Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back atcha (and I pac[k] like "cap" backwards).

I'm still alive. Sorry, haters.

A lot has happened since my last post (obviously). Here's a very brief recap of things.

-Copped the Beats by Dr. Dre. That automatically makes me cooler than you... Or, way more than I was to begin with... Yeah.
-Multiple break-ups with you know who.
-The particular relative with the terminal illness passed away a couple of weeks or so after the entry I mentioned it in... So much for the 4-12 month period huh? Rest in peace. I still haven't been to the grave, though.
-Visited my father... Who fed me very well (LOL). So, yeah. Kinda not skinny anymore. Ugh.
-Went to Miami with my father... And now I have an interest in Central American females.
-I don't feel bad for "anything I did" in the summer, because it wasn't just me who wanted it.
-I'm still the illest rapper you've never heard of. Fuck you if you disagree.
-I want higher learning. Howard, Cornell, and Morehouse are among the top 3 (which one doesn't belong?).
-School started on the 17th. Niggaz tryna be the second coming of "Darnell" and shit. I'm not trippin' though, "'cause I been fly since I flew in."
-I still love Shi Reeves. My other wifey is Bria Myles. Damn... Her ass reminds me of someones...
-Me and my mother still disagree about damn near everything.

That's all I can think of. I'll be blogging more than before now. But, yeah. Whatever.

Oh, and if any of the above seems cynical in any way, it's because I'm such a jealous-ass nigga. And, I kinda don't give a fuck? Yeah. My personality and my looks/style make up for the jealousy (at least, it should). I guess it's mostly my fault, but, who cares. More on that later, though...

D.Linquent EP coming soon.
D.Linquent album on the way.
D.Linquent mixtapes coming with the quickness. Yes... Plural.

I'm out like regular skinny jeans. It seems the tighter the clothes, the flyer you are. Who cares if I wear super skinnies. So what. Ummm... more on that later, too.

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