Monday, March 29, 2010

San. Tana. AYE!

Fly as shit, no homo.

I MUST pay homage to Juelz Santana...

I'd say that he is where most of my rap style came from, especially in my early days... He was the foundation, actually. I really appreciated his usage of homophones and overall multi-syllable rhymes. THE "BACK LIKE COOKED CRACK" SERIES WAS... well, CRACK! Also, I really loved his clothes style (ULTRA-PAUSE) and he was my influence during a majority of my 10th grade year. Let me break it down as follows:


Percentage of my rap style in (late 2006- early 2009):

45% Juelz Santana - If you've ever listened to Santana and listened to my earlier stuff (Comedy Central Freestyle), you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You know how him and Cam'ron would rhyme things with the same things? Yeah. Though Santana's stuff has been commercial lately, I can't bite the hand that made me.

40% Fabolous - My voice was very monotone, and I used the multi-syllable rhyming patterns similar to Loso's. The "Loso's Way: Rise to Power" mixtape was something SERIOUS.

10% Lupe Fiasco - The part of me that rapped "real shit" was my inner-Lupe. Food & Liquor was probably the inspiration for me dropping the "gangsta lyrics."

5% Clipse (Malice) - I really enjoyed how Malice used his phrases... Who says things like "That's exactly why the caged bird sings" and "It shames me to no end?" Fuckin' MALICE, nigga. ILL.


There's only a select few rappers and select a few beats that have made me do my signature "OOOoOOOOhh SHIT!" thing... Santana's lyrics have had several "OOOOoooOOoOhhh SHIT!" moments...


Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm writing to this "Warning" beat by Eminem... If anyone heard this song, it's gonna be social suicide for me. Oh, well. I still win in the end.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Women lie...

Men lie.

Who would think that a song that by fuckin' Yo Gotti and Little Dwayne would have such a powerful title...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow. I'm overwhelmed. No, not because a bitch did some shit or an ill song I heard... It's because my mother told me she was proud of me. Pinch me, I'm dreaming.

Hip-hop morning.

Nasir Jones. ILL!
Prodigy from the infamous Mobb Deep. ILL!
Rappers from Queensbridge in general (minus Ron Artest). ILL!

Don't disrespect New York... EVER. From the BK to the BX to Harlem to the 'Bridge to South Shore to Queens. New York IS hip-hop. Niggaz still ain't caught up. Especially not those wack ass niggaz in the south... SMH.

I must admit, I thought Prodigy sucked because the only time I heard him rap was in a freestyle on Rap City a few years back (he was actually freestyling so it sucked). Free Prodigy, dun.

And fuckin' Slaughterhouse (the rap group) is something SERIOUS. Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, and Royce Da 5'9" in the same group, collectively? WOW. Fuck what you heard about Joe Budden, he's the truth.

ANNNNND... I can't believe I am a hip-hopper and I am JUST NOW listening to that "God's Son" album. Wow.

Too bad Nas a part of that Illuminati, industry bullshit. Damn Jay-Z...

Monday, March 22, 2010

So, um. Blogging from my phone just isn't like using Twitter or updating my FaceBook status... Whatever. On a sidenote, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor is the best album thus far. Bye.

Random Top Fives for 3/22/10.

I'm personally on an academic strike since I'm fresh from earning a scholarship. On a similar rant, I would have an extra $1,000 if I wasn't SCREWED OVER for my Homecoming King crown. I guess they must help who needs it the most or something. (OOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!)

Here we go! Pardon me for the lack of description, but since I'm a genius, I don't have to explain myself to anyone.


Top 5 Record Labels I would sign to (if given the opportunity):

1. 1st and 15th
2. Aftermath/Shady
3. Star Trak
4. GOOD Music
5. Rawkus Records


Top 5 items I'm copping in the foreseeable future:

1. Nixon Black Rubber Player Watch
2. Supra Skytop II (black/white/red)
3. Another Ralph Lauren Polo
4. A new game for XBOX360... (Modern Warfare 2 is getting fuckin' old)
5. I [heart] VA shirt


Top 5 things I sing while doing random stuff:

1. "Weeee coulda woooorked it oooouuut. But I guess things change."
2. JaSUN DeRuuuUUUUuuulooo
3. "Don't when I dive, I dive deeeeeeeeeeep?"
4. "The motivation for me is them tellin' me what I could not be... Oh, well.
5. "I'm comin' back, I'm comin' baaacccck..."


Top 5 celebrities I would wife (Shi Reeves doesn't count because I been there, done that):

1. Rosario Dawson
2. Bria Myles
3. Keke Palmer
4. Teyana Taylor (only because she's fly as shit)
5. Vashtie


Top 5 reasons why I'm a genius:

1. My complex thinking hasn't been used by anyone else (thus far)
2. I isolated myself as a preteen and early teen, thus giving me time to get smart over the internet, TV, books (yes, books), and other ways.
3. I can still admit that I'm wrong, but still look smart doing THAT.
4. I've obliterated EVERYONE who tried to pick an argument with me.
5. I just can't be wrong. It's impossible. "The only time I was wrong was when I thought I was wrong" (never)


3rd block time. Time to discuss music with my future A&R... My nigga Kenneth!

Peace, thun.

Dam Funk - Mirrors.

This is fuckin' ill.

I heard this song while I was blackin', spending hundreds of dollars at Urban Outfitters a few weeks back.

"Look inside your soooouuuulllll..."

And on a similar note, I'm a muthafuckin' lyrical wordsmith muthafuckin' genius!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

100th post!(?)

Go me! 100 posts of quality, intelligent venting (and other shit)!


To celebrate, all I have to say is this:


Shouts to the E Twins, Aubz, Elijah, Esa Traviesa, Spree, Shenna, Kay (lmfao), Lou Five, and everyone else who reads this.

(Terminator) I'll be back.

edit: Apparently the dashboard is fucked up... is this REALLY my hundredth post? Or perhaps my 99th post? Or, as the dashboard says, my 105th post? Whatever, I'm still leaving. Bye, bitches.

Oh my Christ the King...


Please, stop. I'm begging you. It's NOT flattering in any way, shape, form, or fashion. You imitate my speech, my blog URL, the actual CONTENT of my blog, and countless other things. There's honestly far too many things to count. You're a habitual BITER. QUIT.

Disclaimer: If I actually give a damn about you, I don't care if you take my phrases and parts of my personality rub off on you (ultra pause). In fact, I totally welcome it.


And don't think too highly of yourself, either, just because this is the second time I've written about your stalker-ish ways... because you're NOT important to my life AT ALL, despite what you may think. You're a non-factor. Fuck what you thought... None of the important decisions in my life are in any way affected by YOU. Stop it. Or as you would say (one of the phrases that you totally BIT from me, as well as many other phrases) "CUT IT THE FUCK OUT." Even YOU know you're nothing but a fucking biter, too... Remember that time I confronted you for straight COPYING [someone who shall remain nameless's] MySpace information? CASE IN POINT.

I regret even posting this and wasting bandwidth and time. But, since you're a fucking stalker, I figure you'll read this... Because I sure as fuck aren't contacting you personally.

Another thing, stop acting like an intellectual and an outcast/rebel/white girl, because God knows you're FAR from such.

This post is not even considered an actual vent, because this shit is outrageous. Go ahead, respond... I promise on my LIFE that I don't give a fuck. I won't even bother looking at the absurdity that is your would-be response, especially since your rebuttal means less than a used toothpick to me. In fact, I didn't even try to look at your stalkerisms before, I just so happened to not block you on MySpace (yet) and saw your status. In a nutshell, STOP FOLLOWING MY LIFE. I know it's a free Internet and all, but, STOP. Fill out college applications, study, do something productive with your life instead of e-stalking me.

That's all I'm saying about this individual whom I don't give a fuck about. As far as I'm concerned, this was a waste of my time, but a relieving one. I've blocked off all communication, so there's no way I can SEE any of this malarkey ANYMORE. And if YOU personally contact me, you tried REALLY hard to do such (thus proving that your life centers around looking into my life). I'm done. STOP, QUIT, CEASE. ENDED.

And TRY to blackmail me. It's not going to work in your favor, trust me.

Since we're from the hood, I'll suitably end it with this...

"L.I.G. it, man... Let it go... LET IT GO."

Monday, March 15, 2010

New mixtape details.

Before I go on... I ask you to PLEASE disregard all of the nonsense I have blogged about in previous posts. That was foolish, and, truthfully, I only went that deep into it on this blog because I didn't feel like rapping [or singing ;)] about it.

And, I seriously think it's time for a tonsillectomy. This is fucking outrageous, man.

At any rate...


I promise, this isn't like the (now defunct idea) "Trifecta" series, which is probably never coming out. I just condensed some of these songs into this mixtape.

This mixtape will contain NO "street" songs... In other words, nothing on this mixtape will appeal to the gangstaz or the hustlaz, unless, of course, they've experienced some of the things I've experienced. Okay, MAYBE ONE "street" joint. I'm ill.

The title is simple: 808s and Heartbreak, except MY version (and little original production... WHAT UP, FINO!) I record on my laptop (MacBooks) and I regularly experience emotions that will lead some people to believe that I suffer from bipolar disorder (the other name for it is (Manic Depression). There you have it.

It will feature significantly less content (around 10-15 songs) than my previous two mixtapes... I still got it, though. You know how I does it, dunnie.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Good thing I never got around to recording this (See "Whew!!!" in the August posts). Oh, and I "poor-man's patent" all of the shit I write. AND I wrote this in mid-August... Yeah. And of course it would sound better (and probably make more sense) if I was performing this myself. I'm pathetic, (but I'm still that nigga, flyer than everyone, etc.) because this reminds me of when I'd call Breanna and leave her voicemails of me rapping verses. WACK.


We're never gettin' along, so isn't it wrong
That I think of you when I get my intimate on?
Then I listen to songs
You made me angry, so lately, I vent on my blog
Still callin' me a "playah," well, hate the game
I hate to say our relationship ain't the same
I take the pain that I feel when people say your name
But it's so fuckin' hard tryna make a change
Just knowing I could never be with you
It seems that it never would get through your mind when I said that I missed you
Jealousy issues
At first, but later, I'd be ready to kiss you
I see you with that nigga, I'm especially pissed, too
That's you main, I guess I'm second, and it's cool
But not for real, I fell so easy
I guess it's L-O-V-E (dead ass)

And somewhere along the lines, things got hard and I
Up and got pissed, I fuckin' lost it
But really all was fine
'Til somethin' hopped on my mind. It's bloggin' time!
Always lookin' at FaceBook
Statuses, I'm mad and shit, you couldn't relate good
And that's very logical
You steady tellin' me to end the jealousy, but that there's impossible
But for you, I got into a lot of trouble, prolly double
"That's not D, that's a body double!"
We gotta cuddle, but too bad we're not a couple
We had massive potential to be the hottest couple
I'm a rocket shuttle. I'm heated, believe it
I'm hopin' soon I give up
'Cause I ruined enough, I'm feelin' stupid and dumb
But just so you know, I do it because (I love you)

Your likin' of me, I know that it's shrinkin'
But my eyes not closin' or blinkin'
Without you, boo, I'ma boat, and I'm sinkin'
Corny right? See, I know what you're thinkin'
You sayin' "You don't love me, you just love my ass"
Yeah, I do, I love to touch and grab and smack it like you did something bad
I'm fuckin' bad
So [if] I smashed from the back, you should know I'm gonna brag
But seriously though, I hope you're hearin' me, yo
'Cause I'm weary, you know?
So? I'm a whore, and I ignore you. I know, I'm evil
So what? I have a hard time gettin' over people
Remember all the words we created?
I'm nothingness now, it hurts and I hate it
First I should face it, my minds doin' backflips
I'ma try movin' past this (Dammit)


And that's better than any bouquet of flowers, bitch.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm odd.

I'm odd because I'm a shit-talking blogger.

I don't know why a lot of my posts are about this bitch. Then again, I always "fall" for the sluts, anyways.

Notice (in the below e-mail) how she said something along the lines of "No one will ever know the real story," or some bullshit like that. Umm... That's moderately accurate, because BOTH OF US are withholding the REAL story. I don't give a fuck if it gets me in trouble, either. If they ONLY knew... Bitch. I'll GLADLY tell him what ACTUALLY happened all those times... But will YOU tell HER? HA!

And all that malarkey about people wanting to "beat her ass..." Fuckouttahere with that, ho. AGAIN, it's a lose-lose for you, dun. If people are sending you messages, then you're a Facebook celebrity... If they didn't really send you the messages, then you LIED (like always, bitch).

"Even when you're winning, it's a lose-lose situation"

Um. What else?

No hate AT ALL... but I could've tricked all my money on you if I cared about you that much (at the time).

I'm sooooooo wrong for the whole "vaginal secretions" thing. Then again, you weren't skilled AT ALL. Do you kiss him with those lips? Oh, wait... You don't kiss, because, yeah... Phahahahaha!!! I win by default because you admitted that you were a ho. You tried. LOL. At least there's always the pictures.

Why am I mad if I think all this negative stuff about her? EASY. I don't get dissed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, I checked my e-mail, today.

I read this as I listen to "Bria's Interlude" by Drake and Omarion.


I don't care anymore deadass.

I didn't make any mistake, your the one who made out with Kianna and was still fckng Aubrie.
So I just started talking back with him. Like you said "Play or be played" righhh?
So I really don't know why you buggin, you obviously didn't give a ish about me if you were out doing that.

righhhh? Like I seriously don't want you in my life anymore. You did some real mean ish to me that I will never accept
I would be the dumbest chick ever to keep you in my life.

No one knows the real thing as meaning, you your circus swear you have me figured out when you don't.
Your just as bad as Aubrie I swear.

Like I'm so serious when I say LEAVE ME ALONE.

I don't freaking care how hard it is. You act like you have to talk to me every friggin day dude.
I'll promise you one thing. I will talk to you once a week.. like for an hour or so..
I'm serious when I say that.. fck what you think. I'm just eliminating drama out my life and that's the only way I see it happening.

Until I change my number of course.

Duh those things bother me because none of that stuff is true. and there you fckn go brining up my gap again.
Fckng gosh man just LEAVE ME THE FCK ALONE. You keep bringing up this personal ish that pis$es me the FCK off.


You never did appreciate any of the little simple nice things i did.. Like seriously.
If you did you wouldn't have pushed me away into someone else's arms.
Don't even bother to reply back or text me because I just put a flat out block on my phone, I'm sick of yours Aubries drama.
You keep texting calling me which is making her more pis$ed off and becoming more physco, now she's tryna fight the world.

Do me you a favor, lose my number, stop texting/calling me. just EVERYTHING.




And the whole message, she still didn't admit that she was a ho. Shit's crazy, dun. I guess all I have to say (again, and again, and again) is that it's not blackmail if I don't demand anything from her. Hmm. I WIN.

"Even when you're winning, it's a lose-lose situation..."

Oh, Drake... and other shit.

Pretty homo title, but whatever.
Fuckin' Drake, man... ILL AS FUCK. Pardon me for semi-hating on him before. The nigga is ill. Not quite fuckin' with Chuck, but, then again, who is?

I was listening to the "So Far Gone" mixtape... ILL. My favorite song (that I've been singing at work) is "Bria's Interlude." Perhaps I was hating on him because he was fucking my other wife, Bria Myles (sorry, Shi). Whatever. Droopy killed that shit.

I love her.

And about MaKayla... You're mean.

AND FUCK LUCAS SITTON. DIE, BITCH. I can't believe I didn't blog about getting pulled over and paying a $240 ticket... Over not signaling in time.