Saturday, September 11, 2010

I be up all night.

...Whole crew's in here... LOL

Anyways... I'm inside of my dorm room. Bored as a muthafucka. Sooooo, for the sake of that last statement, muthafuckas are greater than or equal to how bored I currently am.

I still love my Beats.

I'm not particularly excited about the forensics "season" this year... Mainly because I've never done anything like it. EVER. Shouts to Mary Melton and Ryan Louis, though, for the scholarship opportunity, though. LOL. I think I'll recite some Talib Kweli, Lemon, and (my NIGGA) Shihan.

I officially started writing for my next mixtape, though. I know (the non-exisitent) readers of my blog have read this SAME statement for over a year, but, it's official. I'm definitely in the process of getting my shit together. "Just gotta make it!"

And... I'm in love with Pharrell Williams. No homo, whatsoever. I'm listening to Kenna's "Say Goodbye to Love" instrumental. Wow. And that Despicable Me soundtrack. WOW.

That is all for now.

'Til next post...

Dee Ell (the illest nigga not even close to signing a deal).

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