Thursday, September 10, 2009

Questions for 09/10/09

New "segment" on my blog... It's good stuff to think about.


-Why the fuck does it seem like ALL attractive girls are dumb as shit?

In saying that, I mean that these particular females are as smart as an actual pile of feces. The reason I ask this is because I asked a girl a relatively easy question while I was walking to my class, and this [expletive] couldn't seem to comprehend. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm sure (I hope) that there are some attractive females with brains other than the head giving kind, it's just that none of them are present in this area code (913 AND 816... Actually, 785, too). I kinda don't give a fuck... That girl I asked the question to, she's dingy as fuck. She's been that way since I met her. She'd make an ILL video ho, though. In fact, I'd enjoy seeing her shake her ass in a Ying Yang Twins video. Sorry, but I'm not really sorry. (All of that is not to say that the niggaz are smart, either.)

- Is everyone as jealous as me?

I'm keeping this one short, for "personal" reasons. I've had "relationships" with lots of girls, and the most recent of the two are [greater than or equal to] as jealous as me. Whatever, though.

- How long should you wait before talking to your best friend/family member's ex, if ever?

Is it ever acceptable to do such a thing? This situation has happened to me a couple of times, being on both ends...

-PAUSE- I was just wondering about it. I guess I brought this to my attention because I saw this one girl (who is the school's jump-off) and she looked at me like I was supposed to say "hi" to her or something. Fuck outta here. But, as far as the question is concerned, I think that people should try their hardest not to even get involved with your friend/family member's exes. On the other hand, if pussy/dick (pause) just THROWS itself at you, then there's nothing you can really do, right?

- Which is worse: blindness or deafness?

Haha! And you thought this whole thing was gonna be about relationships... Anyways, I used to be scared that one day I was going to wake up blind (weird, I know). I always thought that vision was the most important of the 5 senses... Now, I think otherwise. I can't really explain it, but I think that since you can see with your mind (you can hear with your mind, too). I love music, and I love hearing new music (Charles Hamilton in particular), and you have to have your ears to, well, HEAR it. In fact, here's my list of the most important senses in order from least to greatest (fuck what you think about my list).

Smell - Taste - Sight - Touch - Hear.

- Why is high school such a contest (popularity, most girls, best dressed)?

I kinda touched (pause) on this during my "What Buffoonery!" post, but I'll slightly expand on it. Actually, scratch that, I'll make a post about this at a later date. Next question.

- Why do people have emotions?

I've recently been overthinking about why emotions exist. Sure, they make a lot of things better (love, etc.), but they make those same things worse. Get it? For example, if people love each other, then their emotions are making them feel good (I couldn't make that sound smarter... Sorry). If only one of them feels strongly in the relationship, their days, nights, and LIVES are basically ruined because of emotion. I've seen this bullshit first hand too many times. I'm not innocent of "playing with someone's emotions," but whatever. It's how I feel, and at the end of the day, it's MY LIFE.


More to come later. Hopefully, I made someone think about these things.

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