Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm odd.

I'm odd because I'm a shit-talking blogger.

I don't know why a lot of my posts are about this bitch. Then again, I always "fall" for the sluts, anyways.

Notice (in the below e-mail) how she said something along the lines of "No one will ever know the real story," or some bullshit like that. Umm... That's moderately accurate, because BOTH OF US are withholding the REAL story. I don't give a fuck if it gets me in trouble, either. If they ONLY knew... Bitch. I'll GLADLY tell him what ACTUALLY happened all those times... But will YOU tell HER? HA!

And all that malarkey about people wanting to "beat her ass..." Fuckouttahere with that, ho. AGAIN, it's a lose-lose for you, dun. If people are sending you messages, then you're a Facebook celebrity... If they didn't really send you the messages, then you LIED (like always, bitch).

"Even when you're winning, it's a lose-lose situation"

Um. What else?

No hate AT ALL... but I could've tricked all my money on you if I cared about you that much (at the time).

I'm sooooooo wrong for the whole "vaginal secretions" thing. Then again, you weren't skilled AT ALL. Do you kiss him with those lips? Oh, wait... You don't kiss, because, yeah... Phahahahaha!!! I win by default because you admitted that you were a ho. You tried. LOL. At least there's always the pictures.

Why am I mad if I think all this negative stuff about her? EASY. I don't get dissed.

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