Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where is Charles Hamilton?

This is probably how CH wants all of his true fans to be feeling...

First, it said it was coming out on the 16th... Now, it's the original release date (23rd), and still, it's nowhere to be found.

Where the fuck is the album, Chuck? I've been anxiously waiting for it to drop since... I've heard of you!

I hope that his album didn't get shelved and is never coming out... NOOOOOO!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


(The following is 100% truthful.)



Monday, June 15, 2009

This Perfect Life

Tomorrow... Tomorrow is not only Tuesday, June 16th, 2009, but it's also the release of [best rapper alive] Charles Hamilton's album: This Perfect Life. I must cop. I WILL COP. I read his blog and noticed that he said that the album will sound [dope as hell] with Dr. Dre Headphones. Those, too, I must cop. I also want to buy the Supra TK Society sneakers, but I'll blog about that some other time.


New mixtape dropping on my birthday, September 21st. It is currently untitled. Instrumentals by Charles Hamilton... Again, this will surpass the illness of the previous mixtape by a LONG SHOT.

STH also stated on his blog that he will executive produce an entire project for $8,000. I KNOW he'd work with me if he just heard some of my music... But, it's not that easy... Nothing is... Oh, well. I got the next best thing. Over 25 beats that CH provided himself on various mixtapes! Yeahzer!

That's all for now.

I'm out like the Orlando Magic in 5 games. LMAO.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Six slash eleven.

Some great things have been happening to me lately!

-I had an EXCELLENT interview with KPMG on Wednesday morning. I was the first interviewee, and I definitely set the bar at an almost unreachable level.

-Also on Wednesday, I FINALLY obtained my driver's license! I'm turning 18 in September, so I'm about two years late. Who cares, though, right?

-This summer program at Donnelly has made me realize the importance of being friendly the first time you meet someone. Also, I learn more about myself as I tell people about myself. That's always good. Hahaha.

-The aforementioned "great things" that have been occurring have given me a more optimistic mindset. This is definitely a plus, especially considering that I've had the negative-ist mindset since, well, birth.


As I've come to realize... With all of these great things occurring, there's bound to be a greater amount of "not-so-great" things that happen (if they haven't happened already). Actually, it seems as if every time something good happens to me, two or more "not-so-good" things happen to me. When my situation FINALLY seems like it's gaining positive momentum, some stronger negative force bum rushes everything, leaving me further back than when I started. Quite frankly, I have gotten used to this trend. And it sucks. Big time. But what can I do, huh? This issue bothers me SO MUCH that I'm not getting into detail with it (if that makes sense). Sue me.

Monday, June 8, 2009


So, yeah. We're well into summer 2009. Whoopdie-muthafluckin'-doo.

Here's what I'm doing nowadays:

-I still have no cellular device. I've been used to talking on the damn house phone lately. This is bullshit. Ugh! No worries, though... My father is [supposedly] buying me a new one when I go to VA on July 11... Whaaaaatever.

-I'm enrolled in a summer program at Donnelly College... The only reason I considered it is for the $20-a-day thingie. Ballin'? And in a similar happenstance, I have a very visible zit on my right cheekbone. Also, I have a FUCKED haircut (or lack thereof). This sucks ass.

-I have a interview for KPMG (a major accounting firm) on Wednesday. I don't want to go to it, simply because I don't want to miss out on my $20 from the summer program on that day. Hahaha... But really. I need that in my life. That's a shirt from Hot Topic, nigga.

-I went to the studio on Thursday (June 4th) with my niggaz Konxept & Sophmore. Be on the lookout for "How Long feat. D.Linquent" soon, bitches. All three of us killed that ish, doggie!

-Eminem's "Relapse" is a very good album. Nothing is topping "The Eminem Show," though. Now, I'm waiting for Monday to download "This Perfect Life" by [the best rapper alive, top 5 dead or alive rapper] Charles Hamilton. Cannot wait...

-The "Weirdo" mixtape is doing well... Even though we've only handed it out/sold it to about 50+ people. If I was famous, this mixtape would be EPIC. Dead ass.

-My dearest Shi Reeves added me on MySpace [again]! I sent her a comment and told her to listen to my "Dot Com" song... Oh, and if YOU haven't heard the mixtape, FUCKIN' DOWNLOAD IT FROM MY MYSPACE PAGE. Damn, man.

-I haven't been watching adult videos lately, especially after I watched Lacey Duvalle's "Ghetto Gaggers" scene... That whole site should be excommunicated from the Internet... 9/11 on that muhfuckin' website!

-I am seriously considering coming back to school all tattooed and ish. Top 3 tattoo choices: The last supper on the lighter part (LOL) of my right forearm; John 3:16 on the lighter part of my left forearm; Jesus' face on my right bicep. I also want tears, but I guess that means someone has passed away, and I don't know any passees. Heh.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

I'm out like mohawks. Seriously. They're OVER. Oh-vee-ee-are.

P.S.: I love you (if you think it's you, then it's you).