Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm in a good mood, but...

You are... a lying ass bitch. Suck dick with leftover vaginal secretions on it (sound familiar?). And before anyone gets "inflated-head," let me burst that... You're constantly on my blog because your whore-isms stay on my mind. Bitch. Talkin' 'bout a restraining order. You're the one who made contact with ME at school. Tell people the entire story before you talk about getting the law involved. Fuck 5-O (including your relative who's one-time). And get your story together too, dead ass. How the FUCK could I send MYSELF the pictures from YOUR PHONE when I PURPOSELY included a body part of me in all of them just in case something like this happened (I knew this would happen)? And how was I begging you for sex when you CLEARLY sent me messages that read "I just wanted it in my mouth" and said thing like... I was dead about to go on, but, it's like fuck it. There's no getting through to you, ho. When did it become cool to be a slut? And to Nick Cannon guy, when did it become cool to STAY with a slut, dun? No hating,"man."

LMFAO @ you thinking of using this as evidence to have something bad happen to me. Not happening. Because, at that point, you'd have to tell them everything you did, too. You can't lie to the pigs.

"Women lie, men lie."

Mixtape coming May 7th.

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