Saturday, October 31, 2009


Oh, and Happy Halloween, by the way.

Let's see...

I commented someone's FaceBook status (I didn't put "LOL," but I was CLEARLY joking...)
Then this individual (<---CLEARLY a substitute) said "No one asked you anyways..."


Let's get one thing clear. FACEBOOK IS PUBLIC (AND SO IS YOUR STATUS). SO YOU ASKED ALL OF YOUR "FRIENDS," ACTUALLY. If you don't like what I do, suck dick. Delete me. As niggaz would say, "STR8 LYK DAT."

I mean, say what you will or may about me, but at least I'm not... (I JUST NOT NEED TO GO THERE...)

In fact, this goes out to everyone (INCLUDING people who I'm cool with).

I'm actually gonna stop saying things like, "I can put whatever I want on MY blog," because that goes without saying. That being said, I can do whatever I want on MY blog. Bitches. Don't like it, don't be my friend... STOP READING. Eliminate me from the face of the Earth. Can't? Okay, shut up. Hahahahaha.

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