Friday, April 30, 2010

Young Gunz.

While sitting in Recent History class, I'm currently playing DJ Jazzy Jeff's "For Da Love of Da Game." I am PISSED that GrooveShark isn't working on this piece of detrius that is the school-issued laptop. So, here...

So, as I moved up to my new room, I unpacked one box that contained various CDs that I owned (or just have for some reason), including (but not limited to [LOL]):

Eamon - I Don't Want You Back
Jibbs - Jibbs feat. Jibbs
Dr. Dre - 2001
Tyga - No Introduction
Linkin Park - Reanimation
DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Homebase
Vanilla Ice - To the Xtreme (LMFAO)
"West Coast Mix" (mostly songs from 'Radio Los Santos' and NWA members/affiliates)


Young Gunz - Tough Luv

That is a GREAT album, fuck what you heard.

Chris and Neef spit something SERIOUS. And the production for a majority of the songs was BANANAS! Most notably "Future of the Roc," "Roc U," "Never Take Me Alive," "Tough Luv," "Grown Man," and "Look in your Eyes." Crazy shit.

On a sidenote, this substitute is a fucker, trying to actually teach and ask questions and shit. He CLEARLY doesn't know my status in this muhfucka (LOL). Back to business...

Yeah... Young Gunz. It's too bad that fuckers think that "Money Mike" "ended their careers." Fuck outta here. FIRST OFF, I don't think that Neef dissed "Money Mike" when he said "We don't mess with the funny type/fake ass pimps like Money Mike." SMH.

Shout out to Mica, Micaela, the twins, and Matthia. Shouts to a particular follower of the blog that makes me look like Ike Turner. Annnnnd, FAT shouts to bootleg Randy Jackson. You made my Monday memorable on an otherwise boring-as-fuck workday... And (little did you know) your daughter constantly made my... March, April, May, June, July, August, September (especially), October, November, December, and January (ESPECIALLY). In various ways.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Her father is 40-something attempting to fight an 18 year old. I'd most likely lose due to his crackhead past, I hear they can box. Uncle tom, fuckouttahere.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I win. You'll NEVER have the upper hand on me. EVER. Your intellect is nowhere near mine. You lose. I win. We could've worked it out, prevented this all. I win.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP Guru.

Devastating loss in the hip-hop community...
I'm not gonna front, I've ONLY heard him rap on Gangstarr's "Mass Appeal", but still.

It's not like when Dolla died, niggaz [and bitches] were bumpin' "Make a Toast" and shit.
I was actually a fan... Check my MySpace influences and see "Gangstarr" on there (LOL @ the thought of MySpace).


Monday, April 19, 2010

Who loves strings?


Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm in a good mood, but...

You are... a lying ass bitch. Suck dick with leftover vaginal secretions on it (sound familiar?). And before anyone gets "inflated-head," let me burst that... You're constantly on my blog because your whore-isms stay on my mind. Bitch. Talkin' 'bout a restraining order. You're the one who made contact with ME at school. Tell people the entire story before you talk about getting the law involved. Fuck 5-O (including your relative who's one-time). And get your story together too, dead ass. How the FUCK could I send MYSELF the pictures from YOUR PHONE when I PURPOSELY included a body part of me in all of them just in case something like this happened (I knew this would happen)? And how was I begging you for sex when you CLEARLY sent me messages that read "I just wanted it in my mouth" and said thing like... I was dead about to go on, but, it's like fuck it. There's no getting through to you, ho. When did it become cool to be a slut? And to Nick Cannon guy, when did it become cool to STAY with a slut, dun? No hating,"man."

LMFAO @ you thinking of using this as evidence to have something bad happen to me. Not happening. Because, at that point, you'd have to tell them everything you did, too. You can't lie to the pigs.

"Women lie, men lie."

Mixtape coming May 7th.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drake, shut the FUCK up.

I may have "hated" on him, then started to enjoy his shit, but after reading this shit, I've had e-fuckin'-nuff. Damn, man.


In every DAMN song, he's HAS to include some bars about one of three things... In EVERY SONG.

1. How quickly he got signed and created hype.
2. How no one ever achieved this level of success (in a short time).
3. Some false story about his struggle to make it.

"For anybody that doesn't believe me, your favorite rappers do."

You can tell he was a fucking loser in school, because I feel as though this was the first time he has been accepted in life. He always fucking talks about this shit. Jesus, homie, just shut up, Aubrey. You know how you can tell if a kid never scored any points in a basketball or football game due to their excessive celebration? Well, that's how Drizzy is acting. ACT LIKE YOU'VE BEEN THERE. If you were REALLY the shit, then it really wouldn't be THAT big of a deal.

I have a verse on a track on Irv Da Phenom's "Tire Shops and Night Clubs" project... He's a rather big deal in Kansas City, as far as rappers go. I didn't go around saying, "I'm ill, I'm on Irv Da Phenom's shit, boy! He tours with Tech N9ne and Strange Music! Bitch. A real rapper co-signs me so I'm fuckin' ill!" No, I let people hear it when they either asked about Irv or asked "when you droppin' some new shit."

Oh, yeah... Then there's this bullshit.

"Understand nothing was done for me."

SHUT THE FUCK UP. You were probably a millionaire before you started rapping.

And you're not gangster, soooooo, good luck trying to EVER leave Young Money... LMFAO.

Not hating, because he can rhyme with the best of them. Shut up, Drake.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You should be ASHAMED of your fuckin' self, boy!

(...said Kanye in "Pinocchio Story")

I knew that everything would come crashing down like this...

"With this in mind, I still didn't quit/ And that's how I know that I ain't shit"

- Malice - "I'm Not U"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wow. I need to be schooled in hip-hop... So, I'm searching for beats on Jamglue (as usual)... J. Dilla, nigga. 'Nuff said.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Too many ideas.

There's really no expanding the title. I have probably had about 40 or so ideas for my next mixtape...

It's 1:30 in the morning, and it sucks that this is the time I am the most creative.

I'm thinking of all Lupe beats for the next mixtape... This idea might actually stick. Dead ass... I'm just putting all of the material that consisted of actual PEOPLE aside [for now, at least]. Instead, I'll just take slight (but HARD) shots at them in the songs. LOL @ me TELLING that I'm gonna have subliminal attacks in my songs. 10 songs (slightly more or slightly less) and some skits. I got half of it done, man... And fuck selling the mixtapes or creating a buzz (for now). I'm doing this shit for the love of doing it, and for therapeutic reasons. NO LIE. I'll just so happen to give the CD to some people. Here we go.

And on a similar note, I was viewing my monthly CCS catalog and saw a shirt that said "I [LOVE] BITERS!" I must purchase that shirt. Even though I hate them.

Outty 5,000. (Look, look! Gander, gander!)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Word? Aight!

Okaaaay. So, I'm here in physics class. Cool...

Before I go on, I just have one thing to say. I'm SINCERELY sorry for anything I posted in the past that may have offended some readers.*

Here's a list of random topics on my mind (that I'm too lazy to actually blog extensively about).

1. Blood diamond... No, not the movie. We're learning about the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Recent History class (the class I don't even need, but I learn the most in), and it's appalling to me how groups of people "rape-over" other peoples' land. The number one continent for diamonds is the poorest? SMH. Not just white people, either (although they're the most guilty). The Rape of Nanking was a despicable act, as well.

2. Chivalry is DEAD. OVER. It's a sad day when I can attract girls with my work uniform on and my glasses, and they literally throw themselves at me... Dead ass, though. Hoes give their numbers out like it's nothing. LITERALLY. Meaning, all I have to do is ask... I mean, it was fun at first when I was trying to be a "mack" and get all the girls, but... Where's the challenge? At least with this current situation, I have a challenge... I feel like I have to try very hard (although I'm failing). The 32 bar verses and thoughtful songs I've written fall on deaf ears. Oh well. And on a similar note, the first verse to Kanye West's "Heartless" and the second verse to Charles Hamilton's "Mr. Perfect" perfectly describe this shit. And [most of] the hook to Timbaland's "Say Somethin'." And countless other songs.

3. Top 5 Illuminati artists: Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Little Wayne, Eminem, Kanye West.

4. It's always good to have someone to look up to... Both someone you know personally and a celebrity.

5. "Race-mixing" is slowly leading to the end of the world as we know it (no KKK member). Not in a good way or bad way... Everyone's gonna be a nigga sooner or later. No lie. Go to a mostly white school... The star [black] point guard more than likely dates a white female. The peer-pressure of "You ain't hittin' that though" will 'cause him to "hit it" and, BOOM. Mixed baby. SMH. I love all races though, except hoodrats and hood figgas.

Time for 3rd block.

"I'm [as real as it gets], I'm real, like legit. They say I'm an asshole, so pardon if I feel I'm the shit." - Sciryl

*April Fools Day, bitches.