Thursday, January 28, 2010

I saw this, then I LOL'd.

So, I check my school email account, and I noticed a new message entitled "Run for Winter Formal Royalty!"

Well, after LOL'ing at the thought of actually doing it, I quietly said to myself...


To anyone who doesn't know of the disaster that was me running for homecoming royalty, read my past vents.


Anyways, Ms. Vargas has a shitload of makeup on today. Still, I enjoyed watching her walk away. Call me sprung, that's not what it is though, bitch. (LOL)

I have all these song ideas, all I have to do is put them together, man... It's not as easy as before, I admit. I was a beast before, now I'm just good. Gotta get back on that level.


I'm uber-disappointed in myself for JUST NOW hearing that "Charles Hamilton is Back" song (by Charles Hamilton). That joint was BANANAS, nigga!

I'm out like flannels in a few months.

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