Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fantabulous. <---LOL.

It's fantastic to know that people OTHER than my "followers" actually read this blog!

...Hmmm. Yeah.

Enough about the irrelevant, now... Let's keep it moving, shall we?

I'm reading "Race Matters" by Dr. Cornel West. Apparently, that's a GREAT book. I don't usually get books, but, since our school is wack, I had to pick one to read for "M.I.R.P" (monitored independent reading practice). Isn't that like... for elementary students?

Oh, and... No more D.Linquent, folks. After this mini-mixtape that I'm putting together (basically just 10-20 songs for a select few people to hear), then D.Linquent will no longer rap, or even EXIST for that matter. Since I have no more manager, and little to no inspiration to rap as "D.Linquent" anymore, I feel that this is the best thing to do. It was a good run (for real, it was)... Sorry (to the people who actually care). It was a good run. Still, COP THE MIXTAPES FROM MY MYSPACE PAGE... "Weirdo" is ILL. "The Previews" is ILL, as well. Just no more D.Linquent...

Yup. I feel good though. I'm still THAT DUDE, in my own right (fuck you if you disagree). I've just been listening to a lot of local rappers lately...


Louie V*
Irv Da Phenom'
C. Mills
Fino Sir
Greg Enemy
Craig Smith
Stik Figa
Dutch Newman
Chief Wakil
(google them)

It's ill that I've communicated with a lot of those artists that I listed. A lot of talent and skill...

By the way, I'll blog until I DIE.

(Craig Smith laugh) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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