Monday, November 16, 2009

Before I head to work... (Random thoughts)

Yeah, niggaz, the owner of this blog is an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation... Or Sears Holdings Company... Whatever. It's my first days, so bear with me.

Ummm... Shouts to the readers of this blog...

Eli (what up!)
Cuban female from Sumner Academy (I think I have that information correct)
Shi Reeves (LOL)
J-Mean Emz

Sorry if I didn't put you... If I didn't put you then you didn't inform me enough about me blogging for me to remember you. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MY BLOG BECAUSE I AM A LOSER WHO CRAVES/DESPERATELY SEEKS ATTENTION.

This sucks. I was supposed to write a 2-page essay on Pax Romana before work, but... I ended up playing two games of NBA Live 2004 on PlayStation 2... Sad, huh?

I hope I can wear my Auto Flights with my work uniform... I mean, she just said "black shoes" and she didn't say anything when I wore my ZX750s... Hmmm, should I wear slacks or skinny trousers? HAHA.

Hey, cousin! I love you, nigga (pause). I just can't believe we're not cool because of that stupid ass situation. Well, it doesn't really matter to me, I just wanted to address this on the blog that pissed everyone off in the first place. Whatever. What happened today with the teacher was metaphoric to me... To me, what that said was, (as you): "Even though you're a cocky, arrogant, rude-ass loser, I still got your back, muthafucka." Literally, that's what I got out of it.

To the other cousin! Let's eat popcorn while watching episodes of Friends and Seinfeld, baybeh!

Aight, that's all I can think of... Time to take a shower (LMAO) before work! People who know the real me will know why the "LMAO" was inserted...

-The rapper formerly known as D.Linquent

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