Monday, March 29, 2010

San. Tana. AYE!

Fly as shit, no homo.

I MUST pay homage to Juelz Santana...

I'd say that he is where most of my rap style came from, especially in my early days... He was the foundation, actually. I really appreciated his usage of homophones and overall multi-syllable rhymes. THE "BACK LIKE COOKED CRACK" SERIES WAS... well, CRACK! Also, I really loved his clothes style (ULTRA-PAUSE) and he was my influence during a majority of my 10th grade year. Let me break it down as follows:


Percentage of my rap style in (late 2006- early 2009):

45% Juelz Santana - If you've ever listened to Santana and listened to my earlier stuff (Comedy Central Freestyle), you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You know how him and Cam'ron would rhyme things with the same things? Yeah. Though Santana's stuff has been commercial lately, I can't bite the hand that made me.

40% Fabolous - My voice was very monotone, and I used the multi-syllable rhyming patterns similar to Loso's. The "Loso's Way: Rise to Power" mixtape was something SERIOUS.

10% Lupe Fiasco - The part of me that rapped "real shit" was my inner-Lupe. Food & Liquor was probably the inspiration for me dropping the "gangsta lyrics."

5% Clipse (Malice) - I really enjoyed how Malice used his phrases... Who says things like "That's exactly why the caged bird sings" and "It shames me to no end?" Fuckin' MALICE, nigga. ILL.


There's only a select few rappers and select a few beats that have made me do my signature "OOOoOOOOhh SHIT!" thing... Santana's lyrics have had several "OOOOoooOOoOhhh SHIT!" moments...