Monday, June 8, 2009


So, yeah. We're well into summer 2009. Whoopdie-muthafluckin'-doo.

Here's what I'm doing nowadays:

-I still have no cellular device. I've been used to talking on the damn house phone lately. This is bullshit. Ugh! No worries, though... My father is [supposedly] buying me a new one when I go to VA on July 11... Whaaaaatever.

-I'm enrolled in a summer program at Donnelly College... The only reason I considered it is for the $20-a-day thingie. Ballin'? And in a similar happenstance, I have a very visible zit on my right cheekbone. Also, I have a FUCKED haircut (or lack thereof). This sucks ass.

-I have a interview for KPMG (a major accounting firm) on Wednesday. I don't want to go to it, simply because I don't want to miss out on my $20 from the summer program on that day. Hahaha... But really. I need that in my life. That's a shirt from Hot Topic, nigga.

-I went to the studio on Thursday (June 4th) with my niggaz Konxept & Sophmore. Be on the lookout for "How Long feat. D.Linquent" soon, bitches. All three of us killed that ish, doggie!

-Eminem's "Relapse" is a very good album. Nothing is topping "The Eminem Show," though. Now, I'm waiting for Monday to download "This Perfect Life" by [the best rapper alive, top 5 dead or alive rapper] Charles Hamilton. Cannot wait...

-The "Weirdo" mixtape is doing well... Even though we've only handed it out/sold it to about 50+ people. If I was famous, this mixtape would be EPIC. Dead ass.

-My dearest Shi Reeves added me on MySpace [again]! I sent her a comment and told her to listen to my "Dot Com" song... Oh, and if YOU haven't heard the mixtape, FUCKIN' DOWNLOAD IT FROM MY MYSPACE PAGE. Damn, man.

-I haven't been watching adult videos lately, especially after I watched Lacey Duvalle's "Ghetto Gaggers" scene... That whole site should be excommunicated from the Internet... 9/11 on that muhfuckin' website!

-I am seriously considering coming back to school all tattooed and ish. Top 3 tattoo choices: The last supper on the lighter part (LOL) of my right forearm; John 3:16 on the lighter part of my left forearm; Jesus' face on my right bicep. I also want tears, but I guess that means someone has passed away, and I don't know any passees. Heh.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

I'm out like mohawks. Seriously. They're OVER. Oh-vee-ee-are.

P.S.: I love you (if you think it's you, then it's you).

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