Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I love burgers.

Simple as that. I love burgers (especially ones that I make).
Bottom bun (butter toasted), mustard, bacon, pepperjack cheese, burger patty, american cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, barbecue sauce, pickles, mayonnaise, top bun (butter toasted). In that order.

I'm gonna MURK these beats:

Us Placers
Pink and Blue

Outty 5,000.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

You're far too kind.

I'm doing this American Government PowerPoint... And I was just thinking...

Shouts to everyone who talked me through the disaster that was yesterday... Maybe I was overthinking, maybe I wasn't. Whatever. Thank y'all! Extra-ultra shouts to the Royalty Court ladies (LOL).

AND, another thank you goes to the readers of darnellleonard.blogspot.com. Dead ass, though... I hope I'm not posting this ish for nothing! Thank you to everyone who reads this (Now, if y'all would only leave more comments!).


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Down to Earth, much?!

The problem with me and my blogging style is that I vent SO much verbally, I don't feel like typing it on http://darnellleonard.blogspot.com... But I'll put it in a nut(pause)shell for the readers' enjoyment...

Homecoming assembly, right?
Being cocky/arrogant, right?
Thinking I'm fly as shit (I was, though, but that's nothing out of the norm), right?

They call my name while announcing the king candidates...


In fact, there was actually a vibe in the auditorium that said, "Who the fuck is Darnell Leonard?" I didn't hear shit! I was backstage throwing a Bow Wow-esque temper tantrum, contemplating flipping off the crowd Eminem/Kanye style. I didn't, though. I was pissed. Granted, I received moderate applause when I actually walked on stage... Shouts to Porter (the mascot) for Jerkin' while I was on stage.

The following may be viewed as a cop-out excuse, but it's the dead ass truth, as well.

1. If I AM, in fact, the loser that the lack of applause/cheering made me out to be... SO WHAT? I've been a loser for all but one year of my life. Dead ass.

2. I'm still the best rapper in the city (fuck what you heard) and possibly the state.

3. I'm flyer than everyone IN that non-applause-giving crowd.

4. I blacked and bought a $60 sweater after I got gangsta and left school. AND I spent like $20 on candy. Get at me. LOL. Still caked up, bitches.


6. Ummm... I was flyer than the rest of them, so why am I addressing them?



I'm not saying shit if you don't say shit, but if you keep talking shit, then there's gonna have to be some kind of discussion. Notice how I said discussion; I'm not gonna make any threats like someone's mother did to you... That's not what I do. But niggaz seem like they're scared to speak their mind to you. I'm not those niggaz. When it's all said and done, I can END
your whole "I'm the shit" mindset with a few sentences. Dead ass, though. And what are you going to say as your comeback? "That's why no one cheered for you, you square. I'm the most popular guy in the school." ...I refuse to go more in depth about this situation until further provoked... And even if that happens, I'll keep my ego-deflating comments to myself. You're cool until you get around certain people. CUT IT OUT. If I were to say the comments/statements/truths, then you'll fuck around and end up feeling like I am... Down to Earth.

^^^That was ill, I don't believe I've actually said a title in my blog entries before.

Today's the day (well, ONE of them)

Aggggh, I gotta stand in front of the whole school! ...They're presenting the homecoming king/queen candidates. Kinda nervous, much? I'll feel like a loser if people don't clap for me. I better get a few screams by the groupies, too. (LOL)


Who cares, at least I'm moderately fly.

Oh, and excuse the Ralph Lauren jacket that I (more like my dad) dropped grip on. Bitches. Also, excuse the Ralph Lauren and Burberry fragrances that I OD'ed on today... That's just what I do.

AND, I'm caked now, so everyone excuse the cockiness... Fat shouts (LMAO) to Pops in VA!

It's D to tha!

Monday, September 21, 2009


18, nickz (say it real fast)! So, yeah. I'm 'bout to subscribe to an internet porn site now. Hahaha!

Check me out:
Some people might be offended when they read it. Whatever...

Oh, and... When "THIS NIGGA" wears skinny jeans, it's over. OVER. I'm most likely using some of my birthday money to cop some 514s or slim-straights. SMH, though.

Yo, Ray! I applaud you, my nigga... Mad props for never falling into the whole skinny jean hype. I don't know how you did it (pause), but you pulled it off (pause).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Point blank.

I feel like TK in this "Terry Kennedy/Bow Wow" reminiscent "beef".

I never thought he'd trip THIS MUCH over a girl that 1) I knew WAY before him, and 2) (I just not need to go here). Many "beefs" I've had involved a female... The only difference between this nigga and the other nigga (who I mentioned in this blog before) is that the latter of the two actually addressed me about the [alleged] situation. Granted, he came at me completely incorrectly (with his no-life-having-ass), but still. If we (the current nigga I'm "beefing" with) were THAT COOL in the summer, you don't pull some coward shit like this... Both of the aformentioned individuals can fuck off, regardless.

Address me about this situation before you make your judgement. And besides, if your SOOO concerned about your future and "career," then this situation shouldn't affect you as much as you made it seem... At that point, fuck the "principles" of what "I did" or "I'm doing" and all that stupid shit. Dead ass.

(Say what you will or may about me posting a blog about this situation. I didn't say that the situation didn't affect me, because I don't fucking see how me and this nigga can go from "cool as fuck" to me saying "fuck this nigga." It's not really my fault that he reacted the way he did. I'm simply stating how I feel about it. Get the fuck off of my blog if you don't like the way I handle things.)



On a lighter note, I can officially buy cigarettes, porngraphy (and star in them), and talk to Shi Reeves without her saying that I'm "jailbait." Go me! It's my birthday (it is).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ALL-TIME! (blah)

So, I kinda haven't felt like posting anything new on here... but, that doesn't mean that I haven't had things on my mind. Yuh dig.

KANYE, KANYE, KANYE... 'Nuff said. That's my nigga. More on that at a later date (I know I ALWAYS say that I'll touch on it [pause] later and never do, but, whatever).

I was selected as a finalist for Homecoming King. I actually hope I don't win because it doesn't mean anything... Especially since I'm possibly the coolest one on the royalty court. And I'm a loser, too. Pissed off about something that's related to this, but I'm not posting it because it's public. Yeah.

Um... I got a line yesterday. That's a pretty exciting moment in my life, right? Oh, and my birthday is on Monday.

That's kinda it. My grades are illin', though.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Blueprint 3

This album is audio cocaine. I don't even like Jay-Z like that.

Inspirational music, especially that "So Ambitious" track. It reminds me of when I would bump that "Anything" track in 9th grade (also produced by the Neptunes).

And that's all I can really say.

Oh, and I was reading this book, and I found a pretty good quote: "Without experiencing struggle, you will never truly appreciate your success." Of course I paraphrased...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Chill, chill.

I felt real good this morning...

1) Got that good haircut yesterday...

2) Really expecting "something" from "someone" and I think it's gonna happen "soon" (let your imagination run wild).

3) I read SHow TuFli's blog... His ReversePsychology album coming 01/02/2010... That date is the same date when reversed... ILL AS FUCK! (What up, Show! Let's get on a track together, nigga!)

4) I'm listening to Raheem DeVaughn - Guess Who Loves You More. That's such an ill song. I wanna rap to that. LOL

5) It's Friday! There's no home football game today, though.

...But I have a C+ in Trigonometry thanks to my 59% in the latest quiz. Dead ass, though, I don't even need that damn class to graduate, man... So I SHOULD get up out of that mudafuckah.

One question has been on my mind for the last three months, though...


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Questions for 09/10/09

New "segment" on my blog... It's good stuff to think about.


-Why the fuck does it seem like ALL attractive girls are dumb as shit?

In saying that, I mean that these particular females are as smart as an actual pile of feces. The reason I ask this is because I asked a girl a relatively easy question while I was walking to my class, and this [expletive] couldn't seem to comprehend. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm sure (I hope) that there are some attractive females with brains other than the head giving kind, it's just that none of them are present in this area code (913 AND 816... Actually, 785, too). I kinda don't give a fuck... That girl I asked the question to, she's dingy as fuck. She's been that way since I met her. She'd make an ILL video ho, though. In fact, I'd enjoy seeing her shake her ass in a Ying Yang Twins video. Sorry, but I'm not really sorry. (All of that is not to say that the niggaz are smart, either.)

- Is everyone as jealous as me?

I'm keeping this one short, for "personal" reasons. I've had "relationships" with lots of girls, and the most recent of the two are [greater than or equal to] as jealous as me. Whatever, though.

- How long should you wait before talking to your best friend/family member's ex, if ever?

Is it ever acceptable to do such a thing? This situation has happened to me a couple of times, being on both ends...


...so I was just wondering about it. I guess I brought this to my attention because I saw this one girl (who is the school's jump-off) and she looked at me like I was supposed to say "hi" to her or something. Fuck outta here. But, as far as the question is concerned, I think that people should try their hardest not to even get involved with your friend/family member's exes. On the other hand, if pussy/dick (pause) just THROWS itself at you, then there's nothing you can really do, right?

- Which is worse: blindness or deafness?

Haha! And you thought this whole thing was gonna be about relationships... Anyways, I used to be scared that one day I was going to wake up blind (weird, I know). I always thought that vision was the most important of the 5 senses... Now, I think otherwise. I can't really explain it, but I think that since you can see with your mind (you can hear with your mind, too). I love music, and I love hearing new music (Charles Hamilton in particular), and you have to have your ears to, well, HEAR it. In fact, here's my list of the most important senses in order from least to greatest (fuck what you think about my list).

Smell - Taste - Sight - Touch - Hear.

- Why is high school such a contest (popularity, most girls, best dressed)?

I kinda touched (pause) on this during my "What Buffoonery!" post, but I'll slightly expand on it. Actually, scratch that, I'll make a post about this at a later date. Next question.

- Why do people have emotions?

I've recently been overthinking about why emotions exist. Sure, they make a lot of things better (love, etc.), but they make those same things worse. Get it? For example, if people love each other, then their emotions are making them feel good (I couldn't make that sound smarter... Sorry). If only one of them feels strongly in the relationship, their days, nights, and LIVES are basically ruined because of emotion. I've seen this bullshit first hand too many times. I'm not innocent of "playing with someone's emotions," but whatever. It's how I feel, and at the end of the day, it's MY LIFE.


More to come later. Hopefully, I made someone think about these things.


No, no, no... Me? I'm not sad... SAD is an acronym for "sucky ass day."

The following is bullshit that happened from 5AM to right before I posted this.


I attempted to do my Western Civilization homework by waking up at 5 in the morning. The only problem was that I kinda DIDN'T HAVE MY BOOK...
So I couldn't look up the answers. So, I did what every person as smart as me would do: bullshitted my way through it and looked up the answers on the internet. This whole fiasco was a problem for two reasons. 1) It took extra time to Google and actually SEARCH for the answers (didn't get finished until like 6:45, 10 minutes before my ride [usually] comes); 2) I probably didn't get the answers that the teacher was looking for, since I had to rely on Wiki-fuckin'-pedia.
After completing the homework, I throw on a sub-fly outfit consisting of an adidas track top, adidas Superstar 2's, 511 Levi's, and the same white tee from yesterday (still relatively fly compared to most niggaz at the school). That outfit sucks balls... At least I got to brush my teeth. Whatever...

My ride calls me at about 7:07 (late as fuck) and tells me to wa
lk to his cousin's house (who literally lives right around the corner). I'm cool with that, aside from the lateness and whatnot. So, I get to his house and I end up waiting for about 10 minutes. When he pulls up, there is an individual whom I'm not particularly fond of in the passenger seat looking mad as fuck for some reason... Maybe he's still mad that he didn't graduate? I don't really give a fuck. We get to school at like 7:20 (school starts at 7:25), then I walk IN THE GRASS (WHICH WAS WET) to get to the door to avoid being tardy. I go through the metal detectors, greet the adults there... My shoes were grassy and shit... Whatever.
I get to class... e-mail the teacher my rushed, Wikipedia'ed work through SchoolLoop from my school-issued laptop... While on the SchoolLoop website, I notice that I have an F (a damn 37.5%) in American Government (the easiest class/easiest teacher I've ever had in high school thus far)... The F is a direct result of one of my group members plagarizing. FUCK! I was pissed, as you would guess. As I put my laptop back in my bag, I see that I had my Western Civilization textbook in my backpack the WHOLE DAMN TIME! I got heated for about 38 seconds, then I said "fuck it, at least it's done" (I may have literally said that out loud).

The teacher tells me that I have to take the Accuplacer college placement test again - Brief history about me and that bitch-ass test: I've taken it 3 times prior to this. You need 100 to pass (not 100%, but 100/120 on some kind of score thing). The first time I took it, I got a 60-something, the second time, I got an 88, and the third time, I blacked and just X'ed out the program while I was taking it (LMAO). At this point (early this morning) I didn't really give a flying rat's ass about this test. - Anyways, I was telling the teacher how I reeeealllly didn't wanna take the test... Then she explained to me that it was important, blah blah yadda yadda. I started thinking to myself, "I passed Pre-Calculus (a college course that I DIDN'T get college credit for due to this wack ass test), and I'm in trigonometry (possibly there would be trigonometry on the test), so I might do well on this test." ...That was kinda just my opimistic mindset talking...

So, I go down to the floor with the other group members and I'm chillin'. We go to the van and I text and I'm good. Walk into the KCKCC building and walk through the hallways, literally getting STARED DOWN by the students sitting the hallways. Whatever. We get to the testing center, start up, and I guess I was ready! This one stupid chick, who, for some reason, always is on field trips with me, is talking NON-STOP. Damn, man! Eventually, it ceased, and I was taking this test. I felt real confident with all of my answers, blazing through this shit. In my mind, I was like, "I got this! I'm too real for this shit, my nigga" (I really said that last part, and, in fact, I say that during all my tests that I take)! At the end of the test, I see that I got a 96... A NINETY-SIX. FOUR POINTS FROM PASSING THIS DAMN THING! FUCK! Who cares, though.

And on top of everything else, I'm in desperate need of a fuckin' haircut.


I'm still here at the college, and I'm calm, but still. I hope things get better (even though it's not THAT bad). I'll just text Shi Reeves some more... Yeah. If you didn't know... I actually have her number and "we text occasionally". Dead ass, though. And that does, in fact, make me cooler than whoever is reading this. Hollah!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What buffoonery!

What the hell is this!?

So, I'm walking to my first block class, get in, take my seat, whatever. It's all good. My seat is placed so I can see people walk by the door. I'm reading my paper, everything is normal. I hear some obnoxious people out in the hallway... As I look up, I see one of the top 5 dusty ass niggaz in the school wearing [red] Hot Topic skinny jeans! Whatdafucknigga?!


To make a long story short...

Niggaz (Chris Rock's definition of "nigga") ruin EVERYTHING! My, God...

...There's nothing else I can really say about that! And this bama is not the only nigga that is fucking up skinny jeans for all the REAL fly-minded people. I promise, I'll go to the 514, slim straight jeans if you niggaz keep it up. *Sigh...*


I know that not everyone can afford to "get fresh" or "be fly" or whatnot... But c'mon, man. BE YOU. The main niggaz rockin' skinny jeans now are the same niggaz that talked shit on me wearing "those tight-ass jeans" either to my face or [most likely] behind my back! BE YOU! If you're a real gangsta (even though you're not), what would your superior say about you wearing skin tight jeans? BE YOU. And another thing, you can't change your [non-existent] style in one day... You're not fly if you come with a fresh outfit one day, then come back with ultra-baggy jeans and a 3XL tee (when, in actuality, you wear a large) the next day. That's not how it works. Damn, man, y'all fuckin' it up for everyone (like always!).

ANOTHER THING. I personally know the pressure that exists while being a fly person day-to-day. Seriously. There's lots of pressure that goes into being THAT [FLY] GUY, such as the constant need to go "all out" when you put your clothes on in the morning... Or people weirdly looking at you because you come to school quasi-fresh. This school year, I've decided to not give a fuck about it. I don't feel the need to get mega-fresh at school when I've done that for 3+ years. It doesn't mean anything... I have nothing to prove... In fact, I really had nothing to prove to begin with. The only exception to the fresh rule is at the mall, parties (never go to them), sporting events, concerts, etc. Essentially, I'll get fresh anywhere BUT school. LOL. Catch me at those times, you virtually have no chance of surpassing me in this fly shit, niggaz. But as for the skinny jean fiasco, I'm about to dress like Wale. Dead ass.

Thank you.

"I started this fly shit, and this is the muthafuckin' thanks I get!?"

D.Linquent mixtape news!

I thought of this great idea earlier tonight...
More details when I feel like going in depth...
(All information is as of THIS SECOND)


The Trifecta Series (VERY likely to change this title, though).

3 mixtapes (Volumes 1, 2, and 3).

All songs produced by Charles Hamilton (again, not personally).

13 songs on each mixtape.

[Hopeful] release date for Volume 1: January (near MLK Day)... Then the next in February ( near Valentine's Day, no homo), the next in March (near St. Patrick's Day).



No one's done anything like this in the area. All I need is the proper attention, and TAD-DOW!. I'm in there like a good weave. It's D.Linquent...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Don't we all love Labor Day? Most people (including myself) only love the day off... But as I look outside and see actual labor being done by various members of my family, it makes me think about all of the hard work that people put in to make society run smoothly. From the easy as fuck, high paying jobs, to the hard as hell, dirt paying jobs (teachers), I, D.Linquent/Darnell, love all of you! Chea!


On another note, I traded sneakers with my cousin. Um... I kinda regret it, but there's virtually no way I'm matching some all-red Dunks with anything EXCEPT that red flannel top. I got the Transformer Air Assault Lows (with a dent in the front of the left shoe). Who cares, I wouldn't consider that "losing" anything. Now, if I can only get the Playstation Blazers from him...

Oh, and it's my cousin's brother's (my cousin, as well) 19th birthday today! It sucks that I'm probably not going to be able to go to the surprise party... Well, I'd be awkwardly placed anyways, so... Yeah.


(To whom it may concern) Hey, you! Yes, you. I'm tired of "us" being like this. I HATE us. But I LOVE you. Does that even make logical sense to anyone other than myself? Heh. Thanks to all the turmoil created in my mind, it's rather difficult to record music. Thank you, much?

It's final...

After what just happened, I think I'm gonna just go all out on this upcoming mixtape...

I'm slowly [but surely] moving past the whole "I don't give a fuck about what people think or even if people like it" stage.

Just a forewarning:

This mixtape will [possibly] hurt some peoples' feelings and/or strain many relationships people have with me.

Particularly, the song to the "Brighter Days" instrumental.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lessons learned.

Today was a pretty good day for me (so far, it's only 5:30pm)... especially considering the wack ass night I had before.


About last night...

So, in a nutshell (pause), someone very close to me somewhat "ratted" on me. I [think that I] came to this individual very respectfully and calmly about it when we discussed the matter. Today, my plan was to completely ignore this individual and go on about my business. It worked for the first time I saw this person, but then came time where I had class with this person. It was okay, I guess... No eye contact or communication. But when I think about all of the shit that me and this person have went through, it's stupid for me to "not be cool" with this individual just because of the incident that happened (telling on me "kinda")... After all, some would say that this person did the right thing.

I don't know... D.Linquent is saying that family doesn't "turn their back" on each other like that, and Darnell is saying that I shouldn't have taken it this far. Either way, whatever. This person even came through on some money that we agreed on earlier this year. Ha. What perfect timing, huh?

I guess the first lesson I learned today was that you have to forgive your family members for things that they do... Especially since you just can't "eliminate" them from your family. I mean, sure... I wish this person would have reacted differently about the situation... But, at the end of the day, fuck it. I'm still alive. Things are relatively good. And I ended up resolving the situation on my own. Case closed. You have to forgive your family sooner or later... Luckily, in my case, it was very soon.


More stuff happened (unrelated, though).

I'm making this one very quick, though... Basically, there's this person at my school, and I've made some pretty snap and unjust assumptions/conclusions about that person. My nigga (pause) had prior engagements to fulfill, so I was out of a ride after school. I hate walking home, but whatever. I decided to walk to the local basketball court and chill until I felt like walking all the way home. There was discussion about rap music and basketball, which I was pretty vocal in, then people started to leave. I ended up walking with the aforementioned person (who lives near me) and having a good conversation and whatnot. I was somewhat disappointed in myself for making these assumptions, because I was just like this person during multiple periods in my life. Shame on me. I can only hope that people don't think the same about me when they see MEEEEEE... Whatever, though.

I learned the classic lesson in this case: "Never judge a book by it's cover."


Oh, and if anyone wants to call me a bitch or faggot or something just for posting this, or any of my blogs, for that matter (I don't even know why I'm addressing this, but whatever), then you can do one of two things: 1. Get the fuck of my blog; 2. Suck dick... Whichever one suits you best. You can't really hate on anything I do because it's real life stuff. So, whatever... It's my life, my blog.

^^^That whole thing was really wack to put on here, but yeah.

Outty 5000.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Why would you take my whole style of blogging?!
That kinda defeats the whole purpose of a blog in the first place, right?!

Ugh. Anyways...

I still haven't got fresh on these niggaz at school. They not even ready for that, my nigga! LOL!

I'm about to get on that homecoming royalty ballot. And I need to win that ish.