Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poem: Ettyalp by Darnell Leonard.

There's nothing more I can do
But I can't stop, no laptop to record this for you
Awake late, this ain't great, so I vacate
This great place, this may take longer than I hoped it would
But as long as we are going good
Us two will bridge the gap, honestly, you know we should
And this message, yes, it's corny as fuck
I'd like to say glorious stuff, but surely enough
I'm the same, I can't change, am I annoying, or what?
I'm childish, doing wild ish, ignoring too much
The explanation for that is, I'm greatly attracted
To your donk, it's so great when I smack it
For real, though, I'd like to think it's make believe
You couldn't stay with me, I'm thinkin' that you hated "we"
"We" as in me and you, you and I, basically
Erasing me from your life, right when I came to see
That we were really slippin' fast, fallin' majorly
I'd hate to see you leave and run away from me
But, you say I ruined my chances
I laugh it off, don't act appalled, my mind's really movin' in panic
I'm losin' it, dammit, I can't keep my mind steady
Can't sleep alright in recent nights, school, eyes heavy
I'm ready, but not to say goodbye
I stay and try to make it work as the days go by

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