Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rosario Dawson... my wife.

Charles Hamilton... the best rapper alive.

Feelin' aight. (With some "mom" venting)

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh... Aside from the moderate swallowing (pause...) pain, I feel pretty okay right now. Then again, I felt this way the past THREE afternoons. And I finally took a shower... Don't judge me, because when you're sick, you don't really feel like doing much of anything. And I shaved, too (with little to no facial hair).

My mom acts younger than my little sister sometimes [really most of the time]. She always says some smart remarks when I walk by, and she always thinks she knows everything [and she CLEARLY doesn't]. And she always attempts to get the last word in an arguement... I mean, so do I, but she's in her late 30s. AND she claims that I'm still sick because I rap. WHAT. THE. FUCK. I'm not saying anything else about that. She still has a heart, though, because she always acts like she's gonna be evil and not do something, then after I throw a few temper tantrums and at the last possible minute, she does the right thing. Still, I hate her and I's (is that correct grammar?) relationship. At least she's gonna take me to see the doctor (once again) after she gets off of work. Oh, and my grandmother is cool, too, but she always talks shit about me in tagalog and stuff. Whhhaaaaatever.

I want to go to school tomorrow. I don't know, though.
I would do something this weekend, but, 1) I have zero moolah, and, 2) It's supposed to rain for the rest of the week, anyways.

I kinda miss the [select few] people at school. I wonder if they miss me? Ha.

I'm out like the Spurs in the playoffs (dammit!).


This was the common thing...
Every night before I'd head to sleep, I would feel okay enough to go to school for the following morning. But then when I would wake up, I would feel worse than the morning before (and that's pretty bad). This morning was the worst of them all! I have severe right ear pain when I swallow anything (pause). AND I felt the best that I have since I've been sick last night... =( This is my fourth missed day of school... I'm worried that I may have something serious-er. Anyways, I just hope I get better soon, because I'm losing all hope of getting better.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beats by Dr. Dre

How am I just now hearing about these? Or looking into them?!
Well, I previously posted a list of sneakers that I wanted to get... But now I'm thinking...
I might just say "eff Yeezys" and cop these headphones.

Aight, how can an unemployed teenager scoop up $300-$350 to get these joints?

I want too much ish.

Two's Day.

I mean "Tuesday."

Again, I stayed home from school...

I did nothing today. At all. All I did was check the MySpace and FaceBook all day. And, since everyone else was at school, there wasn't much activity going on. This is bullshit. When I DO decide to come back to school (most likely on Thursday, like I expected), not only will I have a fuckload of work, I'm still gonna be half-sick. I think I'm only 15% healed at the moment, if even.

Yeah. I wanna take more Kroger brand ibuprofen, but I don't want to overdose. That's the only medicine that seems to be helping. Damn, damn, DAMN.

Oh, and apparently, my new CD has to come out by mid May. So... um... be on the look out for that? Check the MySpace page for new ish.

Peace like slang for a gun.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mundae Mornang.

Good morning. It still kinda feels like I'm swallowing glass. Owwwwieee.
At least it kinda feels like it's improving (just a lil bit though). Hey, my nose is bleeding!!!!!

Yeah, anyways, I'm not at school... I'm at home... doing absolutely nothing. I've been up for about an hour and I haven't even stepped out of my room yet. Supposedly I told myself that I was gonna do work today since I'm not at school, but... Fuck that, son. I want some cookies from McDonalds...

That's all for now...

I'm out like the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Strep throat again?!

This sucks. This hurts.

My first weekend of having this blog... And I have strep thoat (and a right ear infection). This couldn't have come at a worse time, because I was supposed to go to the studio tonight and record my first collabo. But noooooooo.

I had strep throat almost exactly 5 months ago!!! How... is it possible... that I contracted this sickness again!!!??? A couple of people know about the injustices (fuck all law enforcement except the ones that MATTER, i.e. FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, the armed forces, personal bodyguards, etc. So that means mall/school security guards, the KCKPD, the Highway Patrol, etc. can suck dick) that occurred last time I had strep throat. Well, at least my mother (willingly) took me to the doctor promptly. No school tomorrow for me (dammit), and possibly not until Thursday (FUCK). I'm tired of fucking being sick. Since I last had strep throat (starting on 11/28/08), I estimate that I have only been 100% healthy for about 1 full month. Then, in March, I got a cold that lasted approximately a month and a half. A week after I healed from that, I started getting a recurring sore throat every morning for about 1 1/2 weeks. Then, while still having the recurring sore throat, I got a finger infection (that hurt like hell, by the way) that lasted two weeks. Now, this. That's got to be some kind of local record. Ugh.

These are the antibiotics that were prescribed to me. I have average size hands... But that pill is HUGE. AND, I have to take two a day. Dope colors, though... Very Jordan V Grape-esque.

Oh, and by the way... I have the utmost respect for pregnant women and mothers. I was reading this forum about strep throat/ear infections, and a few women agreed that the pain felt when swallowing saliva/drinking beverages when you have strep throat is the equivalent to child birth. That means that shit HURTS. I love you, Mom! LOL. AGH, every time I must swallow saliva, I either spit on the floor or endure the pain while curling my toes to the extreme.


I'll live.

I'm out like this ear infection in a few days (hopefully).

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hrrrrmmm... Today feels like Friday because we don't have school tomorrow. It's mega cloudy and it's about to rain today... There's nothing else really to say... Oh, how I dislike this damn school... iqw(hgnkl*(^dsc9p3y4qthigrf4236^*v435qg0)

All of the aforementioned doesn't necessarily mean that I'm in a bad mood, though. LOL

I'm done like Chris Brown's career.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I hate high school...

I just got home from school...
Not in the happiest of moods at the moment...

You only go through high school once, and I realize this... But what I DIDN'T realize was how much drama, ignorance, stupidity, and (sorry, everyone) niggerness that high-school has to offer (until recently). Okay, I've put myself in a some of these predicaments, but whatever...

Here's the top two that I can think of right now...

All of these laptop "rappers" - pause... for those of you who do not know, that term defines a [usually crappy] emcee who constantly tries to be the next Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy etc. by recording [usually crappy] songs on their school issued MacBook computer. I record music on my laptop, and for two main reasons: 1) I would rather not use money on studio time, especially since I am currently unemployed. 2) I openly ADMIT that I use my laptop and don't have money like that. - The issue I have with these peons is that they think they're all that and then they send diss tracks to various rappers. I was a target of one of these tracks (I'm not getting into detail, because this individual is not worth having even {this much} space on my blog). The result, in a nutshell, was me completely obliterating this person on an a'cappella response, then this person starting getting ridiculous, spreading rumors and whatnot. I don't even fuckin' like Maino, but... HI, [retarded, ugly, morbidly obese] Hater! And, hi, [failure in life, non-fresh, every day relationship advice seeking, trying to fight but you go to church bi-weekly] Hater! That's all I'm saying about this situation unless further provoked. I'm done with it.

2. Relationship issues - I don't really feel like typing right now, so, long-story short, a girl has people watching me while she's not around. How [insert word of frustration here] is that!? I'm sick and tired of walking the hallways looking around to see if I'm being watched. This has been going on for a few months, and, quite frankly, it's getting extremely old.

...I'm seriously considering leaving this God-forsaken school in favor of a mostly Caucasian school.

I'm out like baggy clothes (I'll vent on style at another time).

Hold up!

Why the fuck am I getting frustrated for anyways? I'm me! Hahaha... In a few years, I'll be blogging about having too many groupies! *Thinks* AND, I got these! (Pictured below)Who cares if I overpaid, I still have them...

Sheep? Haha.

I know I JUST posted... But I looked at my Blogger profile thing and it says that my zodiac year is the Sheep. Haha. It's bad enough being a "Virgo" in this society. LOL. But, yeah, I'm in American History class... There's a substitute and we're watching a movie that we watched YESTERDAY with another substitute... I'm listening to my first mixtape on this laptop (which you can download FREE on my MySpace page! Yessah!


I'm out like "rockstar" style (jean chains, anything with skulls, throwing up the University of Texas hand sign, faking like you know who the fuck Marylin Manson and Led Zeppelin is, etc.)


Wed-Nes-Day Mornang.

Wed-Nes-Day... That's what my 3rd grade teacher told us to remember to spell Wednesday. Check the G-Shock in the photo. LOL. Anyways, yesterday, my manager (Jay Wun) completed compiling the video for "Hustle Hard." So now people are gonna hate even more, trying to find flaws in it... Who do you know (in my area, that's my age, and in my genre) that has a manager [that actually does exceptional work], almost 20,000 views on MySpace, and now a music video? *Points to me* This guy. (LOL) And the scary thing for you other "rappers" is that I'm only working at like 25%... Shouts to Jay [fuckin'] Wun. I love you, no homo. Hahaha. Oh, and to view the video, go to my MySpace page. CLICK IT!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random things I enjoy (that you might not know): Part 1

Sooooooo... I'm in playwriting class (don't judge me) and I'm mega ultra bored... UGH. And, I was just thinking how much I enjoy the following things...

Geico Commercials
They're so creative and funny... BEST. AD CAMPAIGN. EVER. No questions asked, nigga. I'm not a big fan of the gecko, though... The best ones (besides the Kash commercials) were "I've got good news," "In the time it takes to _____," and the mayonnaise scraping one. LMAO

Spider-Man (The Cartoon)
I used to watch this all the time as a youngin'. Best thing on the show = J. Jonah Jameson's flat-top haircut. And notice how cock-diesel Venom is in the above picture.
Panda Bears
Pandas are my favorite animal. This, subconsciously, may be why I enjoy wearing black and white so much. Hmmmm. Also, that may've been why I liked LRG so much. There's this Japanese cookie that I eat called "Hello Panda" (a possible rip-off of Hello Kitty). Yummay.

Without those, my life would suck (worse than it already does now, I mean, I'm a mixed boy who acts "white" at a mostly black school). LOL.


Good mawnin'!

Not really a good morning though... School starts at 7:25 and I woke up at like 7:09...
This button-up that I'm wearing is ugly... And I have on Air Force One Mids and I hate them... Oh, and Aubrie got suspended for 10 days for fighting for no reason. Dumb, huh? She has people (well, a PERSON) watching me to see if I'm "acting right." Wack...
I think I woke up late because I had this good-ass dream of me and this one girl. The FORMER girl of this dude that tried (key-word) to jump me multiple times (one of those times being at church). Anyways... OUTTY 5,000.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Top 5 Shoes I need before I graduate high school...

As some of you may know, I like sneakers a lot... I literally just look at shoe websites and wish that I had all the Dunks, Blazers, Pippens, Penny Hardaways, etc.
OK... I'm not ballin' (believe it or not LOL)... so I set a deadline on when I HAVE to get the following shoes...

The sneakers (in order):

Air Yeezy.**********
Air Jordan V (Grape)**********
Nike Dunk High SB (Todd Bratrud)

Dunk High Pro SB (Ferris Bueller)

Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB (Spider-Man)

...I wonder how much blood and semen I have to sell to get all of these at once. Hahaha.


First Blog/Random thoughts of the day - 4/20

Blogging is (looks) fun. That's why I created this blog.
I was inspired by professional blogger (lol)/one of my top 5 favorite rappers Charles Hamilton.
I'm in composition class doing absolutely nothing... Perhaps that's why I have a sub-par grade in this class... Anyways, if you didn't already know... go to my MySpace... There's music on there... Made by me... Well, the beats aren't... But... Yeah...


-Today is National Weed Day, Hitler's Birthday, and the 10th anniversary of Columbine... (And the release of Asher Roth - Asleep in the Bread Aisle)
-I wonder which new rappers are going to send me (and dozens of other students) a new song or diss track?
-I need money.
-This nigga sitting diagonal from me needs to shut up... Loser...
-Kiiiid Cuuuuuuuddiiiiiiiiiii... Cleveland status, grind all day....
-Cinnamon Toast Crunch = BEST. CEREAL. EVAH.
-Pizza Hut has the best pan pizza.
- My favorite chips are a tie between those collision Doritos (hot wings/blue cheese) and Flamin' Hot Munchies...
-These Jordan's are ugly with these loose skinny jeans...
-I'm still mad that I paid $130 for sneakers that could have potentially cost me $80-$90... (Pictured below)

-I need those Spider-Man Dunk Mid Pro SB...

That's all I can think of right now... I'll post later...