Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random thoughts (Cinco de Mayo edition)

Here goes.

-I will literally quit life if I catch swine flu (since there was a case reported in Wyandotte county, AKA where I live)... I just recovered from a (several) severe illness.
-Shi Reeves = Still my favorite adult film star (Melrose Foxxx is somewhere in the top 10... And Caramel, but she's in her 30s... AND Lexi Cruz. Too bad all of them don't have that many videos out...)
-I wonder where using the word "point" as a term of disbelief originated.
-I don't want to be her friend anymore because I'm not getting my way (who cares if it's childish)
-If my mixtape doesn't have at least 20 songs on it, it will be deemed "half-assed" in my eyes.
-She had the nerve to tell me that "I could've wore some different jeans." Do you know who I am?
-I got that ^^^ from my favorite blogger/musician.
-How can I prevent the fam from getting played like a SUCKA?! No homo, I don't want to see him get hurt... I only want the best for him. Pause.
-One clever rap line I've heard was, "Life is a bitch, and here comes a line about findin' out that life is the wife of a snitch. Snitches get stiches? Cool! I'll be a snitch, 'cause apparently snitches get bitches."
-My mom tends to talk out of her rectum when she just wakes up. I gave her the craziest look this morning after she told me to "hurry up." Whaaaatever.
-There's a 40% chance I'll play basketball for the school next year.
-19+ year olds should NOT go to the Boy's and Girl's Club [unless you're an employee]... It's not the "Men and Women's Club."
-"All they do is envy and plot up on my LOOOOOIIIINNNNSSS. I'll give you OPTions, baby, flip a COOOOIIIIINNNNN."
-I wonder if I should leak some more songs. Haha, I said "leak" like I'm a big time artist and people actually give a fuck about it... Haha... Pretty soon, though, bitch.
-Speaking of bitches, I had a dream about her again.
-Two girls in my small learning community have these neon yellow shirts... Shit's bright, man.
-If I don't get my phone service turned back on by this weekend...


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