Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm white, now?

I remember... I was in a class a few week ago, and I said something to a friend. Cool, right?. A female (a hood chick who THINKS she's smart... that's annoying) comes up to me and asks me a question. I answered it. She then proceeds to say, "You are SOOO white!" ...And she was serious about it, too. Apparently, my usage of fairly correct English made her think of a middle class white kid. WTF. My response to that was, "I still get bitches." Apparently, she couldn't hear, because she thought that I said something like, "I don't talk to stupid bitches," or something. Double WTF. Whatever.

At any rate...

So, it was 70 degrees yesterday, and my mother decided to take [me and] my sister to the park. While there, I heard a white female say something along the lines of this (to her child):

"Gon', nah. Y'all ain't got no bitniz 'round hurr."

This individual was what some people would call a "redneck," "hick," or a "hillbilly." Did you READ what she said?

Isn't the vernacular of most blacks like that, too? That shit is wack. So, in essence, niggaz sound like hillbillies. Hmmm.

So, it's official. I most definitely prefer to sound "white" than sound like a fuckin' hillbilly. It's a sad day in society when using proper English makes a black person sound white. That's dumb. Think about what people are saying when they call black people "white" because they speak correctly... They're essentially saying that all blacks should sound ignorant (which in itself is fuckin' ignorant). Oh, and I hate the niggaz that say they're not niggaz because "nigga means ignorant." AND, I hate when bitches (and niggaz) +yp3 LYK3 +h15. It's FUCKING STUPID. For one, it takes longer to type. For two, it's harder to read. Cut it the fuck out, niggaz. And people wonder why I sometime classify myself as Filipino ONLY.

Face it. The only people who talk like that and have lots of money are rappers and entreprenuers (which most teenage niggaz think they can be also). I have aspirations to be a "professional rapper" one day... But I refuse to look like a jackass when I get interviewed because of the peer-pressure to talk like a nigga... I'd rather look like a jackass in other ways. I also refuse to be a label-head's bitch. Fuck that. That's a whole 'nother story, though.

So... I'd rather be rich, "white" and viewed as a "sell-out" than be a "real nigga," be broke in the 'hood and be uneducated. It's my life, bitches.

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