Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feelin' aight. (With some "mom" venting)

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh... Aside from the moderate swallowing (pause...) pain, I feel pretty okay right now. Then again, I felt this way the past THREE afternoons. And I finally took a shower... Don't judge me, because when you're sick, you don't really feel like doing much of anything. And I shaved, too (with little to no facial hair).

My mom acts younger than my little sister sometimes [really most of the time]. She always says some smart remarks when I walk by, and she always thinks she knows everything [and she CLEARLY doesn't]. And she always attempts to get the last word in an arguement... I mean, so do I, but she's in her late 30s. AND she claims that I'm still sick because I rap. WHAT. THE. FUCK. I'm not saying anything else about that. She still has a heart, though, because she always acts like she's gonna be evil and not do something, then after I throw a few temper tantrums and at the last possible minute, she does the right thing. Still, I hate her and I's (is that correct grammar?) relationship. At least she's gonna take me to see the doctor (once again) after she gets off of work. Oh, and my grandmother is cool, too, but she always talks shit about me in tagalog and stuff. Whhhaaaaatever.

I want to go to school tomorrow. I don't know, though.
I would do something this weekend, but, 1) I have zero moolah, and, 2) It's supposed to rain for the rest of the week, anyways.

I kinda miss the [select few] people at school. I wonder if they miss me? Ha.

I'm out like the Spurs in the playoffs (dammit!).

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