Wednesday, August 26, 2009


FaceBook is ruining my life. Dead ass.

Every time I fucking look on there, I see something that makes me want to blog and vent on it... which isn't really a good thing, because, as of late, I've only been blogging when I'm stressed or angry.

But, I'm not gonna let this whole blog be about "her" (that's what it's headed for if I don't calm myself). I'll just make a few songs about it... I think I could actually make a whole mixtape about her. You know... good times, bad times? Intimate times? Oh, yes, there will be at least 3 songs that pertain to her in someway.

And this whole post is retarded, because I'm writing it KNOWING she'll read it at some point.


Oh, and if I have strep throat AGAIN... it's hell. For real, I'm fucking tired of that particular sickness.

This whole day sucks ass. I didn't get my LG Xenon today, either... Yes, I'm FINALLY upgrading from my "Cingular" (doesn't even exist any-damn-more) RAZR after nearly four years... If it doesn't come tomorrow, I'm going postal. Like the mailman... NIGGA. Ha. That made me smile. I crack myself up.

D to tha Elly.

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