Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two's Day.

I mean "Tuesday."

Again, I stayed home from school...

I did nothing today. At all. All I did was check the MySpace and FaceBook all day. And, since everyone else was at school, there wasn't much activity going on. This is bullshit. When I DO decide to come back to school (most likely on Thursday, like I expected), not only will I have a fuckload of work, I'm still gonna be half-sick. I think I'm only 15% healed at the moment, if even.

Yeah. I wanna take more Kroger brand ibuprofen, but I don't want to overdose. That's the only medicine that seems to be helping. Damn, damn, DAMN.

Oh, and apparently, my new CD has to come out by mid May. So... um... be on the look out for that? Check the MySpace page for new ish.

Peace like slang for a gun.

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