Friday, May 22, 2009

Hi, haters. I'm back from hiatus.

Blogging kinda got boring (which explains my absense from Blogger).
But, then again, I've been busy.

I'm in the damn library... Doing composition work that should've been completed over 3 or 4 weeks ago. Talk about procrastination. Blame it on the recording of MY SECOND MIXTAPE CALLED WEIRDO THAT'LL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE TOMORROW BY ME, JAY WUN, AND SOME OTHER PEOPLE, nigga! I'll post a blog about my feelings of the mixtape when I come BACK to the library during fourth block.

Moving on...

School = Over in like 2 more school days. And I'm not particuarly happy about that. I'm applying for a summer program at this [extremely] small college down the street from my school... It pays. Money = Happiness (fuck what you heard). So, basically, if I don't get accepted, not only will I be broke when I go to Miami, I'll have nothing to do. That'll probably be the time when I [attempt to] get buff (LMAO @ the thought of me being Flo Rida buff).

Random Thoughts:
-Charles Hamilton = The best rapper alive... Certainly the best rapper you don't know yet.
-I still feel sick. I'm literally gonna do something crazy if I don't get 100% better SOON. This is bullshit.
-I [still] need money. I always need money. Ugh...
-Word to Pops... "TURN MY PHONE BACK ON. IT'S NOT A REQUEST, DOGGIE." It's bad enough that I have a muthafluckin' RAZR! Ugh!!!
-Thank you to the followers of this blog.
-My cousin (I don't care if he's reading this or not) needs to stop acting like he's too good to speak to me (no homo).
-The mixtape will be epic. Well, if you actually fuckin' listen to it...

That's all for now.
I've never seen this chick that just walked in. I would hit that from the side.

I'm out like school in a few days.

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