Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random things I enjoy (that you might not know): Part 1

Sooooooo... I'm in playwriting class (don't judge me) and I'm mega ultra bored... UGH. And, I was just thinking how much I enjoy the following things...

Geico Commercials
They're so creative and funny... BEST. AD CAMPAIGN. EVER. No questions asked, nigga. I'm not a big fan of the gecko, though... The best ones (besides the Kash commercials) were "I've got good news," "In the time it takes to _____," and the mayonnaise scraping one. LMAO

Spider-Man (The Cartoon)
I used to watch this all the time as a youngin'. Best thing on the show = J. Jonah Jameson's flat-top haircut. And notice how cock-diesel Venom is in the above picture.
Panda Bears
Pandas are my favorite animal. This, subconsciously, may be why I enjoy wearing black and white so much. Hmmmm. Also, that may've been why I liked LRG so much. There's this Japanese cookie that I eat called "Hello Panda" (a possible rip-off of Hello Kitty). Yummay.

Without those, my life would suck (worse than it already does now, I mean, I'm a mixed boy who acts "white" at a mostly black school). LOL.


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