Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crack! (Beverage edition)

Hello, World [or the 5-10 people that currently read this blog]!

I can tell that I'm becoming a better blogger (lol) because I have these blog "segments." Similar to a talk show [such as the wack-ass Jimmy Fallon show], I have certain types blogs that I do periodically. Regular readers of the blog would know that, currently, I have 2: The "Random Thoughts of the Day" and the "Top [#] Things." Well, here, at 1:15am, I am adding a new one. It's called "Crack! (____ Edition)"


When I woke up this afternoon at like 12:30, I walked into the kitchen like I usually do. My step-father cooked beer-bratwursts (that I was extremely skeptical of eating) and chicken wings and all kinds of other animals that I enjoy eating (pause...). I needed something to wash it down with (I hate when people use that phrase, though), so I got a bottled water. Then I see this big, yellow container:I poured my Ozarka water into my favorite glass (an NCAA cup, LOL) and put about three teaspoons of this tea mix in there.


My mother purchased this twice previously, and it was good then... But, either I had forgotten just how good it was, or the Lipton people actually put crack in the mix. One of the two.

I literally (LITERALLY) couldn't stop drinking it. I probably had 15-20 glasses of it. And every time, I just drank all of it without taking a breath [similar to the way I drink CapriSun pouches]. It's like sex for your taste buds. It's that good.

And for this reason, I give it the Crack! award for beverages.

Thank you, Lipton employees... And whoever invented tea!

I'm out like I kicked a kickball and someone in the outfield got the ball and threw it at me.

*Not really the BEST drink... Hawaiian Punch, Sunny Delight, Tropical Punch Kool-Aid, any kind of Juicy Juice, and Minute Maid Cherry Limeade are also in this discussion.

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