less than $40 pair of sneakers on, fly-ass glasses. And I'm STILL that guy. (Google Greg Enemy, he's about to put KC on the map. No disrespect, Tech. I seen them billboards for that K.O.D., though!!!)

4. I'm smarter than people initially thought. So, that means I'm pretty FRICKIN' smart.

5. Me and Shi Reeves are on a break. I still love her, though.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Reality Check... (Late night venting)

How I'm feeling right now... This quote is just stuck in my head.

"What happens to a dream deferred?"

That's on my mind for many reasons. If what I'm about to vent/rant/babble/etc. about seems irrelevant, who cares...

I'm 18 years old. I don't have anything. Sure, I have lots of material things. But, if you know me PERSONALLY, then you know that those things don't mean anything to me. Why do I get them, you ask? Maybe it's because those things are the only things that have ever given me positive attention in my life. I've been a loser all my life, but I've gotten attention for being different and wearing nice clothes (I've stopped overdressing lately, though). I don't feel good unless I have a $500+ outfit on. I watch too much TV. I went to a sneaker website and saw some shoes I've been anticipating the release of and just became so angry because I knew that the likelihood of me purchasing them is low. And I'm not afraid to admit that I'm broke because I never claimed to have extensive amounts of money, despite my expensive attire. Fuck the implications. I got rejected for 3 jobs this summer (I thought I deserved to get each of them, but whatever)... Since I saw those shoes, I applied for more jobs on the internet. If I don't get the job, it's nothing new to me. Then, I think... What would buying lots of clothes do for me? Confidence? The confidence would be wasted... because apparently no one knows me... And if no one knows me... You know where this is going. I don't know what else to do with money anymore.

So, I'm 18 years old. I have a growing goatee... A sex life (sorry, Mom)... Hopefully college bound in a few months... But I have to walk to school this week. And I have to walk home, too. I choose foot it in the morning because I'm too embarrassed to be dropped off in my step-father's work van... I have enough problems, and enough things that people can make fun of me about. I don't need one more insult added to their arsenal. Hmmm... Since my blog is public, I guess I just told everyone. Whatever. I feel ashamed to BE ashamed about the work van in the first place. I mean, I've NEVER really had much (except for when I lived with my dad), but I don't know. And it fckin' sucks that I can't complain about it because I'll get lectures such as, "When I was your age, I had to walk 5 miles in the snow, blah blah fucking blah." Just because your high school years were wack, doesn't mean mine have to be equally as bad. I need a car... Or at least I need to drive to school. Man, my year is going downhill.

Like I said earlier, I don't really have anything. I really dislike the people in my household... And they dislike me back. I put on the biggest front EVER on a day-to-day. And I hate it. It's faker than the smile I had when someone else was crowned homecoming king (pretty fckin' fake). I have no support in anything I do. I have to motivate myself to do everything. EVERYTHING. I know that they don't think I can go to a 4-year university, despite the numerous academic achievements I've received. The deadline for early entry college applications is coming soon (Nov. 1st), and I'm just starting my application process. I think I can make it... And I want to go to college... No, fuck that. I HAVE to go to college. I have to get the fuck out of here. I hate every "hood nigga" in Kansas City, Kansas and every "boss bitch" here, too. Washington, D.C. or Atlanta isn't going to be any better, but, hey. Whatever.

But... What DOES happen to a dream deferred?

Many of my dreams have been put on hold or eliminated because of various setbacks.

I had potential to be the valedictorian of my future graduating class... Then I experienced attraction to and from girls.
I had potential to be an NCAA basketball player. Then I came to Kansas City...
I had potential to be shirtless and not be ashamed of what people were seeing... Then I started rapping.
I had/have potential to get a record deal (fuck what you heard)... Then came my senior year of high school and the thought of failing due to lack of a college education.

What happens to these deferred dreams? They're looked back on during nights like this. And they're spoken about when I'm on the phone with people and I feel like I do now.

"Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?"

It's 4 in the morning. And here I am... thinking of my life again.

I'm too tired to even think about this anymore. Much less blog about it. Fuck off.

As I always say, if any bitch nigga/bitch bitch wants to "clown on me" for this, don't waste your time. I openly admit all of this shit already. I AM A LOSER... I AM POOR... MY FAMILY DOESN'T LIKE ME... ETC. ETC. I don't even know why I even put these at the end, but I do anyways.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


That was stupid to say I would be on a long hiatus. Oh, and by the way, I love the word "hiatus."

So... Yeah. I'm back at it like a crack addict.

Successful freestyle coming later this week (as some people wanted).


No homo at all, this is an ill picture. I'm 'bout to change up my whole style because of THIS picture. PAUSE.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Due to recent stress that has arisen as of late (that not even blogging can help)...
I won't be on this blog that much (hopefully to focus on music).


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I love burgers.

Simple as that. I love burgers (especially ones that I make).
Bottom bun (butter toasted), mustard, bacon, pepperjack cheese, burger patty, american cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, barbecue sauce, pickles, mayonnaise, top bun (butter toasted). In that order.

I'm gonna MURK these beats:

Us Placers
Pink and Blue

Outty 5,000.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

You're far too kind.

I'm doing this American Government PowerPoint... And I was just thinking...

Shouts to everyone who talked me through the disaster that was yesterday... Maybe I was overthinking, maybe I wasn't. Whatever. Thank y'all! Extra-ultra shouts to the Royalty Court ladies (LOL).

AND, another thank you goes to the readers of Dead ass, though... I hope I'm not posting this ish for nothing! Thank you to everyone who reads this (Now, if y'all would only leave more comments!).


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Down to Earth, much?!

The problem with me and my blogging style is that I vent SO much verbally, I don't feel like typing it on But I'll put it in a nut(pause)shell for the readers' enjoyment...

Homecoming assembly, right?
Being cocky/arrogant, right?
Thinking I'm fly as shit (I was, though, but that's nothing out of the norm), right?

They call my name while announcing the king candidates...


In fact, there was actually a vibe in the auditorium that said, "Who the fuck is Darnell Leonard?" I didn't hear shit! I was backstage throwing a Bow Wow-esque temper tantrum, contemplating flipping off the crowd Eminem/Kanye style. I didn't, though. I was pissed. Granted, I received moderate applause when I actually walked on stage... Shouts to Porter (the mascot) for Jerkin' while I was on stage.

The following may be viewed as a cop-out excuse, but it's the dead ass truth, as well.

1. If I AM, in fact, the loser that the lack of applause/cheering made me out to be... SO WHAT? I've been a loser for all but one year of my life. Dead ass.

2. I'm still the best rapper in the city (fuck what you heard) and possibly the state.

3. I'm flyer than everyone IN that non-applause-giving crowd.

4. I blacked and bought a $60 sweater after I got gangsta and left school. AND I spent like $20 on candy. Get at me. LOL. Still caked up, bitches.


6. Ummm... I was flyer than the rest of them, so why am I addressing them?



I'm not saying shit if you don't say shit, but if you keep talking shit, then there's gonna have to be some kind of discussion. Notice how I said discussion; I'm not gonna make any threats like someone's mother did to you... That's not what I do. But niggaz seem like they're scared to speak their mind to you. I'm not those niggaz. When it's all said and done, I can END
your whole "I'm the shit" mindset with a few sentences. Dead ass, though. And what are you going to say as your comeback? "That's why no one cheered for you, you square. I'm the most popular guy in the school." ...I refuse to go more in depth about this situation until further provoked... And even if that happens, I'll keep my ego-deflating comments to myself. You're cool until you get around certain people. CUT IT OUT. If I were to say the comments/statements/truths, then you'll fuck around and end up feeling like I am... Down to Earth.

^^^That was ill, I don't believe I've actually said a title in my blog entries before.

Today's the day (well, ONE of them)

Aggggh, I gotta stand in front of the whole school! ...They're presenting the homecoming king/queen candidates. Kinda nervous, much? I'll feel like a loser if people don't clap for me. I better get a few screams by the groupies, too. (LOL)


Who cares, at least I'm moderately fly.

Oh, and excuse the Ralph Lauren jacket that I (more like my dad) dropped grip on. Bitches. Also, excuse the Ralph Lauren and Burberry fragrances that I OD'ed on today... That's just what I do.

AND, I'm caked now, so everyone excuse the cockiness... Fat shouts (LMAO) to Pops in VA!

It's D to tha!

Monday, September 21, 2009


18, nickz (say it real fast)! So, yeah. I'm 'bout to subscribe to an internet porn site now. Hahaha!

Check me out:
Some people might be offended when they read it. Whatever...

Oh, and... When "THIS NIGGA" wears skinny jeans, it's over. OVER. I'm most likely using some of my birthday money to cop some 514s or slim-straights. SMH, though.

Yo, Ray! I applaud you, my nigga... Mad props for never falling into the whole skinny jean hype. I don't know how you did it (pause), but you pulled it off (pause).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Point blank.

I feel like TK in this "Terry Kennedy/Bow Wow" reminiscent "beef".

I never thought he'd trip THIS MUCH over a girl that 1) I knew WAY before him, and 2) (I just not need to go here). Many "beefs" I've had involved a female... The only difference between this nigga and the other nigga (who I mentioned in this blog before) is that the latter of the two actually addressed me about the [alleged] situation. Granted, he came at me completely incorrectly (with his no-life-having-ass), but still. If we (the current nigga I'm "beefing" with) were THAT COOL in the summer, you don't pull some coward shit like this... Both of the aformentioned individuals can fuck off, regardless.

Address me about this situation before you make your judgement. And besides, if your SOOO concerned about your future and "career," then this situation shouldn't affect you as much as you made it seem... At that point, fuck the "principles" of what "I did" or "I'm doing" and all that stupid shit. Dead ass.

(Say what you will or may about me posting a blog about this situation. I didn't say that the situation didn't affect me, because I don't fucking see how me and this nigga can go from "cool as fuck" to me saying "fuck this nigga." It's not really my fault that he reacted the way he did. I'm simply stating how I feel about it. Get the fuck off of my blog if you don't like the way I handle things.)



On a lighter note, I can officially buy cigarettes, porngraphy (and star in them), and talk to Shi Reeves without her saying that I'm "jailbait." Go me! It's my birthday (it is).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ALL-TIME! (blah)

So, I kinda haven't felt like posting anything new on here... but, that doesn't mean that I haven't had things on my mind. Yuh dig.

KANYE, KANYE, KANYE... 'Nuff said. That's my nigga. More on that at a later date (I know I ALWAYS say that I'll touch on it [pause] later and never do, but, whatever).

I was selected as a finalist for Homecoming King. I actually hope I don't win because it doesn't mean anything... Especially since I'm possibly the coolest one on the royalty court. And I'm a loser, too. Pissed off about something that's related to this, but I'm not posting it because it's public. Yeah.

Um... I got a line yesterday. That's a pretty exciting moment in my life, right? Oh, and my birthday is on Monday.

That's kinda it. My grades are illin', though.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Blueprint 3

This album is audio cocaine. I don't even like Jay-Z like that.

Inspirational music, especially that "So Ambitious" track. It reminds me of when I would bump that "Anything" track in 9th grade (also produced by the Neptunes).

And that's all I can really say.

Oh, and I was reading this book, and I found a pretty good quote: "Without experiencing struggle, you will never truly appreciate your success." Of course I paraphrased...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Chill, chill.

I felt real good this morning...

1) Got that good haircut yesterday...

2) Really expecting "something" from "someone" and I think it's gonna happen "soon" (let your imagination run wild).

3) I read SHow TuFli's blog... His ReversePsychology album coming 01/02/2010... That date is the same date when reversed... ILL AS FUCK! (What up, Show! Let's get on a track together, nigga!)

4) I'm listening to Raheem DeVaughn - Guess Who Loves You More. That's such an ill song. I wanna rap to that. LOL

5) It's Friday! There's no home football game today, though.

...But I have a C+ in Trigonometry thanks to my 59% in the latest quiz. Dead ass, though, I don't even need that damn class to graduate, man... So I SHOULD get up out of that mudafuckah.

One question has been on my mind for the last three months, though...


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Questions for 09/10/09

New "segment" on my blog... It's good stuff to think about.


-Why the fuck does it seem like ALL attractive girls are dumb as shit?

In saying that, I mean that these particular females are as smart as an actual pile of feces. The reason I ask this is because I asked a girl a relatively easy question while I was walking to my class, and this [expletive] couldn't seem to comprehend. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm sure (I hope) that there are some attractive females with brains other than the head giving kind, it's just that none of them are present in this area code (913 AND 816... Actually, 785, too). I kinda don't give a fuck... That girl I asked the question to, she's dingy as fuck. She's been that way since I met her. She'd make an ILL video ho, though. In fact, I'd enjoy seeing her shake her ass in a Ying Yang Twins video. Sorry, but I'm not really sorry. (All of that is not to say that the niggaz are smart, either.)

- Is everyone as jealous as me?

I'm keeping this one short, for "personal" reasons. I've had "relationships" with lots of girls, and the most recent of the two are [greater than or equal to] as jealous as me. Whatever, though.

- How long should you wait before talking to your best friend/family member's ex, if ever?

Is it ever acceptable to do such a thing? This situation has happened to me a couple of times, being on both ends...

-PAUSE- I was just wondering about it. I guess I brought this to my attention because I saw this one girl (who is the school's jump-off) and she looked at me like I was supposed to say "hi" to her or something. Fuck outta here. But, as far as the question is concerned, I think that people should try their hardest not to even get involved with your friend/family member's exes. On the other hand, if pussy/dick (pause) just THROWS itself at you, then there's nothing you can really do, right?

- Which is worse: blindness or deafness?

Haha! And you thought this whole thing was gonna be about relationships... Anyways, I used to be scared that one day I was going to wake up blind (weird, I know). I always thought that vision was the most important of the 5 senses... Now, I think otherwise. I can't really explain it, but I think that since you can see with your mind (you can hear with your mind, too). I love music, and I love hearing new music (Charles Hamilton in particular), and you have to have your ears to, well, HEAR it. In fact, here's my list of the most important senses in order from least to greatest (fuck what you think about my list).

Smell - Taste - Sight - Touch - Hear.

- Why is high school such a contest (popularity, most girls, best dressed)?

I kinda touched (pause) on this during my "What Buffoonery!" post, but I'll slightly expand on it. Actually, scratch that, I'll make a post about this at a later date. Next question.

- Why do people have emotions?

I've recently been overthinking about why emotions exist. Sure, they make a lot of things better (love, etc.), but they make those same things worse. Get it? For example, if people love each other, then their emotions are making them feel good (I couldn't make that sound smarter... Sorry). If only one of them feels strongly in the relationship, their days, nights, and LIVES are basically ruined because of emotion. I've seen this bullshit first hand too many times. I'm not innocent of "playing with someone's emotions," but whatever. It's how I feel, and at the end of the day, it's MY LIFE.


More to come later. Hopefully, I made someone think about these things.


No, no, no... Me? I'm not sad... SAD is an acronym for "sucky ass day."

The following is bullshit that happened from 5AM to right before I posted this.


I attempted to do my Western Civilization homework by waking up at 5 in the morning. The only problem was that I kinda DIDN'T HAVE MY BOOK...
So I couldn't look up the answers. So, I did what every person as smart as me would do: bullshitted my way through it and looked up the answers on the internet. This whole fiasco was a problem for two reasons. 1) It took extra time to Google and actually SEARCH for the answers (didn't get finished until like 6:45, 10 minutes before my ride [usually] comes); 2) I probably didn't get the answers that the teacher was looking for, since I had to rely on Wiki-fuckin'-pedia.
After completing the homework, I throw on a sub-fly outfit consisting of an adidas track top, adidas Superstar 2's, 511 Levi's, and the same white tee from yesterday (still relatively fly compared to most niggaz at the school). That outfit sucks balls... At least I got to brush my teeth. Whatever...

My ride calls me at about 7:07 (late as fuck) and tells me to wa
lk to his cousin's house (who literally lives right around the corner). I'm cool with that, aside from the lateness and whatnot. So, I get to his house and I end up waiting for about 10 minutes. When he pulls up, there is an individual whom I'm not particularly fond of in the passenger seat looking mad as fuck for some reason... Maybe he's still mad that he didn't graduate? I don't really give a fuck. We get to school at like 7:20 (school starts at 7:25), then I walk IN THE GRASS (WHICH WAS WET) to get to the door to avoid being tardy. I go through the metal detectors, greet the adults there... My shoes were grassy and shit... Whatever.
I get to class... e-mail the teacher my rushed, Wikipedia'ed work through SchoolLoop from my school-issued laptop... While on the SchoolLoop website, I notice that I have an F (a damn 37.5%) in American Government (the easiest class/easiest teacher I've ever had in high school thus far)... The F is a direct result of one of my group members plagarizing. FUCK! I was pissed, as you would guess. As I put my laptop back in my bag, I see that I had my Western Civilization textbook in my backpack the WHOLE DAMN TIME! I got heated for about 38 seconds, then I said "fuck it, at least it's done" (I may have literally said that out loud).

The teacher tells me that I have to take the Accuplacer college placement test again - Brief history about me and that bitch-ass test: I've taken it 3 times prior to this. You need 100 to pass (not 100%, but 100/120 on some kind of score thing). The first time I took it, I got a 60-something, the second time, I got an 88, and the third time, I blacked and just X'ed out the program while I was taking it (LMAO). At this point (early this morning) I didn't really give a flying rat's ass about this test. - Anyways, I was telling the teacher how I reeeealllly didn't wanna take the test... Then she explained to me that it was important, blah blah yadda yadda. I started thinking to myself, "I passed Pre-Calculus (a college course that I DIDN'T get college credit for due to this wack ass test), and I'm in trigonometry (possibly there would be trigonometry on the test), so I might do well on this test." ...That was kinda just my opimistic mindset talking...

So, I go down to the floor with the other group members and I'm chillin'. We go to the van and I text and I'm good. Walk into the KCKCC building and walk through the hallways, literally getting STARED DOWN by the students sitting the hallways. Whatever. We get to the testing center, start up, and I guess I was ready! This one stupid chick, who, for some reason, always is on field trips with me, is talking NON-STOP. Damn, man! Eventually, it ceased, and I was taking this test. I felt real confident with all of my answers, blazing through this shit. In my mind, I was like, "I got this! I'm too real for this shit, my nigga" (I really said that last part, and, in fact, I say that during all my tests that I take)! At the end of the test, I see that I got a 96... A NINETY-SIX. FOUR POINTS FROM PASSING THIS DAMN THING! FUCK! Who cares, though.

And on top of everything else, I'm in desperate need of a fuckin' haircut.


I'm still here at the college, and I'm calm, but still. I hope things get better (even though it's not THAT bad). I'll just text Shi Reeves some more... Yeah. If you didn't know... I actually have her number and "we text occasionally". Dead ass, though. And that does, in fact, make me cooler than whoever is reading this. Hollah!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What buffoonery!

What the hell is this!?

So, I'm walking to my first block class, get in, take my seat, whatever. It's all good. My seat is placed so I can see people walk by the door. I'm reading my paper, everything is normal. I hear some obnoxious people out in the hallway... As I look up, I see one of the top 5 dusty ass niggaz in the school wearing [red] Hot Topic skinny jeans! Whatdafucknigga?!


To make a long story short...

Niggaz (Chris Rock's definition of "nigga") ruin EVERYTHING! My, God...

...There's nothing else I can really say about that! And this bama is not the only nigga that is fucking up skinny jeans for all the REAL fly-minded people. I promise, I'll go to the 514, slim straight jeans if you niggaz keep it up. *Sigh...*


I know that not everyone can afford to "get fresh" or "be fly" or whatnot... But c'mon, man. BE YOU. The main niggaz rockin' skinny jeans now are the same niggaz that talked shit on me wearing "those tight-ass jeans" either to my face or [most likely] behind my back! BE YOU! If you're a real gangsta (even though you're not), what would your superior say about you wearing skin tight jeans? BE YOU. And another thing, you can't change your [non-existent] style in one day... You're not fly if you come with a fresh outfit one day, then come back with ultra-baggy jeans and a 3XL tee (when, in actuality, you wear a large) the next day. That's not how it works. Damn, man, y'all fuckin' it up for everyone (like always!).

ANOTHER THING. I personally know the pressure that exists while being a fly person day-to-day. Seriously. There's lots of pressure that goes into being THAT [FLY] GUY, such as the constant need to go "all out" when you put your clothes on in the morning... Or people weirdly looking at you because you come to school quasi-fresh. This school year, I've decided to not give a fuck about it. I don't feel the need to get mega-fresh at school when I've done that for 3+ years. It doesn't mean anything... I have nothing to prove... In fact, I really had nothing to prove to begin with. The only exception to the fresh rule is at the mall, parties (never go to them), sporting events, concerts, etc. Essentially, I'll get fresh anywhere BUT school. LOL. Catch me at those times, you virtually have no chance of surpassing me in this fly shit, niggaz. But as for the skinny jean fiasco, I'm about to dress like Wale. Dead ass.

Thank you.

"I started this fly shit, and this is the muthafuckin' thanks I get!?"

D.Linquent mixtape news!

I thought of this great idea earlier tonight...
More details when I feel like going in depth...
(All information is as of THIS SECOND)


The Trifecta Series (VERY likely to change this title, though).

3 mixtapes (Volumes 1, 2, and 3).

All songs produced by Charles Hamilton (again, not personally).

13 songs on each mixtape.

[Hopeful] release date for Volume 1: January (near MLK Day)... Then the next in February ( near Valentine's Day, no homo), the next in March (near St. Patrick's Day).



No one's done anything like this in the area. All I need is the proper attention, and TAD-DOW!. I'm in there like a good weave. It's D.Linquent...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Don't we all love Labor Day? Most people (including myself) only love the day off... But as I look outside and see actual labor being done by various members of my family, it makes me think about all of the hard work that people put in to make society run smoothly. From the easy as fuck, high paying jobs, to the hard as hell, dirt paying jobs (teachers), I, D.Linquent/Darnell, love all of you! Chea!


On another note, I traded sneakers with my cousin. Um... I kinda regret it, but there's virtually no way I'm matching some all-red Dunks with anything EXCEPT that red flannel top. I got the Transformer Air Assault Lows (with a dent in the front of the left shoe). Who cares, I wouldn't consider that "losing" anything. Now, if I can only get the Playstation Blazers from him...

Oh, and it's my cousin's brother's (my cousin, as well) 19th birthday today! It sucks that I'm probably not going to be able to go to the surprise party... Well, I'd be awkwardly placed anyways, so... Yeah.


(To whom it may concern) Hey, you! Yes, you. I'm tired of "us" being like this. I HATE us. But I LOVE you. Does that even make logical sense to anyone other than myself? Heh. Thanks to all the turmoil created in my mind, it's rather difficult to record music. Thank you, much?

It's final...

After what just happened, I think I'm gonna just go all out on this upcoming mixtape...

I'm slowly [but surely] moving past the whole "I don't give a fuck about what people think or even if people like it" stage.

Just a forewarning:

This mixtape will [possibly] hurt some peoples' feelings and/or strain many relationships people have with me.

Particularly, the song to the "Brighter Days" instrumental.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lessons learned.

Today was a pretty good day for me (so far, it's only 5:30pm)... especially considering the wack ass night I had before.


About last night...

So, in a nutshell (pause), someone very close to me somewhat "ratted" on me. I [think that I] came to this individual very respectfully and calmly about it when we discussed the matter. Today, my plan was to completely ignore this individual and go on about my business. It worked for the first time I saw this person, but then came time where I had class with this person. It was okay, I guess... No eye contact or communication. But when I think about all of the shit that me and this person have went through, it's stupid for me to "not be cool" with this individual just because of the incident that happened (telling on me "kinda")... After all, some would say that this person did the right thing.

I don't know... D.Linquent is saying that family doesn't "turn their back" on each other like that, and Darnell is saying that I shouldn't have taken it this far. Either way, whatever. This person even came through on some money that we agreed on earlier this year. Ha. What perfect timing, huh?

I guess the first lesson I learned today was that you have to forgive your family members for things that they do... Especially since you just can't "eliminate" them from your family. I mean, sure... I wish this person would have reacted differently about the situation... But, at the end of the day, fuck it. I'm still alive. Things are relatively good. And I ended up resolving the situation on my own. Case closed. You have to forgive your family sooner or later... Luckily, in my case, it was very soon.


More stuff happened (unrelated, though).

I'm making this one very quick, though... Basically, there's this person at my school, and I've made some pretty snap and unjust assumptions/conclusions about that person. My nigga (pause) had prior engagements to fulfill, so I was out of a ride after school. I hate walking home, but whatever. I decided to walk to the local basketball court and chill until I felt like walking all the way home. There was discussion about rap music and basketball, which I was pretty vocal in, then people started to leave. I ended up walking with the aforementioned person (who lives near me) and having a good conversation and whatnot. I was somewhat disappointed in myself for making these assumptions, because I was just like this person during multiple periods in my life. Shame on me. I can only hope that people don't think the same about me when they see MEEEEEE... Whatever, though.

I learned the classic lesson in this case: "Never judge a book by it's cover."


Oh, and if anyone wants to call me a bitch or faggot or something just for posting this, or any of my blogs, for that matter (I don't even know why I'm addressing this, but whatever), then you can do one of two things: 1. Get the fuck of my blog; 2. Suck dick... Whichever one suits you best. You can't really hate on anything I do because it's real life stuff. So, whatever... It's my life, my blog.

^^^That whole thing was really wack to put on here, but yeah.

Outty 5000.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Why would you take my whole style of blogging?!
That kinda defeats the whole purpose of a blog in the first place, right?!

Ugh. Anyways...

I still haven't got fresh on these niggaz at school. They not even ready for that, my nigga! LOL!

I'm about to get on that homecoming royalty ballot. And I need to win that ish.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Blah blah, blizzy.

Yo, "what it is!"

I'm in American Government... About to apply for homecoming king, son.

I have no chance of winning thanks to the hispanic population (sorry, it's true) and the star basketball player. Who cares, being a loser is better than being the center of attention (in school at least).

On a side note, my beard is growing back!

Yesterday, I recorded my first song for my project... entirely produced by CHARLES HAMILTON (not personally). It's epic, bitch.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fry dae.

Dammit, I was gonna call this post "Friday" in Spanish, but I freaking forgot how to say it... And I'm too lazy to Google it. Whatever.

But this is the first time I've blogged at school in a LONG time... I was almost late this morning because I stayed up 'til like 3 writing about 1/4 or my bar-for-bar song to the "Post-Lynching Ceremony" beat (that I looped myself, nigga). This mixtape is gonna be EPIC. I dead ass think that this can propel me to new heights... Everyone prepare for my ego to explode when it comes out.

Anyways, class is about to end... More later.

Payce, nickuz.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My mind and my hand hurts! Pause.
Just wrote a whole song (hook and all).
That felt really good... I think I've only written a handful of songs non-stop. Hooray for me, bitches.

And on another note, I think I solved my FaceBook problem... That is, until I want to turn into "Stalker D to tha L" again...


FaceBook is ruining my life. Dead ass.

Every time I fucking look on there, I see something that makes me want to blog and vent on it... which isn't really a good thing, because, as of late, I've only been blogging when I'm stressed or angry.

But, I'm not gonna let this whole blog be about "her" (that's what it's headed for if I don't calm myself). I'll just make a few songs about it... I think I could actually make a whole mixtape about her. You know... good times, bad times? Intimate times? Oh, yes, there will be at least 3 songs that pertain to her in someway.

And this whole post is retarded, because I'm writing it KNOWING she'll read it at some point.


Oh, and if I have strep throat AGAIN... it's hell. For real, I'm fucking tired of that particular sickness.

This whole day sucks ass. I didn't get my LG Xenon today, either... Yes, I'm FINALLY upgrading from my "Cingular" (doesn't even exist any-damn-more) RAZR after nearly four years... If it doesn't come tomorrow, I'm going postal. Like the mailman... NIGGA. Ha. That made me smile. I crack myself up.

D to tha Elly.


Fuck all law enforcement "officials" (including law enforcement "officials" who happen to be related to individuals I know).

As stated before in this blog, this "fuck you" does not include the United States armed forces, detectives, the FBI, CIA, NSA, or the Secret Service. In my humble (but very true) opinion, they're the law enforcement agencies that actually mean any-fucking-thing.

An extra "fuck you" to security guards. Fucking rent-a-cops.

Suck my dick, bitch (that goes out to a certain female security guard who lives/lived next to my cousin).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

808's and [what I'm feeling].

"Now, you're gone. Another man has your heart.
So? Romantically, we can't grow.
And, I gotta stop flirtin', but...
(I'm not a perfect person)"

Back atcha (and I pac[k] like "cap" backwards).

I'm still alive. Sorry, haters.

A lot has happened since my last post (obviously). Here's a very brief recap of things.

-Copped the Beats by Dr. Dre. That automatically makes me cooler than you... Or, way more than I was to begin with... Yeah.
-Multiple break-ups with you know who.
-The particular relative with the terminal illness passed away a couple of weeks or so after the entry I mentioned it in... So much for the 4-12 month period huh? Rest in peace. I still haven't been to the grave, though.
-Visited my father... Who fed me very well (LOL). So, yeah. Kinda not skinny anymore. Ugh.
-Went to Miami with my father... And now I have an interest in Central American females.
-I don't feel bad for "anything I did" in the summer, because it wasn't just me who wanted it.
-I'm still the illest rapper you've never heard of. Fuck you if you disagree.
-I want higher learning. Howard, Cornell, and Morehouse are among the top 3 (which one doesn't belong?).
-School started on the 17th. Niggaz tryna be the second coming of "Darnell" and shit. I'm not trippin' though, "'cause I been fly since I flew in."
-I still love Shi Reeves. My other wifey is Bria Myles. Damn... Her ass reminds me of someones...
-Me and my mother still disagree about damn near everything.

That's all I can think of. I'll be blogging more than before now. But, yeah. Whatever.

Oh, and if any of the above seems cynical in any way, it's because I'm such a jealous-ass nigga. And, I kinda don't give a fuck? Yeah. My personality and my looks/style make up for the jealousy (at least, it should). I guess it's mostly my fault, but, who cares. More on that later, though...

D.Linquent EP coming soon.
D.Linquent album on the way.
D.Linquent mixtapes coming with the quickness. Yes... Plural.

I'm out like regular skinny jeans. It seems the tighter the clothes, the flyer you are. Who cares if I wear super skinnies. So what. Ummm... more on that later, too.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A lot of ish...

...has occurred since my last post.

Forgive me. I've been busy. Or something.

(I'll divide the occurrences into "sections" for organizational purposes. Oh, and I'm only including stuff that directly affects/affected my life.)


Happy 4th of July, everyone. I bet a lot of people around here don't even have any fuckin' fireworks left because they've been lighting them since the 29th of June. Black people. LOL. The only reason I put "LOL" is so I wouldn't sound racist...


Last week, the King of Pop Mike Jackson passed away. I loved his music... May he rest in peace. No disrespect, but, that's all I'm saying about it... ...Actually, I'd just like to say that nobody really "loves" a famous individual until they die. Dolla had four and a half fans until he died. Dead ass. Sorry, but it's the truth. Sue me. In related happenstance, Farrah Fawcett passed away in the same day as Michael Jackson, and Steve McNair was murdered in the following week. This sucks. R.I.P to all who passed away and had a purpose in life.


Shi Reeves... Oh, Shi... So, apparently the page I added her on was her old page. Anywho, I kept trying to call her again in the following days after our first conversation, but she never answered. On some occasions, she would turn off her phone (that's messed up). Finally, she sent me a text and basically told me to stop calling and to message her on MySpace if I wanted her to hear my music (as if that's what I REALLY want)... I then used someone else's phone to text her (I can't even text on my phone, long story). She texted back and said I was creeping her out with the constant calling - pause - It's not like I left voice mails and text messages begging her to answer the phone or anything... - So, yeah. Supposedly she texted back and said that the page was a "fake" page... I did the logical thing: Sent her my URL. She texted back and said that she'll add me. The dope thing about it is that she ACTUALLY did. Too bad that's the last I've heard from her. Oh, and I was reading through her comments from 2005 (when she still did adult movies) and apparently her name (or nickname) is Deve. ...HAHAHA. Yeah. DON'T THINK THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER IN THIS. I'm still baffled that the number I found off of a 3-year-old craigslist post is still her cell phone number. Whaaaaaaatever.


Charles Hamilton is alive! Woohoo! The reason I say that is because he, too, has been absent from his blog/MySpace/Twitter/etc. for a long period of time... Then Simone (apparently his ex-girlfriend) posted an entry on his blog entitled "He's Okay." Now, if we could only get an explanation as to why his album hasn't dropped yet. On a similar note, the two mixtapes I'm listening/studying right now are "Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare" and "It's Charles Hamilton." Listening to the former of those mixtapes has sparked this thought in my mind: fuck that particular ex-girlfriend who graduates college in 2011 and probably got ran through by the whole football team, basketball team, track team, debate team, glee club, robotics team, etc., etc. Anyways, too bad people don't respect lyricism anymore. Perhaps the massive popularity of Droopy Drake Rodgers will bring dumb listeners to attention... Or not.


It's almost payday. Thursday, the 9th, to be exactamundo. Too bad it's all spent already. Oh well... At least I'm getting the Dr. Dre headphones this week (I really, REALLY hope so, at least...)


I was in the hospital with a relative of mine who happens to have a terminal illness. It was quite sad seeing how helpless this individual was... Doctors have said that this particular illness is incurable and they projected a 4-12 month time frame. I promise, on everything, that if this individual survives this, I will change my ways for the better. This particular person is in my thoughts constantly. I would say "get well," but, you know... Yeah.

Random Thoughts

LMFAO at Ja Rule "warning" rappers about his "comeback." There's no coming back, Jeffrey. Your beef with 50 was my first time seeing a career ended. And LOL @ him giving rappers a time frame of how long they have before he drops another wack ass album. Sit down and shut your blood clot mouth, you old-ass nigga.

Any girl who doesn't like me is most likely lying. Or a homosexual. I came to this conclusion on Thursday. So, yeah, if you're a girl and you don't like me, check your sexuality. Dead ass.

I'm going, going... Back, back... to V.A., V.A. on Saturday afternoon. Am I particularly happy about that? Eeehhhhh...

Charles Hamilton is the best rapper alive. Yes, the best RAPPER. Not the most popular... Not the most cool... Definitely not the most well groomed (no homo). The best rapper, though. Little Dwayne is nowhere near Chuck's lyrical abilities... I could go the extra mile and say that he's not touching MY lyrical skill, but, I don't want people to say things like: "That's why he has a deal and you don't!" or "You're just a hater on the 'Best Rapper Alive'!" I said lyrical. LYRICAL. That's about all I care about when I listen to a rap song. LEER-IKZ! As I stated in previous blog entries: If you fuckers would actually LISTEN to my lyrics, you'll appreciate my songs A LOT more. Geez.

I hate the owners and operators of Oak Park Mall for allowing the store, "Zumiez," to be placed into the mall. Thanks to that store, everyone has access to Supras (including bummy ass niggaz from my school and other places). Well, at least the TK Societies that I'm getting are online only. Now, should I get Blazer SBs or TUF Skytops? Decisions, Decisions.

Shi Reeves (or Deve, or whatever the fuck her name is) can lick my balls for not answering and talking to me for at least one minute... I'm like her biggest fan (or at least her coolest fan). And on her MySpace page, she lists that her ethnicity is Native American. Fuck outta here, Deve. That's why your weave sucked in my favorite scene of yours.

My hair is in outrageous need of a cut. Who cares though... I already proved that I can get girls without a cut, so I'm good. Can't let pops see me like this, though.

I can't stand FaceBook celebrities. You know, the ones that post statuses [or "stati" =)] solely for comments. They do other things, but I don't fucking feel like listing them all. I once wanted to become one of these people, but it just wasn't cut out for me. LOL @ me talking like being a FaceBook celebrity is some kind of sport.

I just looked at the bottom right hand corner of my [extremely outdated] monitor, and I did not realize that it was so late! Freakin' 4:30am? My neck hurts anyways. I'm gone!

End of Demo (LMMFAO).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where is Charles Hamilton?

This is probably how CH wants all of his true fans to be feeling...

First, it said it was coming out on the 16th... Now, it's the original release date (23rd), and still, it's nowhere to be found.

Where the fuck is the album, Chuck? I've been anxiously waiting for it to drop since... I've heard of you!

I hope that his album didn't get shelved and is never coming out... NOOOOOO!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


(The following is 100% truthful.)



Monday, June 15, 2009

This Perfect Life

Tomorrow... Tomorrow is not only Tuesday, June 16th, 2009, but it's also the release of [best rapper alive] Charles Hamilton's album: This Perfect Life. I must cop. I WILL COP. I read his blog and noticed that he said that the album will sound [dope as hell] with Dr. Dre Headphones. Those, too, I must cop. I also want to buy the Supra TK Society sneakers, but I'll blog about that some other time.


New mixtape dropping on my birthday, September 21st. It is currently untitled. Instrumentals by Charles Hamilton... Again, this will surpass the illness of the previous mixtape by a LONG SHOT.

STH also stated on his blog that he will executive produce an entire project for $8,000. I KNOW he'd work with me if he just heard some of my music... But, it's not that easy... Nothing is... Oh, well. I got the next best thing. Over 25 beats that CH provided himself on various mixtapes! Yeahzer!

That's all for now.

I'm out like the Orlando Magic in 5 games. LMAO.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Six slash eleven.

Some great things have been happening to me lately!

-I had an EXCELLENT interview with KPMG on Wednesday morning. I was the first interviewee, and I definitely set the bar at an almost unreachable level.

-Also on Wednesday, I FINALLY obtained my driver's license! I'm turning 18 in September, so I'm about two years late. Who cares, though, right?

-This summer program at Donnelly has made me realize the importance of being friendly the first time you meet someone. Also, I learn more about myself as I tell people about myself. That's always good. Hahaha.

-The aforementioned "great things" that have been occurring have given me a more optimistic mindset. This is definitely a plus, especially considering that I've had the negative-ist mindset since, well, birth.


As I've come to realize... With all of these great things occurring, there's bound to be a greater amount of "not-so-great" things that happen (if they haven't happened already). Actually, it seems as if every time something good happens to me, two or more "not-so-good" things happen to me. When my situation FINALLY seems like it's gaining positive momentum, some stronger negative force bum rushes everything, leaving me further back than when I started. Quite frankly, I have gotten used to this trend. And it sucks. Big time. But what can I do, huh? This issue bothers me SO MUCH that I'm not getting into detail with it (if that makes sense). Sue me.

Monday, June 8, 2009


So, yeah. We're well into summer 2009. Whoopdie-muthafluckin'-doo.

Here's what I'm doing nowadays:

-I still have no cellular device. I've been used to talking on the damn house phone lately. This is bullshit. Ugh! No worries, though... My father is [supposedly] buying me a new one when I go to VA on July 11... Whaaaaatever.

-I'm enrolled in a summer program at Donnelly College... The only reason I considered it is for the $20-a-day thingie. Ballin'? And in a similar happenstance, I have a very visible zit on my right cheekbone. Also, I have a FUCKED haircut (or lack thereof). This sucks ass.

-I have a interview for KPMG (a major accounting firm) on Wednesday. I don't want to go to it, simply because I don't want to miss out on my $20 from the summer program on that day. Hahaha... But really. I need that in my life. That's a shirt from Hot Topic, nigga.

-I went to the studio on Thursday (June 4th) with my niggaz Konxept & Sophmore. Be on the lookout for "How Long feat. D.Linquent" soon, bitches. All three of us killed that ish, doggie!

-Eminem's "Relapse" is a very good album. Nothing is topping "The Eminem Show," though. Now, I'm waiting for Monday to download "This Perfect Life" by [the best rapper alive, top 5 dead or alive rapper] Charles Hamilton. Cannot wait...

-The "Weirdo" mixtape is doing well... Even though we've only handed it out/sold it to about 50+ people. If I was famous, this mixtape would be EPIC. Dead ass.

-My dearest Shi Reeves added me on MySpace [again]! I sent her a comment and told her to listen to my "Dot Com" song... Oh, and if YOU haven't heard the mixtape, FUCKIN' DOWNLOAD IT FROM MY MYSPACE PAGE. Damn, man.

-I haven't been watching adult videos lately, especially after I watched Lacey Duvalle's "Ghetto Gaggers" scene... That whole site should be excommunicated from the Internet... 9/11 on that muhfuckin' website!

-I am seriously considering coming back to school all tattooed and ish. Top 3 tattoo choices: The last supper on the lighter part (LOL) of my right forearm; John 3:16 on the lighter part of my left forearm; Jesus' face on my right bicep. I also want tears, but I guess that means someone has passed away, and I don't know any passees. Heh.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

I'm out like mohawks. Seriously. They're OVER. Oh-vee-ee-are.

P.S.: I love you (if you think it's you, then it's you).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poem: Ettyalp by Darnell Leonard.

There's nothing more I can do
But I can't stop, no laptop to record this for you
Awake late, this ain't great, so I vacate
This great place, this may take longer than I hoped it would
But as long as we are going good
Us two will bridge the gap, honestly, you know we should
And this message, yes, it's corny as fuck
I'd like to say glorious stuff, but surely enough
I'm the same, I can't change, am I annoying, or what?
I'm childish, doing wild ish, ignoring too much
The explanation for that is, I'm greatly attracted
To your donk, it's so great when I smack it
For real, though, I'd like to think it's make believe
You couldn't stay with me, I'm thinkin' that you hated "we"
"We" as in me and you, you and I, basically
Erasing me from your life, right when I came to see
That we were really slippin' fast, fallin' majorly
I'd hate to see you leave and run away from me
But, you say I ruined my chances
I laugh it off, don't act appalled, my mind's really movin' in panic
I'm losin' it, dammit, I can't keep my mind steady
Can't sleep alright in recent nights, school, eyes heavy
I'm ready, but not to say goodbye
I stay and try to make it work as the days go by

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hold the phone!!!

AYO! I was looking at the picture of Shi Reeves that I posted on an earlier blog, and she's wearing A RING ON HER LEFT RING FINGER!

So it's like that, Shi?

I win.

(The thoughts of dozens of people after they discovered that I "rapped")

"This nigga? Tryna rap? ...HAHAHAHAHA! [He's not gonna make it ANYWHERE.] I mean, look at him... Glasses, tight pants, young ass shirt. He can't be serious."

(The following may offend some (most) people, but if it offends you, I probably don't like you anyways.)

So, what the fuck else do I have to do? By simply releasing (seriously, just by releasing) my first mixtape "The Previews," I exceeded all expectations. And, if people actually listen to that mixtape and "Weirdo," I'll exceed the expectations that I previously exceeded. Dead ass. I fucking released two mixtapes with a total of 51 tracks in a 6-month period. Sure, people have done more, but I'm a student, and people didn't (or don't) even see me as a rapper. Fuck them.

Personally, I think I have enough skill, talent, and creativity to be nationally known. Lyrically, there's NO QUESTION that I'm one of the best in this metropolitan area (FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD). I just need that one chance... That one shot to prove myself to everyone.

I mean, the masses don't really know me (yet), but look at all that's happened to me in the past year...


-Exactly one year ago, I was a hobby rapper. Nothing more, nothing less. I had great lyrics, but lacked delivery and a personal style. That was essentially all that was missing. Still, I rapped solely as a hobby.

-Then, AJay contacted me, and we discussed how our partnership was going to work... And the rest is history. We had one recording session... I kept recording this same fucking verse OVER and OVER and OVER again until "I got it right." That's when my delivery became substantially better.

-After a series of unfortunate circumstances occurred (being sick for so long, among other things), we dropped "The Previews" mixtape. I gave it to everyone who was anyone at the school.

-Time passed... I kept fucking getting sick, having strep throat three times in 6 months, and I STILL dropped another mixtape before the end of the school year. AND that shit is HOSTED by a DJ. People give me beats and work with me because they like my music, my lyrics... I don't try to be something I'm not.


I don't care, people can say I have a growing ego, but I don't care. I don't care if another rapper has put in more work than me, been shot a couple of times, been to jail, and claims a street as a gang. This rapper is more than likely not as good as me. As stated above, I don't pretend... I'VE NEVER LIED ON ANY OF MY TRACKS. EVER. It seems that staying truthful is hard, because I seem like the only one with the sack to be real publicly.

I didn't even ask for any of this... It just happened to me. I didn't even want AJay to be my manager at first. I didn't want anyone at my school to know I made music because I was scared of what they would say.

And, to the genuine, authentic haters? It's odd how you people are the ONLY ones who say I can't rap... I completely understand if you say you don't like the music, but it's fuckin' absurd to say that I "can't rap." Some of you haters were cool with me at first, then we had a falling out, then, all of a sudden, I "can't rap..." Or, your very popular friend likes my music, so that's why you like my music. That's stupid. And all of that's not to say that I'm just the God of Rap... I know what's what, who's where (status-wise), and how things are in this city (as far as rap is concerned). I know who not to cross (there's only a couple of them in this area code, though).

I don't even know why I'm addressing this bullshit.


So, in this rap journey that all of us are participating in...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


To expand on the end of the last post...

(I know you're reading this, too)

You're OD-ing on the stalking. It's not attractive. AT ALL. You're like Geico Kash looking at me all the time (and that sucks, because I love Geico). Notes and statuses about me on FaceBook, blogs about me on MySpace... QUIT! It's actually NOT flattering... It's more disturbing than anything.



You haven't even been around me for that long! And for the 3 month period that we WERE close (if you can even call it that)... What did you learn about me? That I like sex? That I'm half Filipino? That I have an ass fetish? I never opened up to you in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Stop acting like you know everything about me. You don't even know yourself, since you don't have a defined style or speech patterns. You don't know me. I'm more myself than I was when I was in fucking 8th grade. Lots has happened. And you weren't around to see any of it. So cut it the fuck out.

My only fear now is that you'll attempt to extort money from me when I make this rap shit.


Weirdo: The Mixtape

Hello... BlogSpot people.

Me and my team put in more work than fuckin' anyone around here. Especially considering our ages. That being said, "Weirdo: The Mixtape" is here! As of this second, you can only get it from me, Jay Wun, or DJ Sapo for $5. Niggaz actin' like they don't got it, though. And people wonder why I rarely rep KC and rep VA/DC...


Here's the cover though... "Fat shouts" to DJ Sapo of the Incredible Mixtape DJ's. Whaddurp!


OH! And, by the way, to that special someone who reads this blog and constantly posts FaceBook statuses about it... STOP. It's not making me "want you" in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Cut it out.

I'm out like "This Perfect Life" on June 23rd.

Double-U Tee Eff.

I wonder who flagged my blog as having "objectionable content."
I mean, it's not like I ACTUTALLY POSTED pornography on my blog...
Hmmm... Wonder who it is? Mom? Aubrie (probably)? It's basically between those two.

Oh, and I've never been broken up with on a blog before. HAHAHAHAHA!

I'm out like... can't think of anything.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi, mom!

I just received word that my mother reads my blog (she told me herself).
Well, I'm just saying... I'm still putting whatever I feel on the blog... Even if you (Mom) may think that the subject matter is inappropriate.

Love yah, Nang!


Addicted? (And rants on a kinda ex-girlfriend)

I'm real. No, not "Plies" real... ACTUAL real. Being that I'm so real, I'd like to share with the readers of this blog a lil something about me.

I, D.Linquent, am possibly (more like definitely) addicted to porn.

Yes, yes... I constantly visit those sites where they give you the links to sites with 15-20 second preview videos. Every day. I tried to stop. But... I can't. It's damn near impossible.

(The following is completely relevant to the topic)

While I was looking at FaceBook statues, I noticed a certain friend who happens to kinda be my ex-girlfriend that's in college far from here... I went to her page to see who has been writing her... You know, the usual stalking that everyone does... Then I looked at her pictures. And her pictures were sexy. That started to give me the urge to... You know. So I did. I went to my beloved websites ( and and did my (ahem) thing for about 30-40 minutes. The list of porn starlets that I watched were as follows:

Candice Nicole
Lisa Ann
Sienna West
Beauty Dior
Ice LaFox
Luscious Louis

and of course...

Shi Reeves.

I love her. So much. That's why I wrote a song about her on my mixtape. But, sorry, Shi... Ice LaFox may replace you since you quit doing porn...


Maybe I like Shi Reeves so much because she resembles (or reminds me of) that aformentioned kinda ex-girlfriend. She also resembles (and reminds me of) my current girlfriend. IN FACT, each of the porn starlets listed above remind me of someone I know/knew that I wanted to fuck. Sorry, it's the truth (remember, I'm REEEEAAAAL).

Really, though...

If that kinda ex-girlfriend who is in college now would give me 10 minutes of her time, I would probably only need 3 (LMFAO). TALK TO ME, DAMMIT! Message me!!! Let me know that you still know I exist! I'm a rapper! I'm 'bout to make something out of my life! AAAGHH! I won't message you because I don't want to piss you off or receive one or two word answers from you. By the way, your last boyfriend was not as fly, attractive (no homo), or creative as me... Overall, he wasn't on my caliber. Who gives a fuck, I know you fucked my mentor (the guy who started me off in the rap game) anyways. Jump-off... You're lucky I didn't put that one song on the Weirdo mixtape. I still love you, though! Hahahaha!

Now, if I can only find a porn starlet that reminds me of my most RECENT ex-girlfriend...


I'm out like school after Thursday.