Thursday, September 10, 2009


No, no, no... Me? I'm not sad... SAD is an acronym for "sucky ass day."

The following is bullshit that happened from 5AM to right before I posted this.


I attempted to do my Western Civilization homework by waking up at 5 in the morning. The only problem was that I kinda DIDN'T HAVE MY BOOK...
So I couldn't look up the answers. So, I did what every person as smart as me would do: bullshitted my way through it and looked up the answers on the internet. This whole fiasco was a problem for two reasons. 1) It took extra time to Google and actually SEARCH for the answers (didn't get finished until like 6:45, 10 minutes before my ride [usually] comes); 2) I probably didn't get the answers that the teacher was looking for, since I had to rely on Wiki-fuckin'-pedia.
After completing the homework, I throw on a sub-fly outfit consisting of an adidas track top, adidas Superstar 2's, 511 Levi's, and the same white tee from yesterday (still relatively fly compared to most niggaz at the school). That outfit sucks balls... At least I got to brush my teeth. Whatever...

My ride calls me at about 7:07 (late as fuck) and tells me to wa
lk to his cousin's house (who literally lives right around the corner). I'm cool with that, aside from the lateness and whatnot. So, I get to his house and I end up waiting for about 10 minutes. When he pulls up, there is an individual whom I'm not particularly fond of in the passenger seat looking mad as fuck for some reason... Maybe he's still mad that he didn't graduate? I don't really give a fuck. We get to school at like 7:20 (school starts at 7:25), then I walk IN THE GRASS (WHICH WAS WET) to get to the door to avoid being tardy. I go through the metal detectors, greet the adults there... My shoes were grassy and shit... Whatever.
I get to class... e-mail the teacher my rushed, Wikipedia'ed work through SchoolLoop from my school-issued laptop... While on the SchoolLoop website, I notice that I have an F (a damn 37.5%) in American Government (the easiest class/easiest teacher I've ever had in high school thus far)... The F is a direct result of one of my group members plagarizing. FUCK! I was pissed, as you would guess. As I put my laptop back in my bag, I see that I had my Western Civilization textbook in my backpack the WHOLE DAMN TIME! I got heated for about 38 seconds, then I said "fuck it, at least it's done" (I may have literally said that out loud).

The teacher tells me that I have to take the Accuplacer college placement test again - Brief history about me and that bitch-ass test: I've taken it 3 times prior to this. You need 100 to pass (not 100%, but 100/120 on some kind of score thing). The first time I took it, I got a 60-something, the second time, I got an 88, and the third time, I blacked and just X'ed out the program while I was taking it (LMAO). At this point (early this morning) I didn't really give a flying rat's ass about this test. - Anyways, I was telling the teacher how I reeeealllly didn't wanna take the test... Then she explained to me that it was important, blah blah yadda yadda. I started thinking to myself, "I passed Pre-Calculus (a college course that I DIDN'T get college credit for due to this wack ass test), and I'm in trigonometry (possibly there would be trigonometry on the test), so I might do well on this test." ...That was kinda just my opimistic mindset talking...

So, I go down to the floor with the other group members and I'm chillin'. We go to the van and I text and I'm good. Walk into the KCKCC building and walk through the hallways, literally getting STARED DOWN by the students sitting the hallways. Whatever. We get to the testing center, start up, and I guess I was ready! This one stupid chick, who, for some reason, always is on field trips with me, is talking NON-STOP. Damn, man! Eventually, it ceased, and I was taking this test. I felt real confident with all of my answers, blazing through this shit. In my mind, I was like, "I got this! I'm too real for this shit, my nigga" (I really said that last part, and, in fact, I say that during all my tests that I take)! At the end of the test, I see that I got a 96... A NINETY-SIX. FOUR POINTS FROM PASSING THIS DAMN THING! FUCK! Who cares, though.

And on top of everything else, I'm in desperate need of a fuckin' haircut.


I'm still here at the college, and I'm calm, but still. I hope things get better (even though it's not THAT bad). I'll just text Shi Reeves some more... Yeah. If you didn't know... I actually have her number and "we text occasionally". Dead ass, though. And that does, in fact, make me cooler than whoever is reading this. Hollah!

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  1. Text! Ha you wish nig, your just like all tha otha nig;uhs that be textin her. Mah nig! lol jp.
    But damn, Why are all your blogs so long? Gosh every detail!