Friday, April 2, 2010

Too many ideas.

There's really no expanding the title. I have probably had about 40 or so ideas for my next mixtape...

It's 1:30 in the morning, and it sucks that this is the time I am the most creative.

I'm thinking of all Lupe beats for the next mixtape... This idea might actually stick. Dead ass... I'm just putting all of the material that consisted of actual PEOPLE aside [for now, at least]. Instead, I'll just take slight (but HARD) shots at them in the songs. LOL @ me TELLING that I'm gonna have subliminal attacks in my songs. 10 songs (slightly more or slightly less) and some skits. I got half of it done, man... And fuck selling the mixtapes or creating a buzz (for now). I'm doing this shit for the love of doing it, and for therapeutic reasons. NO LIE. I'll just so happen to give the CD to some people. Here we go.

And on a similar note, I was viewing my monthly CCS catalog and saw a shirt that said "I [LOVE] BITERS!" I must purchase that shirt. Even though I hate them.

Outty 5,000. (Look, look! Gander, gander!)

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