Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Down to Earth, much?!

The problem with me and my blogging style is that I vent SO much verbally, I don't feel like typing it on But I'll put it in a nut(pause)shell for the readers' enjoyment...

Homecoming assembly, right?
Being cocky/arrogant, right?
Thinking I'm fly as shit (I was, though, but that's nothing out of the norm), right?

They call my name while announcing the king candidates...


In fact, there was actually a vibe in the auditorium that said, "Who the fuck is Darnell Leonard?" I didn't hear shit! I was backstage throwing a Bow Wow-esque temper tantrum, contemplating flipping off the crowd Eminem/Kanye style. I didn't, though. I was pissed. Granted, I received moderate applause when I actually walked on stage... Shouts to Porter (the mascot) for Jerkin' while I was on stage.

The following may be viewed as a cop-out excuse, but it's the dead ass truth, as well.

1. If I AM, in fact, the loser that the lack of applause/cheering made me out to be... SO WHAT? I've been a loser for all but one year of my life. Dead ass.

2. I'm still the best rapper in the city (fuck what you heard) and possibly the state.

3. I'm flyer than everyone IN that non-applause-giving crowd.

4. I blacked and bought a $60 sweater after I got gangsta and left school. AND I spent like $20 on candy. Get at me. LOL. Still caked up, bitches.


6. Ummm... I was flyer than the rest of them, so why am I addressing them?



I'm not saying shit if you don't say shit, but if you keep talking shit, then there's gonna have to be some kind of discussion. Notice how I said discussion; I'm not gonna make any threats like someone's mother did to you... That's not what I do. But niggaz seem like they're scared to speak their mind to you. I'm not those niggaz. When it's all said and done, I can END
your whole "I'm the shit" mindset with a few sentences. Dead ass, though. And what are you going to say as your comeback? "That's why no one cheered for you, you square. I'm the most popular guy in the school." ...I refuse to go more in depth about this situation until further provoked... And even if that happens, I'll keep my ego-deflating comments to myself. You're cool until you get around certain people. CUT IT OUT. If I were to say the comments/statements/truths, then you'll fuck around and end up feeling like I am... Down to Earth.

^^^That was ill, I don't believe I've actually said a title in my blog entries before.

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