Sunday, September 20, 2009

Point blank.

I feel like TK in this "Terry Kennedy/Bow Wow" reminiscent "beef".

I never thought he'd trip THIS MUCH over a girl that 1) I knew WAY before him, and 2) (I just not need to go here). Many "beefs" I've had involved a female... The only difference between this nigga and the other nigga (who I mentioned in this blog before) is that the latter of the two actually addressed me about the [alleged] situation. Granted, he came at me completely incorrectly (with his no-life-having-ass), but still. If we (the current nigga I'm "beefing" with) were THAT COOL in the summer, you don't pull some coward shit like this... Both of the aformentioned individuals can fuck off, regardless.

Address me about this situation before you make your judgement. And besides, if your SOOO concerned about your future and "career," then this situation shouldn't affect you as much as you made it seem... At that point, fuck the "principles" of what "I did" or "I'm doing" and all that stupid shit. Dead ass.

(Say what you will or may about me posting a blog about this situation. I didn't say that the situation didn't affect me, because I don't fucking see how me and this nigga can go from "cool as fuck" to me saying "fuck this nigga." It's not really my fault that he reacted the way he did. I'm simply stating how I feel about it. Get the fuck off of my blog if you don't like the way I handle things.)



On a lighter note, I can officially buy cigarettes, porngraphy (and star in them), and talk to Shi Reeves without her saying that I'm "jailbait." Go me! It's my birthday (it is).

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