Monday, March 15, 2010

New mixtape details.

Before I go on... I ask you to PLEASE disregard all of the nonsense I have blogged about in previous posts. That was foolish, and, truthfully, I only went that deep into it on this blog because I didn't feel like rapping [or singing ;)] about it.

And, I seriously think it's time for a tonsillectomy. This is fucking outrageous, man.

At any rate...


I promise, this isn't like the (now defunct idea) "Trifecta" series, which is probably never coming out. I just condensed some of these songs into this mixtape.

This mixtape will contain NO "street" songs... In other words, nothing on this mixtape will appeal to the gangstaz or the hustlaz, unless, of course, they've experienced some of the things I've experienced. Okay, MAYBE ONE "street" joint. I'm ill.

The title is simple: 808s and Heartbreak, except MY version (and little original production... WHAT UP, FINO!) I record on my laptop (MacBooks) and I regularly experience emotions that will lead some people to believe that I suffer from bipolar disorder (the other name for it is (Manic Depression). There you have it.

It will feature significantly less content (around 10-15 songs) than my previous two mixtapes... I still got it, though. You know how I does it, dunnie.

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