Sunday, July 5, 2009

A lot of ish...

...has occurred since my last post.

Forgive me. I've been busy. Or something.

(I'll divide the occurrences into "sections" for organizational purposes. Oh, and I'm only including stuff that directly affects/affected my life.)


Happy 4th of July, everyone. I bet a lot of people around here don't even have any fuckin' fireworks left because they've been lighting them since the 29th of June. Black people. LOL. The only reason I put "LOL" is so I wouldn't sound racist...


Last week, the King of Pop Mike Jackson passed away. I loved his music... May he rest in peace. No disrespect, but, that's all I'm saying about it... ...Actually, I'd just like to say that nobody really "loves" a famous individual until they die. Dolla had four and a half fans until he died. Dead ass. Sorry, but it's the truth. Sue me. In related happenstance, Farrah Fawcett passed away in the same day as Michael Jackson, and Steve McNair was murdered in the following week. This sucks. R.I.P to all who passed away and had a purpose in life.


Shi Reeves... Oh, Shi... So, apparently the page I added her on was her old page. Anywho, I kept trying to call her again in the following days after our first conversation, but she never answered. On some occasions, she would turn off her phone (that's messed up). Finally, she sent me a text and basically told me to stop calling and to message her on MySpace if I wanted her to hear my music (as if that's what I REALLY want)... I then used someone else's phone to text her (I can't even text on my phone, long story). She texted back and said I was creeping her out with the constant calling - pause - It's not like I left voice mails and text messages begging her to answer the phone or anything... - So, yeah. Supposedly she texted back and said that the page was a "fake" page... I did the logical thing: Sent her my URL. She texted back and said that she'll add me. The dope thing about it is that she ACTUALLY did. Too bad that's the last I've heard from her. Oh, and I was reading through her comments from 2005 (when she still did adult movies) and apparently her name (or nickname) is Deve. ...HAHAHA. Yeah. DON'T THINK THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER IN THIS. I'm still baffled that the number I found off of a 3-year-old craigslist post is still her cell phone number. Whaaaaaaatever.


Charles Hamilton is alive! Woohoo! The reason I say that is because he, too, has been absent from his blog/MySpace/Twitter/etc. for a long period of time... Then Simone (apparently his ex-girlfriend) posted an entry on his blog entitled "He's Okay." Now, if we could only get an explanation as to why his album hasn't dropped yet. On a similar note, the two mixtapes I'm listening/studying right now are "Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare" and "It's Charles Hamilton." Listening to the former of those mixtapes has sparked this thought in my mind: fuck that particular ex-girlfriend who graduates college in 2011 and probably got ran through by the whole football team, basketball team, track team, debate team, glee club, robotics team, etc., etc. Anyways, too bad people don't respect lyricism anymore. Perhaps the massive popularity of Droopy Drake Rodgers will bring dumb listeners to attention... Or not.


It's almost payday. Thursday, the 9th, to be exactamundo. Too bad it's all spent already. Oh well... At least I'm getting the Dr. Dre headphones this week (I really, REALLY hope so, at least...)


I was in the hospital with a relative of mine who happens to have a terminal illness. It was quite sad seeing how helpless this individual was... Doctors have said that this particular illness is incurable and they projected a 4-12 month time frame. I promise, on everything, that if this individual survives this, I will change my ways for the better. This particular person is in my thoughts constantly. I would say "get well," but, you know... Yeah.

Random Thoughts

LMFAO at Ja Rule "warning" rappers about his "comeback." There's no coming back, Jeffrey. Your beef with 50 was my first time seeing a career ended. And LOL @ him giving rappers a time frame of how long they have before he drops another wack ass album. Sit down and shut your blood clot mouth, you old-ass nigga.

Any girl who doesn't like me is most likely lying. Or a homosexual. I came to this conclusion on Thursday. So, yeah, if you're a girl and you don't like me, check your sexuality. Dead ass.

I'm going, going... Back, back... to V.A., V.A. on Saturday afternoon. Am I particularly happy about that? Eeehhhhh...

Charles Hamilton is the best rapper alive. Yes, the best RAPPER. Not the most popular... Not the most cool... Definitely not the most well groomed (no homo). The best rapper, though. Little Dwayne is nowhere near Chuck's lyrical abilities... I could go the extra mile and say that he's not touching MY lyrical skill, but, I don't want people to say things like: "That's why he has a deal and you don't!" or "You're just a hater on the 'Best Rapper Alive'!" I said lyrical. LYRICAL. That's about all I care about when I listen to a rap song. LEER-IKZ! As I stated in previous blog entries: If you fuckers would actually LISTEN to my lyrics, you'll appreciate my songs A LOT more. Geez.

I hate the owners and operators of Oak Park Mall for allowing the store, "Zumiez," to be placed into the mall. Thanks to that store, everyone has access to Supras (including bummy ass niggaz from my school and other places). Well, at least the TK Societies that I'm getting are online only. Now, should I get Blazer SBs or TUF Skytops? Decisions, Decisions.

Shi Reeves (or Deve, or whatever the fuck her name is) can lick my balls for not answering and talking to me for at least one minute... I'm like her biggest fan (or at least her coolest fan). And on her MySpace page, she lists that her ethnicity is Native American. Fuck outta here, Deve. That's why your weave sucked in my favorite scene of yours.

My hair is in outrageous need of a cut. Who cares though... I already proved that I can get girls without a cut, so I'm good. Can't let pops see me like this, though.

I can't stand FaceBook celebrities. You know, the ones that post statuses [or "stati" =)] solely for comments. They do other things, but I don't fucking feel like listing them all. I once wanted to become one of these people, but it just wasn't cut out for me. LOL @ me talking like being a FaceBook celebrity is some kind of sport.

I just looked at the bottom right hand corner of my [extremely outdated] monitor, and I did not realize that it was so late! Freakin' 4:30am? My neck hurts anyways. I'm gone!

End of Demo (LMMFAO).