Monday, August 31, 2009

Blah blah, blizzy.

Yo, "what it is!"

I'm in American Government... About to apply for homecoming king, son.

I have no chance of winning thanks to the hispanic population (sorry, it's true) and the star basketball player. Who cares, being a loser is better than being the center of attention (in school at least).

On a side note, my beard is growing back!

Yesterday, I recorded my first song for my project... entirely produced by CHARLES HAMILTON (not personally). It's epic, bitch.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fry dae.

Dammit, I was gonna call this post "Friday" in Spanish, but I freaking forgot how to say it... And I'm too lazy to Google it. Whatever.

But this is the first time I've blogged at school in a LONG time... I was almost late this morning because I stayed up 'til like 3 writing about 1/4 or my bar-for-bar song to the "Post-Lynching Ceremony" beat (that I looped myself, nigga). This mixtape is gonna be EPIC. I dead ass think that this can propel me to new heights... Everyone prepare for my ego to explode when it comes out.

Anyways, class is about to end... More later.

Payce, nickuz.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My mind and my hand hurts! Pause.
Just wrote a whole song (hook and all).
That felt really good... I think I've only written a handful of songs non-stop. Hooray for me, bitches.

And on another note, I think I solved my FaceBook problem... That is, until I want to turn into "Stalker D to tha L" again...


FaceBook is ruining my life. Dead ass.

Every time I fucking look on there, I see something that makes me want to blog and vent on it... which isn't really a good thing, because, as of late, I've only been blogging when I'm stressed or angry.

But, I'm not gonna let this whole blog be about "her" (that's what it's headed for if I don't calm myself). I'll just make a few songs about it... I think I could actually make a whole mixtape about her. You know... good times, bad times? Intimate times? Oh, yes, there will be at least 3 songs that pertain to her in someway.

And this whole post is retarded, because I'm writing it KNOWING she'll read it at some point.


Oh, and if I have strep throat AGAIN... it's hell. For real, I'm fucking tired of that particular sickness.

This whole day sucks ass. I didn't get my LG Xenon today, either... Yes, I'm FINALLY upgrading from my "Cingular" (doesn't even exist any-damn-more) RAZR after nearly four years... If it doesn't come tomorrow, I'm going postal. Like the mailman... NIGGA. Ha. That made me smile. I crack myself up.

D to tha Elly.


Fuck all law enforcement "officials" (including law enforcement "officials" who happen to be related to individuals I know).

As stated before in this blog, this "fuck you" does not include the United States armed forces, detectives, the FBI, CIA, NSA, or the Secret Service. In my humble (but very true) opinion, they're the law enforcement agencies that actually mean any-fucking-thing.

An extra "fuck you" to security guards. Fucking rent-a-cops.

Suck my dick, bitch (that goes out to a certain female security guard who lives/lived next to my cousin).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

808's and [what I'm feeling].

"Now, you're gone. Another man has your heart.
So? Romantically, we can't grow.
And, I gotta stop flirtin', but...
(I'm not a perfect person)"

Back atcha (and I pac[k] like "cap" backwards).

I'm still alive. Sorry, haters.

A lot has happened since my last post (obviously). Here's a very brief recap of things.

-Copped the Beats by Dr. Dre. That automatically makes me cooler than you... Or, way more than I was to begin with... Yeah.
-Multiple break-ups with you know who.
-The particular relative with the terminal illness passed away a couple of weeks or so after the entry I mentioned it in... So much for the 4-12 month period huh? Rest in peace. I still haven't been to the grave, though.
-Visited my father... Who fed me very well (LOL). So, yeah. Kinda not skinny anymore. Ugh.
-Went to Miami with my father... And now I have an interest in Central American females.
-I don't feel bad for "anything I did" in the summer, because it wasn't just me who wanted it.
-I'm still the illest rapper you've never heard of. Fuck you if you disagree.
-I want higher learning. Howard, Cornell, and Morehouse are among the top 3 (which one doesn't belong?).
-School started on the 17th. Niggaz tryna be the second coming of "Darnell" and shit. I'm not trippin' though, "'cause I been fly since I flew in."
-I still love Shi Reeves. My other wifey is Bria Myles. Damn... Her ass reminds me of someones...
-Me and my mother still disagree about damn near everything.

That's all I can think of. I'll be blogging more than before now. But, yeah. Whatever.

Oh, and if any of the above seems cynical in any way, it's because I'm such a jealous-ass nigga. And, I kinda don't give a fuck? Yeah. My personality and my looks/style make up for the jealousy (at least, it should). I guess it's mostly my fault, but, who cares. More on that later, though...

D.Linquent EP coming soon.
D.Linquent album on the way.
D.Linquent mixtapes coming with the quickness. Yes... Plural.

I'm out like regular skinny jeans. It seems the tighter the clothes, the flyer you are. Who cares if I wear super skinnies. So what. Ummm... more on that later, too.