Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What buffoonery!

What the hell is this!?

So, I'm walking to my first block class, get in, take my seat, whatever. It's all good. My seat is placed so I can see people walk by the door. I'm reading my paper, everything is normal. I hear some obnoxious people out in the hallway... As I look up, I see one of the top 5 dusty ass niggaz in the school wearing [red] Hot Topic skinny jeans! Whatdafucknigga?!


To make a long story short...

Niggaz (Chris Rock's definition of "nigga") ruin EVERYTHING! My, God...

...There's nothing else I can really say about that! And this bama is not the only nigga that is fucking up skinny jeans for all the REAL fly-minded people. I promise, I'll go to the 514, slim straight jeans if you niggaz keep it up. *Sigh...*


I know that not everyone can afford to "get fresh" or "be fly" or whatnot... But c'mon, man. BE YOU. The main niggaz rockin' skinny jeans now are the same niggaz that talked shit on me wearing "those tight-ass jeans" either to my face or [most likely] behind my back! BE YOU! If you're a real gangsta (even though you're not), what would your superior say about you wearing skin tight jeans? BE YOU. And another thing, you can't change your [non-existent] style in one day... You're not fly if you come with a fresh outfit one day, then come back with ultra-baggy jeans and a 3XL tee (when, in actuality, you wear a large) the next day. That's not how it works. Damn, man, y'all fuckin' it up for everyone (like always!).

ANOTHER THING. I personally know the pressure that exists while being a fly person day-to-day. Seriously. There's lots of pressure that goes into being THAT [FLY] GUY, such as the constant need to go "all out" when you put your clothes on in the morning... Or people weirdly looking at you because you come to school quasi-fresh. This school year, I've decided to not give a fuck about it. I don't feel the need to get mega-fresh at school when I've done that for 3+ years. It doesn't mean anything... I have nothing to prove... In fact, I really had nothing to prove to begin with. The only exception to the fresh rule is at the mall, parties (never go to them), sporting events, concerts, etc. Essentially, I'll get fresh anywhere BUT school. LOL. Catch me at those times, you virtually have no chance of surpassing me in this fly shit, niggaz. But as for the skinny jean fiasco, I'm about to dress like Wale. Dead ass.

Thank you.

"I started this fly shit, and this is the muthafuckin' thanks I get!?"

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