Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drake, shut the FUCK up.

I may have "hated" on him, then started to enjoy his shit, but after reading this shit, I've had e-fuckin'-nuff. Damn, man.


In every DAMN song, he's HAS to include some bars about one of three things... In EVERY SONG.

1. How quickly he got signed and created hype.
2. How no one ever achieved this level of success (in a short time).
3. Some false story about his struggle to make it.

"For anybody that doesn't believe me, your favorite rappers do."

You can tell he was a fucking loser in school, because I feel as though this was the first time he has been accepted in life. He always fucking talks about this shit. Jesus, homie, just shut up, Aubrey. You know how you can tell if a kid never scored any points in a basketball or football game due to their excessive celebration? Well, that's how Drizzy is acting. ACT LIKE YOU'VE BEEN THERE. If you were REALLY the shit, then it really wouldn't be THAT big of a deal.

I have a verse on a track on Irv Da Phenom's "Tire Shops and Night Clubs" project... He's a rather big deal in Kansas City, as far as rappers go. I didn't go around saying, "I'm ill, I'm on Irv Da Phenom's shit, boy! He tours with Tech N9ne and Strange Music! Bitch. A real rapper co-signs me so I'm fuckin' ill!" No, I let people hear it when they either asked about Irv or asked "when you droppin' some new shit."

Oh, yeah... Then there's this bullshit.

"Understand nothing was done for me."

SHUT THE FUCK UP. You were probably a millionaire before you started rapping.

And you're not gangster, soooooo, good luck trying to EVER leave Young Money... LMFAO.

Not hating, because he can rhyme with the best of them. Shut up, Drake.

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