Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top 3 Influential People in My Life.

(This list does not include parents, friends, etc.)


No one understands the connection I have with him. Pause. The music he makes relates to me so much, it's crazy. He was a loser in high school like I am now. Everyone doubts him. He has struggles in everything I did (virtually). Fuck Lil Wayne, fuck Drake, fuck Gucci Mane, fuck Messy Marv, and fuck all these other rappers that everyone likes because... well, everyone likes them. Charles is original, and I really admire that he doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of him. Have you seen his hair and clothes? Terrible. Who cares, though, because his music is ILL. I only like rappers that I think are better lyricists than me, and Charles is definitely at the top of the list (what up Lupe!). Fuck Interscope, too for dropping him.


Many people don't know this, but he got me started in this whole rap thing (did you think I came up with "D.Linquent?"). I don't know, I had to put him on this list... I used to straight COPY this nigga when I was in 9th grade. I don't know how he didn't get annoyed. LOL. This is no diss to him, but if you don't like the person I am, he's partially to thank for that... A lot of my demeanor is/was based off of what I seen him doing or saying during the "Highly Anticipated" days (Spring/Summer 2007). I copped my first LRG shirt MOSTLY because I saw that he only wore LRG. Then I saw him wear 511 Levi's. I talk all this nonsense about me having clones, but I guess back then I was a clone of him. Whatever, though, he was COOL. Fuck the bullshit that happened with me and him and whoever else, that's still my big brother, I guess (if I can find that "Big Brother" instrumental... Y'all know!)


3. Pharrell Williams

I tell everyone this... Mr. Williams single-handedly made me the fly-guy I am now. Plain and simple. After I saw the "Can I Have It Like That" video, I started observing his style a bit. During the summer of 8th grade, I copped a few Ralph Lauren Polos (eventually becoming obsessed with them), some straight leg jeans (Levi's 569), and some Ice Creams... The rest is history. Damn that was a good ass year.

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