Sunday, April 26, 2009

Strep throat again?!

This sucks. This hurts.

My first weekend of having this blog... And I have strep thoat (and a right ear infection). This couldn't have come at a worse time, because I was supposed to go to the studio tonight and record my first collabo. But noooooooo.

I had strep throat almost exactly 5 months ago!!! How... is it possible... that I contracted this sickness again!!!??? A couple of people know about the injustices (fuck all law enforcement except the ones that MATTER, i.e. FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, the armed forces, personal bodyguards, etc. So that means mall/school security guards, the KCKPD, the Highway Patrol, etc. can suck dick) that occurred last time I had strep throat. Well, at least my mother (willingly) took me to the doctor promptly. No school tomorrow for me (dammit), and possibly not until Thursday (FUCK). I'm tired of fucking being sick. Since I last had strep throat (starting on 11/28/08), I estimate that I have only been 100% healthy for about 1 full month. Then, in March, I got a cold that lasted approximately a month and a half. A week after I healed from that, I started getting a recurring sore throat every morning for about 1 1/2 weeks. Then, while still having the recurring sore throat, I got a finger infection (that hurt like hell, by the way) that lasted two weeks. Now, this. That's got to be some kind of local record. Ugh.

These are the antibiotics that were prescribed to me. I have average size hands... But that pill is HUGE. AND, I have to take two a day. Dope colors, though... Very Jordan V Grape-esque.

Oh, and by the way... I have the utmost respect for pregnant women and mothers. I was reading this forum about strep throat/ear infections, and a few women agreed that the pain felt when swallowing saliva/drinking beverages when you have strep throat is the equivalent to child birth. That means that shit HURTS. I love you, Mom! LOL. AGH, every time I must swallow saliva, I either spit on the floor or endure the pain while curling my toes to the extreme.


I'll live.

I'm out like this ear infection in a few days (hopefully).

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