Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poem: Ettyalp by Darnell Leonard.

There's nothing more I can do
But I can't stop, no laptop to record this for you
Awake late, this ain't great, so I vacate
This great place, this may take longer than I hoped it would
But as long as we are going good
Us two will bridge the gap, honestly, you know we should
And this message, yes, it's corny as fuck
I'd like to say glorious stuff, but surely enough
I'm the same, I can't change, am I annoying, or what?
I'm childish, doing wild ish, ignoring too much
The explanation for that is, I'm greatly attracted
To your donk, it's so great when I smack it
For real, though, I'd like to think it's make believe
You couldn't stay with me, I'm thinkin' that you hated "we"
"We" as in me and you, you and I, basically
Erasing me from your life, right when I came to see
That we were really slippin' fast, fallin' majorly
I'd hate to see you leave and run away from me
But, you say I ruined my chances
I laugh it off, don't act appalled, my mind's really movin' in panic
I'm losin' it, dammit, I can't keep my mind steady
Can't sleep alright in recent nights, school, eyes heavy
I'm ready, but not to say goodbye
I stay and try to make it work as the days go by

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hold the phone!!!

AYO! I was looking at the picture of Shi Reeves that I posted on an earlier blog, and she's wearing A RING ON HER LEFT RING FINGER!

So it's like that, Shi?

I win.

(The thoughts of dozens of people after they discovered that I "rapped")

"This nigga? Tryna rap? ...HAHAHAHAHA! [He's not gonna make it ANYWHERE.] I mean, look at him... Glasses, tight pants, young ass shirt. He can't be serious."

(The following may offend some (most) people, but if it offends you, I probably don't like you anyways.)

So, what the fuck else do I have to do? By simply releasing (seriously, just by releasing) my first mixtape "The Previews," I exceeded all expectations. And, if people actually listen to that mixtape and "Weirdo," I'll exceed the expectations that I previously exceeded. Dead ass. I fucking released two mixtapes with a total of 51 tracks in a 6-month period. Sure, people have done more, but I'm a student, and people didn't (or don't) even see me as a rapper. Fuck them.

Personally, I think I have enough skill, talent, and creativity to be nationally known. Lyrically, there's NO QUESTION that I'm one of the best in this metropolitan area (FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD). I just need that one chance... That one shot to prove myself to everyone.

I mean, the masses don't really know me (yet), but look at all that's happened to me in the past year...


-Exactly one year ago, I was a hobby rapper. Nothing more, nothing less. I had great lyrics, but lacked delivery and a personal style. That was essentially all that was missing. Still, I rapped solely as a hobby.

-Then, AJay contacted me, and we discussed how our partnership was going to work... And the rest is history. We had one recording session... I kept recording this same fucking verse OVER and OVER and OVER again until "I got it right." That's when my delivery became substantially better.

-After a series of unfortunate circumstances occurred (being sick for so long, among other things), we dropped "The Previews" mixtape. I gave it to everyone who was anyone at the school.

-Time passed... I kept fucking getting sick, having strep throat three times in 6 months, and I STILL dropped another mixtape before the end of the school year. AND that shit is HOSTED by a DJ. People give me beats and work with me because they like my music, my lyrics... I don't try to be something I'm not.


I don't care, people can say I have a growing ego, but I don't care. I don't care if another rapper has put in more work than me, been shot a couple of times, been to jail, and claims a street as a gang. This rapper is more than likely not as good as me. As stated above, I don't pretend... I'VE NEVER LIED ON ANY OF MY TRACKS. EVER. It seems that staying truthful is hard, because I seem like the only one with the sack to be real publicly.

I didn't even ask for any of this... It just happened to me. I didn't even want AJay to be my manager at first. I didn't want anyone at my school to know I made music because I was scared of what they would say.

And, to the genuine, authentic haters? It's odd how you people are the ONLY ones who say I can't rap... I completely understand if you say you don't like the music, but it's fuckin' absurd to say that I "can't rap." Some of you haters were cool with me at first, then we had a falling out, then, all of a sudden, I "can't rap..." Or, your very popular friend likes my music, so that's why you like my music. That's stupid. And all of that's not to say that I'm just the God of Rap... I know what's what, who's where (status-wise), and how things are in this city (as far as rap is concerned). I know who not to cross (there's only a couple of them in this area code, though).

I don't even know why I'm addressing this bullshit.


So, in this rap journey that all of us are participating in...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


To expand on the end of the last post...

(I know you're reading this, too)

You're OD-ing on the stalking. It's not attractive. AT ALL. You're like Geico Kash looking at me all the time (and that sucks, because I love Geico). Notes and statuses about me on FaceBook, blogs about me on MySpace... QUIT! It's actually NOT flattering... It's more disturbing than anything.



You haven't even been around me for that long! And for the 3 month period that we WERE close (if you can even call it that)... What did you learn about me? That I like sex? That I'm half Filipino? That I have an ass fetish? I never opened up to you in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Stop acting like you know everything about me. You don't even know yourself, since you don't have a defined style or speech patterns. You don't know me. I'm more myself than I was when I was in fucking 8th grade. Lots has happened. And you weren't around to see any of it. So cut it the fuck out.

My only fear now is that you'll attempt to extort money from me when I make this rap shit.


Weirdo: The Mixtape

Hello... BlogSpot people.

Me and my team put in more work than fuckin' anyone around here. Especially considering our ages. That being said, "Weirdo: The Mixtape" is here! As of this second, you can only get it from me, Jay Wun, or DJ Sapo for $5. Niggaz actin' like they don't got it, though. And people wonder why I rarely rep KC and rep VA/DC...


Here's the cover though... "Fat shouts" to DJ Sapo of the Incredible Mixtape DJ's. Whaddurp!


OH! And, by the way, to that special someone who reads this blog and constantly posts FaceBook statuses about it... STOP. It's not making me "want you" in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Cut it out.

I'm out like "This Perfect Life" on June 23rd.

Double-U Tee Eff.

I wonder who flagged my blog as having "objectionable content."
I mean, it's not like I ACTUTALLY POSTED pornography on my blog...
Hmmm... Wonder who it is? Mom? Aubrie (probably)? It's basically between those two.

Oh, and I've never been broken up with on a blog before. HAHAHAHAHA!

I'm out like... can't think of anything.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi, mom!

I just received word that my mother reads my blog (she told me herself).
Well, I'm just saying... I'm still putting whatever I feel on the blog... Even if you (Mom) may think that the subject matter is inappropriate.

Love yah, Nang!


Addicted? (And rants on a kinda ex-girlfriend)

I'm real. No, not "Plies" real... ACTUAL real. Being that I'm so real, I'd like to share with the readers of this blog a lil something about me.

I, D.Linquent, am possibly (more like definitely) addicted to porn.

Yes, yes... I constantly visit those sites where they give you the links to sites with 15-20 second preview videos. Every day. I tried to stop. But... I can't. It's damn near impossible.

(The following is completely relevant to the topic)

While I was looking at FaceBook statues, I noticed a certain friend who happens to kinda be my ex-girlfriend that's in college far from here... I went to her page to see who has been writing her... You know, the usual stalking that everyone does... Then I looked at her pictures. And her pictures were sexy. That started to give me the urge to... You know. So I did. I went to my beloved websites ( and and did my (ahem) thing for about 30-40 minutes. The list of porn starlets that I watched were as follows:

Candice Nicole
Lisa Ann
Sienna West
Beauty Dior
Ice LaFox
Luscious Louis

and of course...

Shi Reeves.

I love her. So much. That's why I wrote a song about her on my mixtape. But, sorry, Shi... Ice LaFox may replace you since you quit doing porn...


Maybe I like Shi Reeves so much because she resembles (or reminds me of) that aformentioned kinda ex-girlfriend. She also resembles (and reminds me of) my current girlfriend. IN FACT, each of the porn starlets listed above remind me of someone I know/knew that I wanted to fuck. Sorry, it's the truth (remember, I'm REEEEAAAAL).

Really, though...

If that kinda ex-girlfriend who is in college now would give me 10 minutes of her time, I would probably only need 3 (LMFAO). TALK TO ME, DAMMIT! Message me!!! Let me know that you still know I exist! I'm a rapper! I'm 'bout to make something out of my life! AAAGHH! I won't message you because I don't want to piss you off or receive one or two word answers from you. By the way, your last boyfriend was not as fly, attractive (no homo), or creative as me... Overall, he wasn't on my caliber. Who gives a fuck, I know you fucked my mentor (the guy who started me off in the rap game) anyways. Jump-off... You're lucky I didn't put that one song on the Weirdo mixtape. I still love you, though! Hahahaha!

Now, if I can only find a porn starlet that reminds me of my most RECENT ex-girlfriend...


I'm out like school after Thursday.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ugh, man.

My whole situation is fucked. Up, that is.

(In no particular order)

1. I'm almost certain that I'm having a bacterial relapse... So I may have strep throat AGAIN.
2. ^^^That pisses me off so much that it takes up one more slot.
3. That whole "her" and "him" situation is getting to me. I don't know what to do. (Just for the record, I honestly don't give a fuck if I'm a hater or jealous. It doesn't bother me AT ALL.)
4. ^^^ Again, it takes up two slots.
5. I STILL DON'T HAVE A FREAKING CELL PHONE. Something tells me that #3 wouldn't be as serious as it is if I still had a cellular device (WITH texting, nigga).

That's all I can think of at the moment. Or, that's the MAJOR issues with me at the moment.


Since I'm on my new, POSITIVE ish, I'll make a top 3 "good things" list...

1. I'm alive.
2. I could've died when those two niggaz tried to rob me last July 4th.
3. I can still rap better than [probably] every unsigned person you know (FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD).

Pretty cynical, huh? I know.

But, as I look on the bright side, I see all of the academic achievements I achieved from the preceding school year... The internship I could possibly get... AND the mixtape that I just completed is getting mostly (damn near all) positive feedback. Bitches. LMFAO @ that bitch ass nigga that said, "rappin is not yo game. you need a fuckin life man" Hahahahaha! Suck dick.

I'm 'bout to make cheese fries (even though I'm not hungry... at all... whatsoever).

Deuces like what people in pick up basketball call out when they score the tying bucket 14-14.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hi, haters. I'm back from hiatus.

Blogging kinda got boring (which explains my absense from Blogger).
But, then again, I've been busy.

I'm in the damn library... Doing composition work that should've been completed over 3 or 4 weeks ago. Talk about procrastination. Blame it on the recording of MY SECOND MIXTAPE CALLED WEIRDO THAT'LL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE TOMORROW BY ME, JAY WUN, AND SOME OTHER PEOPLE, nigga! I'll post a blog about my feelings of the mixtape when I come BACK to the library during fourth block.

Moving on...

School = Over in like 2 more school days. And I'm not particuarly happy about that. I'm applying for a summer program at this [extremely] small college down the street from my school... It pays. Money = Happiness (fuck what you heard). So, basically, if I don't get accepted, not only will I be broke when I go to Miami, I'll have nothing to do. That'll probably be the time when I [attempt to] get buff (LMAO @ the thought of me being Flo Rida buff).

Random Thoughts:
-Charles Hamilton = The best rapper alive... Certainly the best rapper you don't know yet.
-I still feel sick. I'm literally gonna do something crazy if I don't get 100% better SOON. This is bullshit.
-I [still] need money. I always need money. Ugh...
-Word to Pops... "TURN MY PHONE BACK ON. IT'S NOT A REQUEST, DOGGIE." It's bad enough that I have a muthafluckin' RAZR! Ugh!!!
-Thank you to the followers of this blog.
-My cousin (I don't care if he's reading this or not) needs to stop acting like he's too good to speak to me (no homo).
-The mixtape will be epic. Well, if you actually fuckin' listen to it...

That's all for now.
I've never seen this chick that just walked in. I would hit that from the side.

I'm out like school in a few days.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nick Cannon vs. Eminem?

HAHAHA! For those of you that haven't heard about the situation, the title must have been HILARIOUS!


I can't really describe it, but I've been looking into the situation, and this was the funniest out of all of the articles I read.

LMMFAO @ Nick Cannon (yes, Nickelodeon's own) for:

1) claiming that he will "end 'Slim Lamey's' Career"
2) pulling out the race card
3) admitting that he's wack, but still trying to retaliate
4) him talking internet smack in defense of his girlfriend that probably (definitely) can do better than him (extremely, coincidently similar to someone I know)

"Nick Cannon? Fuck Nick Cannon... Dave Chappelle!" LMAO!

"Ain't no party like a Nick Cannon party... N-N-N-N-Nick Cannon, Nick Cannon" LMAO!

"They're tryna take my comedy championship belt..." LMAO!

[At him having MARIAH tattooed on his back after having divorced a previous wife before] LMAO!

Don't do it, Em!
ACTUALLY, that would be highly entertaining if you did...

I'm done like Nick Cannon (in general).

Tired as... something or someone who is really tired.

After posting that previous "Crack!" blog, I basically never went to sleep.
I probably fell asleep at like 5:30am. At least I had an outfit picked out already... Deathnote tee with these FUGLY Greedy Genius chukka lookin' sneakers.Still, I woke up at like 7:20... Luckily, I washed clothes yesterday, otherwise I would've been screwed. Instead of working on my CD, I did [almost] all of my playwriting work that I was missing. I didn't even feel like rapping...

Anyways, that's all I can think of. I hope I can pass this fluckin' Composition class. I need to. I'll have sex with the teacher if I have to... (No.)

Look what my middle finger infection did to my nail! >>>

I'm out like if you get two technical fouls in the NBA.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crack! (Beverage edition)

Hello, World [or the 5-10 people that currently read this blog]!

I can tell that I'm becoming a better blogger (lol) because I have these blog "segments." Similar to a talk show [such as the wack-ass Jimmy Fallon show], I have certain types blogs that I do periodically. Regular readers of the blog would know that, currently, I have 2: The "Random Thoughts of the Day" and the "Top [#] Things." Well, here, at 1:15am, I am adding a new one. It's called "Crack! (____ Edition)"


When I woke up this afternoon at like 12:30, I walked into the kitchen like I usually do. My step-father cooked beer-bratwursts (that I was extremely skeptical of eating) and chicken wings and all kinds of other animals that I enjoy eating (pause...). I needed something to wash it down with (I hate when people use that phrase, though), so I got a bottled water. Then I see this big, yellow container:I poured my Ozarka water into my favorite glass (an NCAA cup, LOL) and put about three teaspoons of this tea mix in there.


My mother purchased this twice previously, and it was good then... But, either I had forgotten just how good it was, or the Lipton people actually put crack in the mix. One of the two.

I literally (LITERALLY) couldn't stop drinking it. I probably had 15-20 glasses of it. And every time, I just drank all of it without taking a breath [similar to the way I drink CapriSun pouches]. It's like sex for your taste buds. It's that good.

And for this reason, I give it the Crack! award for beverages.

Thank you, Lipton employees... And whoever invented tea!

I'm out like I kicked a kickball and someone in the outfield got the ball and threw it at me.

*Not really the BEST drink... Hawaiian Punch, Sunny Delight, Tropical Punch Kool-Aid, any kind of Juicy Juice, and Minute Maid Cherry Limeade are also in this discussion.

Friday, May 8, 2009


After watching Seven Pounds when I was severely ill last week, I attempted to change my ways and be nicer to people... Unfortunately, some people [of a certain race] you just can't be nice to. It's impossible.

I'm just gonna let people find out drastic information on their own. I'm officially done with it.

Oh, and if [she] gets mad at me for this... All I can say is, "HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT WHEN YOU TOLD ON ME OVER SOME BULLSHIT?" Exactly, it's NOT.

All I have to say about this whole situation is...



I "accidentally" spilled the whooooole thing.
I refuse to let my cousin get played like a sucka by this chick. And, no homo, my cousin, he's good to his ladies (pause).
I mean, I may have gotten frustrated at times and whatnot, but that's in the past. Hopefully he can respect that I have his back on this kind of thing. AND, the niggaz she are fuckin' around with are uber-suckaz. D to tha L don't play that.

Oh, and yesterday, I played basketball with my niggaz Dirky, J-Wade, and my cuz of course. My body hurts. And I forgot to take one dose of my antibiotics. If I have a bacterial relapse, I may just have to commit suicide. I'm tired of being sick.

Anywho, I'm definitely going to have a busy weekend. I have to record 20 songs and do probably 12-15 assignments. Based off of past experiences, I'm most likely not getting to the 12-15 assignments. Whaaaaaatever.

I'm thinking about my dearest Shi Reeves look-a-like... LMAO! I'm not perverted. Haha.

I'm going going gone like a home run.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I neeeeeeed this...

In case you haven't known already, I currently have a RAZR cell phone. As if that's not bad enough, I don't have unlimited texting. And if THAT'S not bad enough, my service is suspended due to my extremely costly bill. The phone is so old (the first kind of RAZR released), that it still says "Cingular" on the back. Ugh.

I want a new, "fly" phone. One that I won't be embarrassed to pull out and text on...

Such as this:
If I get this, then I'll say "fuck the Dr. Dre Headphones."


Well, um... Lately I've been... Busy.
And I will most likely continue to be busy until the end of the school year in late May.
So, um, expect many slight hiatuses on the Deeeeeeeeee to the Elllllllllllllla blog.

And, in response to all the pointless hating - pause - What I mean by this is when people study you and attempt to diss you. Mind you, people only do this when they're around other people - All I have to say to that is:

(Geico) But I do have good news.

Mixtape coming next week (bitches).

I think it's safe to say that [if people would actually pay attention to it] I will be legendary before I die.

I'm out like Shutter Shades.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's official.

I'm officially right about EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! Pissed is an understatement.
If these fuckin' people would listen to me from the start, then they wouldn't have these issues or look idiotic, dimwitted, etc.
And then these people act as if it just happens this way... I predicted it! I'm not exactly what you would call "psychic," but I have enough common sense to predict the [extremely obvious] near future.

I know it's almost 12:00am, but I just noticed how the previous school day put everything in perspective for me. I've always been somewhat of a loner, and now I guess I see it now more than ever. Perhaps it's because these people hate to see someone (me) right? And because I'm different? And I've always been overshadowed by others in some way, even though I was the innovator. AND... just because I'm not saying nigger (pardon me) type shit such as "point" and "cuzz," doesn't make me less of a human. In fact, it makes me MORE of a human.

A couple of songs on my mixtape will highlight some of these issues I have with these things I deal with in my life. No questions asked.

Thought Process...
They Say...

There's a few more, but they focus on other issues such as me hating certain situations I'm in, people starting ish, and (my favorite topic) people hating on me. This mixtape is doing a lot for me therapeutically.

Good night (but not really).

I have...

...a headache. And I've been having headaches every day since I've been on that ginormous pill.

Anyways... Yeah.

On another note, one of my three wishes would be to have Charles Hamilton production on my first album.

Random thoughts (Cinco de Mayo edition)

Here goes.

-I will literally quit life if I catch swine flu (since there was a case reported in Wyandotte county, AKA where I live)... I just recovered from a (several) severe illness.
-Shi Reeves = Still my favorite adult film star (Melrose Foxxx is somewhere in the top 10... And Caramel, but she's in her 30s... AND Lexi Cruz. Too bad all of them don't have that many videos out...)
-I wonder where using the word "point" as a term of disbelief originated.
-I don't want to be her friend anymore because I'm not getting my way (who cares if it's childish)
-If my mixtape doesn't have at least 20 songs on it, it will be deemed "half-assed" in my eyes.
-She had the nerve to tell me that "I could've wore some different jeans." Do you know who I am?
-I got that ^^^ from my favorite blogger/musician.
-How can I prevent the fam from getting played like a SUCKA?! No homo, I don't want to see him get hurt... I only want the best for him. Pause.
-One clever rap line I've heard was, "Life is a bitch, and here comes a line about findin' out that life is the wife of a snitch. Snitches get stiches? Cool! I'll be a snitch, 'cause apparently snitches get bitches."
-My mom tends to talk out of her rectum when she just wakes up. I gave her the craziest look this morning after she told me to "hurry up." Whaaaatever.
-There's a 40% chance I'll play basketball for the school next year.
-19+ year olds should NOT go to the Boy's and Girl's Club [unless you're an employee]... It's not the "Men and Women's Club."
-"All they do is envy and plot up on my LOOOOOIIIINNNNSSS. I'll give you OPTions, baby, flip a COOOOIIIIINNNNN."
-I wonder if I should leak some more songs. Haha, I said "leak" like I'm a big time artist and people actually give a fuck about it... Haha... Pretty soon, though, bitch.
-Speaking of bitches, I had a dream about her again.
-Two girls in my small learning community have these neon yellow shirts... Shit's bright, man.
-If I don't get my phone service turned back on by this weekend...


5/5 (Cinco de Mayo!)

I couldn't think of anything to put as the title, so why not put the date? Cinco de Mayo!
Ummm, other than me being mega behind in this composition class, there's not really anything going on. I'm wearing Chuck's and an LRG track top because I saw this picture on Ben Baller's blog... No homo for trying to copy...

Couldn't really pull this off today, though... I have this rule about being sub-fly when my haircut isn't crispy. Ha.
Oh, and I have to freakin' rush my mixtape due to circumstances beyond my control. The new completion date is Sunday, May 11th. Ugh. I was up until like 3am writing music. At least I completed 1 1/2 songs... At this rate, I should be able to have [greater than or equal to] 20 tracks for the still-untitled mixtape. Chea!
That's really it... Oh, and Aubrie comes back today. Yeeeah.

I'm out like Phat Farm, Fubu, etc.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm okay!

No, I'm not dead (despite what you bitch-ass niggaz, ugly jump-off bitches, and wack "competition" rappers may have hoped)!

So, a lot has happened since the last blog.
I'm in class, so, in a nutshell, here's what happened:

My phone service was suspended due to my (supposedly) $1,000 bill.

On Thursday, I was prescribed a huge pill in replacement of my OTHER pill (this pill is BIGGER than the other one). Picture below.

I made the official track listing for the now-untitled mixtape that comes out in two weeks. 27 songs. I'm only done with 11 of them. And, I'm officially better than ever.

That's all I can think of.

The weekend in pictures.

This last one is technically not the weekend... It's what I have on today. I didn't want to iron the graphic, so it's fuckin' wrinkled in the middle. LOL.

I'm out like field. (Get it?!)