Monday, November 30, 2009

"Fuckin' posers"

I'm just thinking...
Fuck logo tees... Fuck baggy jeans...

I'm on my fedora, pea coat, button-up, skinny jean, fly sneaker, high-fashion shit [from now on]. Bitches.

I guarantee that, pretty soon, these niggaz will straight CHOMP at it. I'm not trippin', though.

All these fuckin' posers, DIE.

And I'm still that dude.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

True stuff...

"Money is the root of all evil.
Truth is the reason why men are no longer equal."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I BEEN doin' this, bitches.

"I'm smooth, but you already knew /
and dude's tryna do what I already do, like /

screw who I already screwed /
and niggaz tryna get fly when I already flew"

-Show TuFli - "Hot 97"

^Real shit, right there.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Before I head to work... (Random thoughts)

Yeah, niggaz, the owner of this blog is an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation... Or Sears Holdings Company... Whatever. It's my first days, so bear with me.

Ummm... Shouts to the readers of this blog...

Eli (what up!)
Cuban female from Sumner Academy (I think I have that information correct)
Shi Reeves (LOL)
J-Mean Emz

Sorry if I didn't put you... If I didn't put you then you didn't inform me enough about me blogging for me to remember you. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MY BLOG BECAUSE I AM A LOSER WHO CRAVES/DESPERATELY SEEKS ATTENTION.

This sucks. I was supposed to write a 2-page essay on Pax Romana before work, but... I ended up playing two games of NBA Live 2004 on PlayStation 2... Sad, huh?

I hope I can wear my Auto Flights with my work uniform... I mean, she just said "black shoes" and she didn't say anything when I wore my ZX750s... Hmmm, should I wear slacks or skinny trousers? HAHA.

Hey, cousin! I love you, nigga (pause). I just can't believe we're not cool because of that stupid ass situation. Well, it doesn't really matter to me, I just wanted to address this on the blog that pissed everyone off in the first place. Whatever. What happened today with the teacher was metaphoric to me... To me, what that said was, (as you): "Even though you're a cocky, arrogant, rude-ass loser, I still got your back, muthafucka." Literally, that's what I got out of it.

To the other cousin! Let's eat popcorn while watching episodes of Friends and Seinfeld, baybeh!

Aight, that's all I can think of... Time to take a shower (LMAO) before work! People who know the real me will know why the "LMAO" was inserted...

-The rapper formerly known as D.Linquent

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's 12:30am...

Well, let's see.

My haircut sucks ass.
My face hurts because my barber pressed the clipper to hard on it (AS USUAL).
I'm still sick and I'm out of ibuprofen.
I'm ULTRA behind on school work.
I don't get to go to VA next week.


The "Butterfly Effect" song is ILLIN'.
I get to go on a field trip tomorrow.

I bought some Auto Flights this weekend, and I was FRESH today.
I witnessed a rather entertaining fight today at school (sorry, I don't condone violence as a solution, but I find it quite hilarious when people get PWN3D after massive shit talking)

I think having a fucked haircut and temporary sub-par grades are surpassed by the good things.

Good night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"Your lover wants me, can't have me, so she chose you!
...She looks like Velma anyways, so I have no clue why you would go to the altar with her.
Don't you know [that] you know who holds true to how he steps in both shoes
I'm sorry, that was a smart way of sayin' that I'm real..."

- Charles Hamilton - "Dummy"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He was born in 1987 out in Cleveland...



Impatiently waiting for your return to the public eye...

Oh, and I looped that "Butterfly Effect" instrumental (HARD WORK) ... THIS SHIT I'M WORKING ON IS BANANAS, NIGGA. All inspired by Chuck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just because...

Many of my future blog posts will be lyrics that relate to my life.

"Maybe 'cause they pussy, no tampon
That's why I get the [nookie] when her man's gone...
And that just so happens to be you, so I'm laughin' in the booth, haha."

- SHow TuFli - Just Because

Don't be mad, nykkaz.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fantabulous. <---LOL.

It's fantastic to know that people OTHER than my "followers" actually read this blog!

...Hmmm. Yeah.

Enough about the irrelevant, now... Let's keep it moving, shall we?

I'm reading "Race Matters" by Dr. Cornel West. Apparently, that's a GREAT book. I don't usually get books, but, since our school is wack, I had to pick one to read for "M.I.R.P" (monitored independent reading practice). Isn't that like... for elementary students?

Oh, and... No more D.Linquent, folks. After this mini-mixtape that I'm putting together (basically just 10-20 songs for a select few people to hear), then D.Linquent will no longer rap, or even EXIST for that matter. Since I have no more manager, and little to no inspiration to rap as "D.Linquent" anymore, I feel that this is the best thing to do. It was a good run (for real, it was)... Sorry (to the people who actually care). It was a good run. Still, COP THE MIXTAPES FROM MY MYSPACE PAGE... "Weirdo" is ILL. "The Previews" is ILL, as well. Just no more D.Linquent...

Yup. I feel good though. I'm still THAT DUDE, in my own right (fuck you if you disagree). I've just been listening to a lot of local rappers lately...


Louie V*
Irv Da Phenom'
C. Mills
Fino Sir
Greg Enemy
Craig Smith
Stik Figa
Dutch Newman
Chief Wakil
(google them)

It's ill that I've communicated with a lot of those artists that I listed. A lot of talent and skill...

By the way, I'll blog until I DIE.

(Craig Smith laugh) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm white, now?

I remember... I was in a class a few week ago, and I said something to a friend. Cool, right?. A female (a hood chick who THINKS she's smart... that's annoying) comes up to me and asks me a question. I answered it. She then proceeds to say, "You are SOOO white!" ...And she was serious about it, too. Apparently, my usage of fairly correct English made her think of a middle class white kid. WTF. My response to that was, "I still get bitches." Apparently, she couldn't hear, because she thought that I said something like, "I don't talk to stupid bitches," or something. Double WTF. Whatever.

At any rate...

So, it was 70 degrees yesterday, and my mother decided to take [me and] my sister to the park. While there, I heard a white female say something along the lines of this (to her child):

"Gon', nah. Y'all ain't got no bitniz 'round hurr."

This individual was what some people would call a "redneck," "hick," or a "hillbilly." Did you READ what she said?

Isn't the vernacular of most blacks like that, too? That shit is wack. So, in essence, niggaz sound like hillbillies. Hmmm.

So, it's official. I most definitely prefer to sound "white" than sound like a fuckin' hillbilly. It's a sad day in society when using proper English makes a black person sound white. That's dumb. Think about what people are saying when they call black people "white" because they speak correctly... They're essentially saying that all blacks should sound ignorant (which in itself is fuckin' ignorant). Oh, and I hate the niggaz that say they're not niggaz because "nigga means ignorant." AND, I hate when bitches (and niggaz) +yp3 LYK3 +h15. It's FUCKING STUPID. For one, it takes longer to type. For two, it's harder to read. Cut it the fuck out, niggaz. And people wonder why I sometime classify myself as Filipino ONLY.

Face it. The only people who talk like that and have lots of money are rappers and entreprenuers (which most teenage niggaz think they can be also). I have aspirations to be a "professional rapper" one day... But I refuse to look like a jackass when I get interviewed because of the peer-pressure to talk like a nigga... I'd rather look like a jackass in other ways. I also refuse to be a label-head's bitch. Fuck that. That's a whole 'nother story, though.

So... I'd rather be rich, "white" and viewed as a "sell-out" than be a "real nigga," be broke in the 'hood and be uneducated. It's my life, bitches.