Friday, May 8, 2009


I "accidentally" spilled the whooooole thing.
I refuse to let my cousin get played like a sucka by this chick. And, no homo, my cousin, he's good to his ladies (pause).
I mean, I may have gotten frustrated at times and whatnot, but that's in the past. Hopefully he can respect that I have his back on this kind of thing. AND, the niggaz she are fuckin' around with are uber-suckaz. D to tha L don't play that.

Oh, and yesterday, I played basketball with my niggaz Dirky, J-Wade, and my cuz of course. My body hurts. And I forgot to take one dose of my antibiotics. If I have a bacterial relapse, I may just have to commit suicide. I'm tired of being sick.

Anywho, I'm definitely going to have a busy weekend. I have to record 20 songs and do probably 12-15 assignments. Based off of past experiences, I'm most likely not getting to the 12-15 assignments. Whaaaaaatever.

I'm thinking about my dearest Shi Reeves look-a-like... LMAO! I'm not perverted. Haha.

I'm going going gone like a home run.

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