Thursday, September 17, 2009

ALL-TIME! (blah)

So, I kinda haven't felt like posting anything new on here... but, that doesn't mean that I haven't had things on my mind. Yuh dig.

KANYE, KANYE, KANYE... 'Nuff said. That's my nigga. More on that at a later date (I know I ALWAYS say that I'll touch on it [pause] later and never do, but, whatever).

I was selected as a finalist for Homecoming King. I actually hope I don't win because it doesn't mean anything... Especially since I'm possibly the coolest one on the royalty court. And I'm a loser, too. Pissed off about something that's related to this, but I'm not posting it because it's public. Yeah.

Um... I got a line yesterday. That's a pretty exciting moment in my life, right? Oh, and my birthday is on Monday.

That's kinda it. My grades are illin', though.


  1. Yo I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Beyonce's birthday was one of the greatest of all time!