Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, I checked my e-mail, today.

I read this as I listen to "Bria's Interlude" by Drake and Omarion.


I don't care anymore deadass.

I didn't make any mistake, your the one who made out with Kianna and was still fckng Aubrie.
So I just started talking back with him. Like you said "Play or be played" righhh?
So I really don't know why you buggin, you obviously didn't give a ish about me if you were out doing that.

righhhh? Like I seriously don't want you in my life anymore. You did some real mean ish to me that I will never accept
I would be the dumbest chick ever to keep you in my life.

No one knows the real thing as meaning, you your circus swear you have me figured out when you don't.
Your just as bad as Aubrie I swear.

Like I'm so serious when I say LEAVE ME ALONE.

I don't freaking care how hard it is. You act like you have to talk to me every friggin day dude.
I'll promise you one thing. I will talk to you once a week.. like for an hour or so..
I'm serious when I say that.. fck what you think. I'm just eliminating drama out my life and that's the only way I see it happening.

Until I change my number of course.

Duh those things bother me because none of that stuff is true. and there you fckn go brining up my gap again.
Fckng gosh man just LEAVE ME THE FCK ALONE. You keep bringing up this personal ish that pis$es me the FCK off.


You never did appreciate any of the little simple nice things i did.. Like seriously.
If you did you wouldn't have pushed me away into someone else's arms.
Don't even bother to reply back or text me because I just put a flat out block on my phone, I'm sick of yours Aubries drama.
You keep texting calling me which is making her more pis$ed off and becoming more physco, now she's tryna fight the world.

Do me you a favor, lose my number, stop texting/calling me. just EVERYTHING.




And the whole message, she still didn't admit that she was a ho. Shit's crazy, dun. I guess all I have to say (again, and again, and again) is that it's not blackmail if I don't demand anything from her. Hmm. I WIN.

"Even when you're winning, it's a lose-lose situation..."

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