Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I win.

(The thoughts of dozens of people after they discovered that I "rapped")

"This nigga? Tryna rap? ...HAHAHAHAHA! [He's not gonna make it ANYWHERE.] I mean, look at him... Glasses, tight pants, young ass shirt. He can't be serious."

(The following may offend some (most) people, but if it offends you, I probably don't like you anyways.)

So, what the fuck else do I have to do? By simply releasing (seriously, just by releasing) my first mixtape "The Previews," I exceeded all expectations. And, if people actually listen to that mixtape and "Weirdo," I'll exceed the expectations that I previously exceeded. Dead ass. I fucking released two mixtapes with a total of 51 tracks in a 6-month period. Sure, people have done more, but I'm a student, and people didn't (or don't) even see me as a rapper. Fuck them.

Personally, I think I have enough skill, talent, and creativity to be nationally known. Lyrically, there's NO QUESTION that I'm one of the best in this metropolitan area (FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD). I just need that one chance... That one shot to prove myself to everyone.

I mean, the masses don't really know me (yet), but look at all that's happened to me in the past year...


-Exactly one year ago, I was a hobby rapper. Nothing more, nothing less. I had great lyrics, but lacked delivery and a personal style. That was essentially all that was missing. Still, I rapped solely as a hobby.

-Then, AJay contacted me, and we discussed how our partnership was going to work... And the rest is history. We had one recording session... I kept recording this same fucking verse OVER and OVER and OVER again until "I got it right." That's when my delivery became substantially better.

-After a series of unfortunate circumstances occurred (being sick for so long, among other things), we dropped "The Previews" mixtape. I gave it to everyone who was anyone at the school.

-Time passed... I kept fucking getting sick, having strep throat three times in 6 months, and I STILL dropped another mixtape before the end of the school year. AND that shit is HOSTED by a DJ. People give me beats and work with me because they like my music, my lyrics... I don't try to be something I'm not.


I don't care, people can say I have a growing ego, but I don't care. I don't care if another rapper has put in more work than me, been shot a couple of times, been to jail, and claims a street as a gang. This rapper is more than likely not as good as me. As stated above, I don't pretend... I'VE NEVER LIED ON ANY OF MY TRACKS. EVER. It seems that staying truthful is hard, because I seem like the only one with the sack to be real publicly.

I didn't even ask for any of this... It just happened to me. I didn't even want AJay to be my manager at first. I didn't want anyone at my school to know I made music because I was scared of what they would say.

And, to the genuine, authentic haters? It's odd how you people are the ONLY ones who say I can't rap... I completely understand if you say you don't like the music, but it's fuckin' absurd to say that I "can't rap." Some of you haters were cool with me at first, then we had a falling out, then, all of a sudden, I "can't rap..." Or, your very popular friend likes my music, so that's why you like my music. That's stupid. And all of that's not to say that I'm just the God of Rap... I know what's what, who's where (status-wise), and how things are in this city (as far as rap is concerned). I know who not to cross (there's only a couple of them in this area code, though).

I don't even know why I'm addressing this bullshit.


So, in this rap journey that all of us are participating in...


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