Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5/5 (Cinco de Mayo!)

I couldn't think of anything to put as the title, so why not put the date? Cinco de Mayo!
Ummm, other than me being mega behind in this composition class, there's not really anything going on. I'm wearing Chuck's and an LRG track top because I saw this picture on Ben Baller's blog... No homo for trying to copy...

Couldn't really pull this off today, though... I have this rule about being sub-fly when my haircut isn't crispy. Ha.
Oh, and I have to freakin' rush my mixtape due to circumstances beyond my control. The new completion date is Sunday, May 11th. Ugh. I was up until like 3am writing music. At least I completed 1 1/2 songs... At this rate, I should be able to have [greater than or equal to] 20 tracks for the still-untitled mixtape. Chea!
That's really it... Oh, and Aubrie comes back today. Yeeeah.

I'm out like Phat Farm, Fubu, etc.

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