Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wed-Nes-Day Mornang.

Wed-Nes-Day... That's what my 3rd grade teacher told us to remember to spell Wednesday. Check the G-Shock in the photo. LOL. Anyways, yesterday, my manager (Jay Wun) completed compiling the video for "Hustle Hard." So now people are gonna hate even more, trying to find flaws in it... Who do you know (in my area, that's my age, and in my genre) that has a manager [that actually does exceptional work], almost 20,000 views on MySpace, and now a music video? *Points to me* This guy. (LOL) And the scary thing for you other "rappers" is that I'm only working at like 25%... Shouts to Jay [fuckin'] Wun. I love you, no homo. Hahaha. Oh, and to view the video, go to my MySpace page. CLICK IT!

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